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  1. I’m the eldest of four children: 3 daughters, 1 son.
  2. My name is a combination name, an abominable Filipino practice of putting together the names of the parents. This is how you get unique but weird and almost impossible to spell and pronounce names. I go by my second name, Gail, which can get confused with my mother’s name, Abigail.
  3. In high school, the birth order switched so when I got back home, my younger sister held the responsibilities and perks of the eldest. I haven’t gotten all of them back.
  4. I went to Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas Campus in Palo, Leyte. 1997-2000.
  5. But I got my high school diploma from Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington. January 2001-2002.
  6. I’m an undergrad at a graduate of Seattle Pacific University. 2002-2006. BA Bio, Writing minor
  7. I’m going to apply to medical grad school. I don’t know which ones.
  8. I like school. I like learning and sitting in lectures.
  9. I like taking exams better than projects or essays.
  10. People think I’m a good test taker.
  11. My college friends think I will do really well in the MCAT. I hope they will be right. edit: I want to improve gave up on my very middle of the road score.
  12. A lot of my college friends are going for graduate education.
  13. I’m surrounded by people who love to learn.
  14. I love watching Asian (especially Korean) dramas.
  15. There has been no physician (M.D. or D.O.) in both sides of my family for generations.
  16. My mother’s extended family members are mostly in the US. They’re a huge part of me.
  17. But sometimes, I want to live as far away as I can from them. Sometimes.
  18. My church here (SABF) is also a key part in my life.
  19. I live because Jesus Christ died for me. And I have chosen to live my life for Him.
  20. I may disagree with my pastor’s views (socially, politically etc.) but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to shop for another church.
  21. I think there is something wrong with a culture that always puts leaders on a pedestal and forgets the servants that get the work done.
  22. I talk a lot. I laugh a lot.
  23. My heart pounds when I think I’m closing in on a «kill» (i.e. I am close to winning an argument).
  24. I sing, but I’d rather dance.
  25. I love biology because the scope is so huge. Imagine, the study of living things. There are so many angles, perspectives, creatures, areas. I find that incredibly stimulating intellectually.
  26. I love words. It’s amazing to me how a finite number of letters can combine to generate an infinite number of words. It’s amazing to me how some words sound so beautiful and can evoke a distinct picture in your mind.
  27. One of the reasons I love biology is because of the beautiful words. One of the reasons I love words is because of their huge scope, number and possibilities.
  28. Now, is it clear why I am a biology major and a creative fiction minor? The double major required extra years in college. And I can’t afford that.
  29. I am learning took a quarter of beginner’s piano. Music sheets are not too much of a foreign language anymore.
  30. I play a whole lot of easy-level Sudoku on my phone Nintendo DS paper.
  31. My blue iPod mini is now full… of Broadway recordings, Original Pinoy Music, Korean Drama soundtrack and random genres in between.
  32. I’m too attached to my mini, and I’m too lazy to remove songs.
  33. I sing and vocalize in the shower.
  34. My musical influence is Lea Salonga.
  35. I have grown to be a Regine Velasquez fanatic after moving to the US.
  36. I am a snobbish elitist regarding some things.
  37. I am obnoxious when I feel offended/disrespected/ignored.
  38. I’m sanguine-choleric. I think. More sanguine than choleric, so I’m not totally hard to get along with. I’m just demanding but in a charming way.
  39. I papa-watch. All the time. You just don’t notice.
  40. Did I mention I am Filipino?
  41. I would love to see a Broadway show in NYC.
  42. I get so star-struck that I hide from the celebrities.
  43. I dislike photos of myself, except when I’m in a wacky pose with other people.
  44. I only tolerate driving. I’d rather be chauffered around.
  45. The four siblings take after our father in ways that scare my mother.
  46. Did I tell you I am a selfish snob?
  47. I like playing Animal Crossing Wild World on my brother’s Nintendo DS.
  48. My character in Animal Crossing gets to change haircuts, accessories and clothes often. She works hard to earn money, and is the one paying the mortgage on the house that I share with my brother.
  49. In Neopets and in Animal Crossing, I am almost miserly in the management of my money. I’m paying off the debts and saving up for THE big future purchase. So opposite from real life.
  50. My siblings accuse me of being a «bad» (i.e. strong and almost choking) influence on them because I’m both loud and incessant in my opinions.
  51. I have a big huge crush right now on TJ Trinidad Albert Martinez and someone codenamed Ubermensch someone codenamed Ubermensch someone codenamed Ubermensch Wentworth Miller Jae Hee Lee Dong Wook and Oh Ji Ho.
  52. My longtime celebrity crush was Pierce Brosnan; it’s now Wentworth Miller.
  53. I have never had a romantic relationship, and I’m waiting on God’s «the one.»
  54. I have never had a problem being single. I’ve never had a problem with relatives and church members’ matchmaking. They all think I should stay single until I finish my M.D. 🙂 hahaha
  55. I hope I will still have time to birth 4 children before menopause.
  56. I can get really catty and mean when I watch TV shows.
  57. I may trashtalk too, when I watch sporting events.
  58. My brother thinks I can get mean.
  59. But my brother likes to let me know he thinks the worst of me. hehehe. I love my brother.
  60. I love The Amazing Race and CSI, all three franchises. And Criminal Minds is slowly becoming a fave.
  61. I like romantic ballads. I’m a typical Filipino like that. MYMP is really good. And Gary V. can deliver like no other.
  62. Whenever I hear a song I really like, my heart flutters… You think I may have a heart condition?
  63. I love my kid cousins so much.
  64. Okay, I love the big kids too. 🙂
  65. My perfect day would be a day at the beach, swimming to my heart’s content. A hammock under the cool shade would complete the picture-perfect day.
  66. Mango shakes rock my world. Mangoes in every form and ripeness are one of my favorite things.
  67. When my father used to grow mangoes, we’d make some paper wrappings from newspapers for the individual fruits. My father would always find me slowing down in my folding and reading the papers.
  68. One of my favorite memories of my uncle Jonathan, whose daughter I love as if she were my own, was of the times he’d make me read aloud from all sorts of things, like milk cartons and yesterday’s paper. I learned the meaning of the AIDS and HIV acronyms, and I was the only one who knew them at school. 🙂
  69. My favorite childhood Saturday memories were of beach outings on a private beach, which was incidentally not ours. hehehe. We’d be the only people there.
  70. I love the animated film Anastasia. I love the songs.
  71. BBC’s Pride & Prejudice solidified Jane Austen’s place in my heart!
  72. I think Michael Buble has the smoothest and creamiest male voice I’ve ever heard. I love his That’s All. I think of hammocks. 🙂
  73. I usually begin projects with huge amounts of enthusiasm, which tail off before the projects are done. It’s almost scary the number of things I have left undone.
  74. I’m not the jealous type, but I’m fiercely loyal.
  75. I like trivia. Jeopardy is a great show I hope to get better at as I grow old. 🙂
  76. Oftentimes, I remember minutiae, but forget the big picture.
  77. I’m not very practical. Usually, I live and die by my theories.
  78. I’m not a fashionista. I always need help.
  79. I feel sexiest after showers.
  80. I learned the guitar, but I don’t really have the aptitude for it. I’m not creative enough.
  81. I learned the piano, but it doesn’t come as naturally as singing.
  82. I have a narrow singing range, but I make up for good enunciation, expression and feeling.
  83. I suffer from hyperhidrosis. Oh, how I suffer.
  84. I’m a Netflix subscriber. I like their music and romantic comedies collection. edit: I’m also a TigerCinema subscriber. Getting their movies in the mail makes my day! In addition, I’m an aznV premium member, and it’s worth every single penny. Yay.
  85. I’m really short. And I forget I’m short until people tell me that I’m short. While I don’t get offended, I always think, «Didn’t someone teach them manners?»
  86. Other than English, Cebuano and Filipino, I can speak passable Waray-Waray. edit: I am trying to teach myself Korean.
  87. When I was about 10 (I think), I started going through the encyclopedia and writing down in my notebook any entry pertaining to mythology (mostly Greek and some Roman). It was fun. I think I stopped somewhere in the L’s.
  88. Soon after that project fizzled out, I started another notebook containing US cities and towns from old Guidepost stories. I would go through the issues and write down the locations in this format: city/town, state.
  89. I’m an inner data collector.
  90. I entertained the thought of being a librarian.
  91. But the pull of the beautiful words of medicine was too strong to resist.
  92. I don’t think I can pull off short cropped hair. My face is too round. 🙂
  93. I admire people who are adventurous with their appearance.
  94. Tagalog love songs can be melodramatically sweet, but I usually get reeled in.
  95. I’m up for trying things once, as long as they are not of the gustatory kind. I have a very good gag reflex.
  96. I’m not fond of chocolate or sweet things. I like salty junk food. (Chips!!!)
  97. Other people have their vices like smoking, drugs, alcohol. I have my salty junk food. Pick your own poison.
  98. I have no tolerance for smokers who insist their right to smoke is more important than my right to fresh air. Why don’t they put their head under a fish bowl, and smoke there? I usually stay away, but if I hear anything about the right to smoke and pollute my air, I get pissed off.
  99. I am quite extravagant when it comes to food and books (sometimes DVDs and CDs), but extremely grumpy and miserly when it comes to everything else.
  100. Sometimes I like change. Sometimes, I cut off the head of the messenger of change. One can never tell.

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