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Dec 29 2004

My new toy — Ibanez bass guitar GSR390

Here’s a link to my new bass guitar…an Ibanez GSR390. ain’t she pretty? Bought it yesterday(29 Dec. 2004) at Audiophile Festival mall branch.


I’m pretty impressed w/ this bass guitar. It can do funk, rock & jazz. very versatile. Got it for only 11,060(php). Wow, got me hooked…can’t wait to test drive this baby w/ my band.

Now, my first bass guitar, a washburn XB400(korean made) will have to go. Bought it 5 years ago. It has served me well but too bad it has to go. Well, actually, it will be traded w/ a Fender electric guitar. My former boss whos daughter is also into bass playing will be the lucky new owner. Can’t help but feel sentimental right now. After all, my washburn did serve me well. I did 5 gigs w/ it. So long my friend…I’m sure your new master will take good care of you..

Dec 29 2004

…I shall share a poem of mine!!!

This is what they call a work in progress… It has not been finished and it may never will, I write this in homage to one of my most favorite artist’s Adam Sandler… and the fact that I cant sleep and am very drunk… I cant seem to sleep,Cant seem to move or even leap,Towards the merry sands of sleep,Oh so many things to consider…Oh, my bedside is quite steepWhen I looked and peeped,And saw the darkness deepOh so many things to wonder…If my life will be completeWith a woman I should meetAnd time that I should beatOh so many things to consider…If she should say yesMy life would be so blessedI can put my fears to rest Oh so many things to wonder…

(just in case you didn’t know, Adam Sandler sang a similar song in the Steve Martin movie «MIXED NUTS»…)

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