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Feb 08 2003

When it rains, it really pours…

I am getting translation jobs left and right and so the next days will be hectic. I reckon 4 hour of sleep per day and it will be a while until the next post. See you next week and wish me luck with my deadlines.

Gambaru zou!

Feb 06 2003

Not Too Busy to Shop

It has been awhile as I have been very busy. The deadline for the midterm grades is tomorrow so I have been concentrating on checking papers and grading my students. I only have one more set of exams to check and that is a relief. :DI also have my translation career to allot my time to. I just got a document to be translated from Japanese to English. There is no problem with beating the deadline as it is on Tuesday yet. I am also grateful that the client has given me a glossary of words to be used for the translation, which helps a lot in saving time to research for the proper terminology to use.On the shopping front, I got me these gorgeous 4 inch-heel red and beige sandals. «Killer heels» they are. Haha.

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