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Oct 25 2004

Like Us or Leave Us

i can’t understand why some chinese who lives in the philippines, doesn’t like filipinos. they don’t like our race and our culture. some families even disown their children who marry filipinos, this is while they push their culture in our faces, from music to even the dreaded teleseryes. heck, they even call themselves filipino-chinese but they don’t like the filipino part of their «origin».

they say, we won’t undestand them because we have different cultures and beliefs, do they actually think we’re too stupid not to be linient enough to tolerate and try to understand these differences?

i say, if you don’t like us leave us. go back to your homeland.

Oct 15 2004


I saw axiom at the top of my uncles house bar…

Drunkards Go To Heaven

If you drink, you fall asleep…
If you sleep, you commit no sin…
If you commit no sin, you go to heaven…
So let’s all drink and go to heaven!!!
Here’s another one from a barbecue stand near my house…
I read about the bad effects of over-eating, alcohol and sex. I then finally resolved that I would stop… reading!!!

Oct 10 2004

Hahaha… Hay Brain online…

Its a good thing I have this Blogspot… Ive been wanting one…So Here’s the Deal. Im going to animate my undead alternate personality in my website and this blog soon so keep posted.

Be ready for the coming of Hay Brain, the Scare-crow!!!

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