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Jul 31 2004


in this world full of unlikelinesswhere people chooses to live or die,one person stand elusively amidstthe certainty of what’s thoroughly unseen,defies and negates every conformities!i live through everyday without a singleglimpse of appreciation,i wander in every street to find a perfectsolution to man’s lustful abomination.i saw nothing, nothing to hope for.yes this world is a world to power!overcome the man inside, and unleashwhat i am in overlooked reality…i am the Overman, the highest level of every attainment…contemplate and resist every material,submit and reconnect……breath

Jul 31 2004

murmur no. 16

One of the saddest things a person will ever have to experienceis to lack an acquaintance so pure,an acquiantance supremely overblessed -it’s neither planned nor devisedbut superficially mutual among the individuals.It is but a rare circumstanceto be involved in this deepening encounter: some degree higher than absolute understanding of things, some degree higher than visual knowledge, some degree higher than causal reasoning, some degree higher than other things unexplained, some degree higher… Precious experience bound for symmetrical ethereality Precious moment in union, in harmonyWithout this experience in one’s circle of livingor any means of reconnecting to this phenomenonis a dull and lowlife method of breathing through this defines the saddest thing a life is built upon.Do I therefore impose to absolute my convictions?What do I consider reasonable when I have no doubts experiencing it?Though in a minor stage, this circle revolves to continually infinitely complete it.Or anyone I can certainly declare,they would definitely do the same as mine convictions laid Truth,as nobody would dare compare to falsify its firmness.Like all other experiences dare not denounceits elusive and hidden essence and spirit,it’s an experience to start with a beginning -a joyful celebration, a treasured birth -a Great Great Golden Coppulation!

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