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Dec 31 2005

Christmas Party 2005

I know, I know. This is 2 weeks late, but life has been uncooperative with this blog. First, I got sick before Christmas. Then, the merry, busy, migraine-inducing Christmas week was just too much for me…Anyway to the topic…

student’s videoke roomOur department decided to have a videoke singing contest for our Christmas Party. The students, teachers and staff were assigned to one classroom each where they could sing their hearts out for 2 hours (actually more! hehe). After the two hours, representatives for the standard, novelty and rock categories would be chosen for the CHEMISTRY IDOL finals.

jotay doing rock, while ising and maemae do the pose…Really, it was the best christmas party we ever had! Hehe…

ma’am P’s granddaughter and ma’am echong’s niece were our cute visitors…

Dec 28 2005


Lapu-Lapu City is again honored as the choice of the 2006 medical mission of Philippine Medical Association of West Virginia (PMA-WV). Local arrangements are handled by the Saint Alphonsus Catholic School Alumni Association, headed by President Richard «Bobet» Solis.The people of Lapu-Lapu wishes to thank Dr. Lemuel Delgra of Charleston, West Virginia, President of PMA-WV, and Dr. Perry Lee, also of Charleston, International Mission Coordinator.The following is a pictorial of the first screening day held today at the Lapu-Lapu District Hospital, through the able leadership of Bobet and Dr. Jimmy Kaamino, Chief of the Hospital.

FIGURES: (1) Early morning activity at the screening registration desk manned by volunteers from SACSAA; (2) Dr. PJ Alcantara, SACS Alumnus, doing screening medical examinations; (3) Long-time and perrenial missioner and mission pioneer, Dr. Spanky Tablante

Dec 27 2005

untitled03: For ‘06

John Milton was a failure.In writing Paradise Lost, his aim was to «justify the ways of God to men.» Inevitably, he fell short and wrote only a monumental poem. Beethoven, whose music was conceived to transcend fate, was a failure, as was Socrates, whose ambition was to make people happy by making them reasonable and just. The surest, noblest way to fail is to set one’s standards titanically high.The flip side of that proposition also seems true. The surest way to succeed is to keep one’s striving low. Many people, by external standards, will be «successes.» They will own homes, eat in better restaurants, dress well and, in some instances, perform socially useful work. Yet fewer people are putting themselves on the line, making as much of their minds and talents as they might.Frequently, success is what people settle for when they can’t think of something noble enough to be worth failing at.

-Laurence Shames, in the New York Times, quoted in Feb. 1990 Reader’s Digest

Dec 24 2005


Have a Merry Christmas Everybody!


The ORDOÑEZ Family

Dec 24 2005

christmas rush

it’s seven hours before christmas and i’m still stuck in the office…but i’ll be home for christmas…hahaha!

Dec 23 2005

yehey, pasko na!

merry christmas everybody, happy new year too! . . . «fruitcake»

Dec 22 2005

Something I’ll soon forget

Someday I will just look back at all these.. and feel nostalgic. Some things that might have been.. Some things that should have been.So sue me.. Im a Cancerian, you know..Can I help it? Im falling..

«The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48″Love Love (lu^v), n. OE. love, luve, AS. lufe, lufu; akin to E. lief, believe, L. lubet, libet, it pleases, Skr. lubh to be lustful. See Lief. 1. A feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; pre»eminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and sisters. 1913 Webster Of all the dearest bonds we prove Thou countest sons’ and mothers’ love Most sacred, most Thine own. —Keble. 1913 Webster 2. Especially, devoted attachment to, or tender or passionate affection for, one of the opposite sex. 1913 Webster He on his side Leaning half-raised, with looks of cordial love Hung over her enamored. —Milton. 1913 Webster 3. Courtship; — chiefly in the phrase to make love, i. e., to court, to woo, to solicit union in marriage. 1913 Webster Demetrius . . . Made love to Nedar’s daughter, Helena, And won her soul. —Shak. 1913 Webster 4. Affection; kind feeling; friendship; strong liking or desire; fondness; good will; — opposed to hate; often with of and an object. 1913 Webster Love, and health to all. —Shak. 1913 Webster Smit with the love of sacred song. —Milton. 1913 Webster The love of science faintly warmed his breast. —Fenton. 1913 Webster 5. Due gratitude and reverence to God. 1913 Webster Keep yourselves in the love of God. —Jude 21. 1913 Webster 6. The object of affection; — often employed in endearing address; as, he held his love in his arms; his greatest love was reading. «Trust me, love.» —Dryden. 1913 Webster Open the temple gates unto my love. —Spenser. 1913 Webster 7. Cupid, the god of love; sometimes, Venus. 1913 Webster Such was his form as painters, when they show Their utmost art, on naked Lores bestow. —Dryden. 1913 Webster Therefore do nimble-pinioned doves draw Love. —Shak. 1913 Webster 8. A thin silk stuff. Obs. —Boyle. 1913 Webster 9. (Bot.) A climbing species of Clematis (Clematis Vitalba). 1913 Webster 10. Nothing; no points scored on one side; — used in counting score at tennis, etc. 1913 Webster He won the match by three sets to love. —The Field. 1913 Webster 11. Sexual intercourse; — a euphemism.


Dec 22 2005

Mother Hen mode…

Maroo’s with me right now. She’s in Manila for the Christmas vacation (from yesterday to the 5th of January). I’m just so happy that she’s here. She’s so much a grown-up now that sometimes I still can’t believe she was the same little toddler I had to babysit at times some years back. Sometimes, I just look at her and smile at the thought of that little three-year-old who loved to dress up

Dec 22 2005

Hating & Loving

In an Aéropostale shop, I again realized how much I abhor clothes shopping. It just zaps my energy, even quicker than running. (hehehe) I had to get out of the shop and go back to B.D. Dalton Booksellers. The close second (or is it equally first?) is shoe shopping. I may sound blasphemous or guilty of betrayal of the female sex… but there it is.I love book browsing though, whether in the library or in bookshops. It should not be too hard finding me in the shopping mall. 🙂

My shopping list:

  • a hotdog pillow from Sears (I know exactly what I want; I can almost feel it next to me.)
  • Sense and Sensibility Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • Persuasion Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • Emma Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • Mansfield Park Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • Northanger Abbey Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • Sanditon and Other Stories Everyman’s Library Edition — Jane Austen
  • (basically all Jane Austen’s from Borzoi Books except Pride and Prejudice, which I already own)

  • Sense and Sensibility DVD with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet as the older Dashwood sisters. 🙂
  • Il Mare (Two-Disc Special Edition) with 전지현 — I’m getting the 3-disc special edition
  • Kristin Chenoweth’s As I Am
  • Simple Tech 160GB External Hard Drive from Costco — I got a 250GB drive
  • Anastasia animated version
  • Persuasion DVD (with Amanda Root as Anne Elliot)
  • The Heat is On in Saigon DVD
  • Just Like Heaven DVD
  • The Lake House DVD
  • El Filibusterismo — Jose Rizal
  • CD by Jimmy Marquez
  • Delightful Girl Chun Hyang DVD with English subs — a must!
  • bean bag
  • notebook
  • notebook bag
  • India.Arie’s Testimony: Vol 1, Life & Relationship
  • Hugo Boss Intense Eau de parfum, 30ml
  • 마이걸 My Girl original DVD set
  • Integrated Korean Beginning I by Lee et al.


Seeing old friends is always a wonderful surprise. It was great to see you, Liane, J.J. and Princess! 🙂

Dec 22 2005


I can’t hide the excitement about going home. I haven’t been back home for almost a year now. Too bad I need to work a thousand miles away from home. But that’s ok. The end of the year always gives me a thrill. I giggle like a child whenever I think about what’s in store for me this Christmas. I am not even a teenager anymore but I still look forward to getting presents. I’m just glad I got a

Dec 21 2005


sorry, I havent posted a while. I’ve been kind of busy, so I havent had any time to make a post.

Dec 19 2005

Paggunita I

Ginugunita ko kayo ngayon. Kayong mga nakipagdalumat sa landas na tinatawag nating buhay. Kayong mga nakalimutan na at naaalala pa. Kayong mga ibinaon sa limot at hinuhukay sa alaala. Ginugunita ko kayo ngayon.

Sa mga kaibigang nananatiling bata sa aking isipan. Sa mga kalaro ko ng eskate noong grade one. Sa mga kasama ko sa cutting classes noon upang manguha ng bayabas o kaya maligo sa dalisay na ilog ng Kulaman. Sa mga kasama kong mangahoy noon sa mahiwagang Alalum na mundo ng makapangyarihang mga tagbaya sa aking isip. Sa mga kaibigang nakikita at hindi nakikita. Inaalala ko kayong lahat.

Sa mga naging kaklase ko noong elementary. Kayong mga nakasama ko sa paghahabulan sa mahoganihan. Kayong mga kasama kong nagbubunot ng mga amorseko sa tuwing umaga bago makapasok sa klasrum. Kayong mga kasama kong naglalaro sa ulanan. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pag-back-tumbling sa damuhan. Naaalala ko kayo ngayon.

Sa mga kasama kong manglaraw ng mais sa San Vicente. Sa mga katropa kong mangagag ng humay sa lahat na humayan sa Kisolon. Ginugunita ko kayong lahat. Ginugunita ko ang mainit na araw na nagbigay ng kulay kape noon )(hanggang ngayon) sa ating mga balat. Ginugunita ko ang pagpasan ng saku-sakong mais, ng saku-sakong palay na hindi man lang sumayad sa taing mga sikmura.

Sa mga nakasama sa pagtuklas sa kalikasan. Kayong mga nakasama ko sa paliligo sa ilog Tagoloan. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagahhanap buwaya upang tuklasin kong totoong kayang lagariin ang ngipin nila at gawing anting-anting. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagbaklay papunta sa San Juan at Intavas. Naaalala ko kayo. Naaalala ko kayo. Kayong mga nakasama ko sa tanom ng palay sa marami nang basakan. Naaalala ko ang mga mukha nating nadudungisan noon ng putik na singkulay din ng ating balat. Naaalala ko ang maghapon nating pagyuko-pagtayo at paatras na paghakbang upang maging maayos ang tanom. Naaalala ko ang mga kwentuhan natin habang masayang kumakain ng tanghalian. Nagkakamay tayong lahat na kumakain. Ang mg kamay natin na lumubog-lumitaw sa putik ay siya ring mga kamay na gamit natin sa pagkain. Ngunit hindi natin alintana iyon. Konting hugas lang ang katapat kahit walang sabon.

Kayong mga kasama ko sa trabaho noon pagkagradweyt ko ng elementary. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagtatanim ng tubo sa tubuhan ni Branya. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagtatapas ng tubo sa tubuhan pa rin ni Branya. Kayong mga mabibilis gumamit ng espading. Kayong Malalaks maghakot ng mabibigat na banganbangan na tubo paakyat sa trak at dumadaan sa madulas na damyo. Kayong kasama ko sa ilalim na init at ulan. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagtatanim at pag-aani ng kamatis ng BRCI. Kayong mga kasama ko sa pagbasok sa halos lahat na kamaisan sa buong Sumilaw. Kayong mga sanay sa pagwasiwas ng lampasiyaw at bihasa sa sining ng paggamit ng pitiay. Ginugunita ko kayong lahat.

Sa mga kaklase ko noong haiskul. Sa mga kasama kong iskul-bukol. Sa mga katropa kong amdalas umupo sa likod upang madaling masilipan ang mga student teacher. Sa mga kasama kong nagpupuslit ng gin na nakalgay sa plastic at hinaluan ng softdrinks at iniinom gamit ang straw. Sa mga kasama kong nagpapahiram ng mga porn magazione na ninakaw sa kanilang mga tiyuhin. Sa mga kasama kong nag-eksperimento ng bagong laro na parang golf pero nilalaro na parang hockey. Sa mga teacher ko na kainuman din minsan. Sa mga kakilalang umampon sa akin sa mga panahong wala akong matuluyan. Sa mga pamilyang kumupkop sa akin sa buong panahong pinagtiyagaan ko ang haiskul. Sa mababait (at masusungit) na anging amo sa trabaho upang magkaroon ng pambaon. Ginugunita ko kayong lahat.

Kahit kayong mga kasama ko noon sa lumpenic na mga gawain. Kayong mga adikadik ng Calanawan. Kayong mga palahubog ng San Miguel. Kayong mga buguybugoy ng Tangkulan. Naaalala ko ang ating mga kalokohan.

Kayong mga nakasama ko sa paliligo sa magandang ilog ng Mangima. Kayong mga kasama ko sa paggala sa Sankanan, sa Camp 1, sa Dahilayan, SantoNinyo, Diklum, DAlirig, Kilabong, Vista Villa, Maluko, at iba pang baranggay na hindi ko na matandaan. Kayong mga nakasama sa paggala sa MAlaybalay, San FErnando, Musuan, Valencia, Salawagan, Talakag, Libona, Malitbog, Lantapan, Impasug-ong, Cagayan de ORo, Iligan, Pagadian at sa ibang lugar na hindi ko na maalala ang mga pangalan.Sa mga nakasama college. Sa mga katulad kong mahilig sa kape. Sa mga katulad kong mahilig umakyat sa bubong ng isang building. Sa mga katulad kong mahilig tumambay sa park. Sa mga tulad kong naadik sa ghost fighter. Sa mga tulad kong nangarap maging supersaiyan. Ginugunita ko kayong lahat. Sa mga kaibigang nawala at pumanaw. KAyong mas matatapang kaysa akin. kAyong minsang nagpakain sa panahon ng aking kagutuman. Kayong nagreregalo ng fresh milk. Kayong nanglilibre ng pancit cnaton. Kayong nanglilibre ng kape. KAyong nagbibigay ng mga raket na pagkakitaan. Kayong madalas makahuntahan sa kahit anong bagay. Naaalala ko kayong lahat.Kayong mga walang mukha at walang pangalan sa aking alaala. Kayong mga hindi ko aam kong saang lupalop nanggaling. Kayong mga nakasama sa barko papuntang Mindanao at pabalik sa Maynila. Kayong mga nakatabi bus na byaheng Baguio. KAyong nakatabi sa jeep papuntang Quiapo. Naaalala ko na wala kayong mga mukha. Kayong mga walang probinsya. KAyong mga walang lugar. KAyong mga sa mata lang nakikilala. KAyong mga minsang nakasama sa pagkain sa fastfood. Naaalala ko kayo kahit hindi ko kayo naaalala.Kayong mga kaibigan. Mga kaibigang tunay. Mga kaibigang hindi tunay. Mga kaibigang totoong kaibigan. Mga kaibigang hindi totoong kaibigan. Kayong mga kaibigan sa isip sa salita at gawa. Kayong mga kaibigan lang sa salita. KAyong mga kaibigan na hindi ko kaibigan. Kayong mga kaibigan na hindi ko alam na aking kaibigan. Kayong lahat. Naaalala ko kayo kahit marami sa inyo ay hindi ko naaalala.Kayong mga konduktor na bus na tinatawag akong ‘pare’. Kayong mga drayber ng jeep na nagbabahagi ng kahirapang kumita ng pang-boundary. Kayong mga drayber na nagkukwento at nagkukwenta ng kahirapang magpaaral ng mga anak. Naaalala ko kayo kahit hindi ko kayo naaalala.Kayong mga nagmahal sa akin (salamat). Kayong mga minahal ko. KAyong mga minahal ko nang minsan. KAyong mga mahal ko hanggang ngayon. Kayong mga hindi ko na mahal ngayon. Kayong mga hindi na nagmamahal sa akin ngayon. Naaalala ko pa rin kayo kahit marami sa inyo ang hindi ko na rin naaalala.Ginugunita ko kayong lahat ngayon. Kayong mga namayapa at patuloy na nabubuhay. Kayong mga buhay lamang sa alaala. Kayong mga laging nakangiti sa alaala. Kayong laging nakasimangot sa alaala. Kayong lahat naaalala ko kahit hindi ko naaalala.Ginugunita ko kayong lahat sapagkat marami na nagbago. MAraming bagay ang nagbago. Maraming bagay ang nagbabago. Ang lahat na bagay ay nagbabago. At sa mga pagbabago, marmaing bagay ang nagiging alaala na lamang. Ayaw ko sanang makalimot subalit sadyang marupok ang isip. Mabuti na lamang may alaala. Para maalala ko kayo kahit hindi ko na naaalala ang marami sa inyo.

Ginugunita ko kayong lahat dahil lahat kayo ay naging bahagi, nakibahagi, binahaginan ko ng kapiraso ng aking ako. Ginugunita ko ang mga pirasong iyon, sapagkat ngayon, ang buong ako ay ibinahagi ko na nang buong-buo sa pinakamagandang babae sa aking mundo.

Dec 19 2005

ART TRIP 7: Amateur Photography

I like taking picturesI don’t have the right equipmentBut that’s OKHere are some of them:Nha Trang, Vietnam:

Beach resorts right in the city

Bali, Indonesia:

A Hindu temple beside a busy market

Bogor, Indonesia:

Garden of GG House, a back-to-nature resort

Laguna Lake, Philippines:

Huts on stilts in Lake Island Resort

Koh Kong, Cambodia:

River settlement in Koh Sralao

Galle, Sri Lanka:

Walled city jutting out to the Indian Ocean

Hoi An, Vietnam:

Buddhist Temple inside the World Heritage Site

Chennai, India:

Tenements for the poor

Dec 18 2005

Two years old…

I couldn’t let this very special day pass without posting an entry. Now, what makes this day special? The Ocean of My Being is exactly two years old today.:) Sometimes, I still cannot believe it’s been that long. It feels like it was only yesterday when I started blogging and learning about all these stuff. I thank God for that day, two years ago, when I found Blogger because that day

Dec 17 2005

Pasko Na Naman

Time flies so real fast. A week from now, we will be celebrating Christmas and I can’t seem to feel the usual Christmas spirit. We’ve put up the tree — not the real one because our «visor» posted a sign at the elevator that says «To all tenants, no real christmas tree please», not that I would get a real one for us this year but until now I still have to find the courage to ask her what’s behind the banning of real christmas trees in the building — .Anyways, our tree looks like any other ornamental tree, with christmas balls of course, except that from the time we hung the balls, it seems to me that their numbers decrease everyday as some mysteriously fell on the floor, some even went as far as under the sofa and some decided to hide in the magazine rack. Yes, I guess the two elves are the culprit. I just hope there will be a ball left before christmas. To cheer the tree up, I put the star at the top, far from the elves’ reach.But then again I am feeling kind of «I don’t know, I can’t name this feeling kind of thing», it’s not just about the lack of «rush» or the absence of activities that’s missing, somehow I blame it on the weather. To cut the chase, I admit now that the reason why I am at the lowest level of my excitement is due to one thing, the only real reason above all reasons — I miss the christmas tradition that we have in the Philippines, not just the tradition but the whole of it. This will be our second christmas here but I still miss hearing off-key tunes of children carolling from house to house, every single night from the first day of December. I miss getting ready with my list and the last minute christmas shopping because I forgot to add one godchild born two months after updating the list. I will always miss the fireworks — I don’t care now if it sounds like an explosion of a nuclear plant or a mini warzone — I miss attending the novena masses at dawn and getting choco latte (yup — the cocoa) and puto (rice cake) from a nearby stand. I will surely miss the «noche buena» while everyone’s waiting for the clock to strike 12 and we do «beso-beso» and greet each family member a very Merry Christmas, giggling, as we rush to open our gifts. I’ts a feeling I can never describe and I cannot put a name until now. And why do the apples smell good back home?For all its worth, I can write everything that I miss about Pasko sa Pilipinas the whole night long but I can’t tolerate torturing myself anymore and so I will stop here. Period….By the way, we are having a White Christmas here but my current favorite Christmas song is one that has this lyrics..»dashing through the snow…»

Why? Because that’s what I do every single working day. Except for the wind chill, the powdery snow sometimes cheers me up a bit but not without a «sigh».

Dec 16 2005

how long

every evening skies we met,smiles were kindly made known,and for a moment,talks of soft voices filled silence,you had my soul before you showed yours,you held it tight, as i let it loose.a clasp so tight i never had,i feel you wanting in vain.drowned again, entangled.now feeling paranoid,silent breaks my ears.behind unknown dark shades,emotions pour in frenzyas we bind each other, as if it were the last,as if we were blind in darkness, in space, in the middle.i was stunned, but i don’t know

for how long?

Dec 15 2005

We All Have To Wash Dishes

A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where nothing seems to go right. I decided to go to the United States and take a breather. As with my other trips to the U.S., I’d jump off Manila and head to San Francisco, CA where my sister lives. However, unlike my other trips, I had no intentions of going sight seeing as I’ve grown tired of the usual tourist sights and just really wanted to contemplate on things.

After a week or so, I received a call from a family friend who invited me to stay and try my luck in Alaska. «Alaska?!», I thought to myself. At that point in time, all I knew about Alaska was dogsleds, igloos and lots of snow. Dennis and I even joked about creating «golden arches» everytime I had to take a leak and taking two weeks to buy groceries as I had to ride a dogsled going to town. As ignorant as it seems to be, this was the truth. I didn’t know anything about the place. Anyway, I took the Alaskan Air from SanFo to Seattle, then Seattle to Juneau, Alaska.

I was welcomed by my hosts and they basically gave me the lowdown on what’s in Alaska. Apparently, there a lot of Filipinos living in Alaska. Most of whom worked at cruise ships. I was then that it would take a couple more days to have me set up with a job. I inquired about the job and was told that I would be working at a chinese restaurant where I was to wash dishes, The Golden Palace.

You could imagine the struggle I went through during the first few weeks. I had no experience whatever to being a dishwasher, heck, I don’t even remember having to wash the dishes at home. Mr. and Mrs. Tang, the owners of the restaurant, were patient enough to give me time to get my «groove» going. My friends were waiters and Sam, the cook, during lull hours we would exchange stories and they didn’t believe what I back in the Philippines. They said I was luck, I thought otherwise.

I had to learn how to be friends with people whom I don’t even notice back then, I had to live with what I had and the money left in my pocket. There was no one and nowhere to run to. I was alone. Yes, there were times I cried, wanting to give up and go home but I had no money, forcing me to work some more and tips…well, who tips a dishwasher? (You should)

A few more weeks later, my co-workers became good friends. I learned many valuable lessons in life from them and the taught me how to be myself. The trip humbled me and made me realize how wonderful life can be…again.

The trip to Alaska was more than a job hunt, it was a retreat from all the things I went through the previous years. Having no job and coming out from a relationship, I knew it was time for some changes. Having no friends and relatives made me re-think my life plans. When I felt I was ready, I saved enough money from tips and my salary to buy a ticket back to California. It’s as if I was renewed and everything I once was, was washed away with the food, grime and oil.

Once in a while we reach a point in our lives where we it seems that there was nowhere to go and we feel that we are alone. It is at these times that we need to go out and wash dishes.

Dec 15 2005

Sinulog Festival 2006 Tentative Schedule of Activities

The Sinulog Foundation has released the tentative schedule of activities for the upcoming Sinulog 2006 festival. I know that all Cebuanos, whether currently here in Cebu or abroad would be very much interested in this. Pit Senyor!

The photos interspersed between the schedules are my pictures from the Sinulog 2005 Mardi Gras Parade. For more of my Sinulog pics, click this.

I am planning on taking pictures of the Sinulog 2005 Fluvial Procession at the Mactan Channel, the Solemn Procession through the streets of Colon, and of course the Grand Mardi Gras. Below, I made the fonts bold for these activities.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 20062:00 PM — Solemn Mass at the Basilica del Sto. Niño sponsoredby Sinulog Foundation, Inc.7:00 PM — Opening and Launching Program at the Fuente Osmeña Circle.8:00 PM — Opening & Launching Program at the Plaza Independencia9:00 PM – Street Party, Band Concert at the Fuente Osmeña Circle

SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2006Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan1:00 PM — Parade of Participants from Capitol to Cebu City Sports Center2:00 PM — Competition Proper — Sinulog sa Barangay — CCSC4:30 PM — Awarding of Winners7:30 PM — Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM — Street Party Band Concert, Fuente Osmeña Circle

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8, 2006Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan1:00 PM — Parade of Participants from Plaza Independencia to Cebu City Sports Center2:00 PM — Competition Proper — Sinulog sa Kabataan4:30 PM — Awarding Ceremonies7:30 PM — Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM — Street Party Band Concert, Fuente Osmeña Circle

MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 20067:30 PM — Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM — Street Party Band Concert, Fuente OsmeñaTUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 20067:30 PM – Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM — Street Party Band Concert, Fuente Osmeña

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 20067:30 PM – Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM — Street Party Band Concert, Fuente Osmeña CircleTHURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2006January 12– 16, 2004 Devotee Tent City at Plaza Independencia7:30 PM – Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza IndependenciaMs. Cebu 2003 (Waterfront Hotel)9:00 PM — Street Party Band, Fuente Osmeña Circle

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 20067:30 PM – Cultural Show, Dep-Ed, Cebu Division, Fuente Osmeña CircleCultural Show, LGU, Cluster I, Plaza Independencia9:00 PM – Street Party Band, Fuente Osmeña Circle


6:00 AM — Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of Señor Santo Niño from Mandaue City to Cebu City passing the port Lapulapu City.9:00 AM — Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana & Rajah Humabon at the Basilica del Santo Niño Pilgrim Center.

2:00 PM — Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Señor Santo Niño.

6:30 PM – Search for Sinulog Festival Queen at Fuente Osmeña7:30 PM — Band Concert at the Fuente Osmeña and Plaza Independencia


7:00 AM — Assembly of Contingents, Carousel Parade Route.
10:00 AM — Start of Sinulog Grand Parade.6:00 PM – “Best of Cebu” Variety Show at the Cebu City Sports Center7:30 PM — Fireworks Display at the Fuente Osmeña Grand Stage7:45 PM – Street Party at the Fuente Osmeña Circle and Plaza IndependenciaMONDAY, JANUARY 16, 20061:00 PM — Awarding Ceremonies & Repeat Performance of Winnersat the Cebu City Sports Center

Dec 14 2005


note: this is not about mojofly’s song minamalas…

i really hate this day! puro malas ang inabot ko. kakabirthday ko pa naman kahapon.

una…iniwan ako ng partner ko sa work kasi daw hindi pa nag-aalmusal ang tatay nya. buti sana kung sinabi nya kaagad sa akin nung nasa office pa kami, e nagdecide sya nasa area na kami and malayo kaya yun sa downtown area. pagkababang pagkababa namin sa jeep, sinabi nya kaagad na may pupuntahan daw sya. sabi nya pa, dun daw muna ako umupo sa may carenderia sa tabi kasi madali lang naman daw yung lakad nya. he promised to be back at 11:30. pagtingin ko sa relo, it was only 10:15…ano, tatanga ako dun sa may carenderia ng lampas isang oras?!?! ok lang sya? e kung isumbong ko kaya sya sa boss namin…pakshet! kelangan nya daw puntahan ang tatay nya dahil hindi pa daw nag-aalmusal at may ulcer daw yun. HALLER! hindi ba kaya ng tatay nya na kumain mag-isa? kaya nya nga magtext, yun pang kumain ang hindi nya makayang gawin? kelangan pa ba nya ng tigasubo? e di sana nag-hire na lang sya ng private nurse kung ganun! i didn’t argue with him because i know wala ring mangyayari kung makipagtalo man ako. dadami lang ang wrinkles ko. hindi ko rin sya tinanong kung gaano kaimportante ang lakad nya, at kung ano talaga ang reason behind that. i was really pissed off!

pangalawa…at dahil nga nabadtrip na ako, naisipan kong pumunta na lng ng mall at kumain sa mcdo. walan gsounds sa mcdo, masyadong tahimik that’s why i decided to plunge on my iPod. to my surprise, the battery was empty! i wasn’t able to charge it yesterday, waaahhhh!!! di na jud ko palabot ani!

pangatlo…delayed fieldwork, walang iPod kaya yung cellphone ang napagbalingan ko. buti na lang at unlimited ako so i could text my friend as long as i want. tumunog ang cellphone ko, i thought it was from irene dahil sya ang katext ko ng mga panahon na yun. surprise, surprise! it was from 2870 informing me that my globe nonstop text promo has been inactive…clap! clap! clap! pakilabas ng cameras please…is this suppose to be a post birthday surprise? is this a practical joke for my birthday or what? i was waiting for carlos agassi to appear from behind and say VICTIM! but there was none.

this is one helluva day! sige, sagarin nyo na ang lahat ng kamalasan, hwag na kayong magtira para bukas o sa isang araw, itodo nyo na! thursday is supposed to be my lucky day pa naman. hmp!

Dec 14 2005

sa dihang ako gisagpa sa mabugnaw nga hangin

Sa adlaw-adlaw nakong pagsakay-sakay sa dyip dinhi sa ciudad, ug sa kanunay nakong pagpaniid sa palibot, nabantayan ko nga hapit na gayod ang kapaskohan, ug sa dihang gidungaw-dungaw ko ang akong dagway sa bintana sa dyip, mura ba ug adunay mabugnaw nga hangin nga milaparo sa akong mga aping, diha ko naamgo nga usa nalang diay gayod kaadlaw ug magasugod nasad ang naandang tradisyon sa katigulangan nga mao ang «Misa de Gallo». Kani nga tradisyon magagikan pa sa panahon sa mga Katsila ug naandan na nga buluhaton kung muabotay ang pasko. Ang akong mga kinahiladman sa maong okasyon mao gayod ang pagkabibo ug pagkasadya — di pa halap sa akong panglantaw sa akong pagkabata ang mga panahon nga ako ginadala sa akong lola ngadto sa simbahan nga pagkadaghan ug tawo bisan pa man sa pagkabugnaw sa panahon; mga pagkaon sa mga kalan-on nga baligya sa gawas sa simbahan, mga dulaan nga ginapa-ibog-ibog sa tigbaligya, ug uban pa nga masadyang lantawonon sa usa ka bata. Haay, ang kagahapon, sa dili ba mao rag kasayong kab-uton apan dili di-ay. Karon sa daghan nga mga katu-igan ang milabay, dugay-dugay na usab ako wala maka-sinati sa maong tradisyon ug ako karon nakadesisyon nga maniid na usab sa palibot, mangulekta ug mga kaagi ug nagkalain-laing panglantaw sa umaabot nga adlaw sa kapaskohan. Ahhaay, kagutom ba gyud oy, palit sa ko ug balot, dili lang sa ko magbayad sa dyip, hehehe, ayaw saba ha.

Dec 14 2005

Heathrow jam

not to brag, but my band sounds a lot better than this band. and just take a look at the dilapidated room ceiling. you know how much is the rental for this place/studio? 40£ for 4 hrs. wow, that’s about 4000 pesos back in manila. here’s more, the band had to bring their own instruments, drum set,amps, guitars, lest, they pay extra 5£ per instrument. nothing’s cheap here in london.

but i look like i’m havin a good time, right? oh yes, i did. the cute and young chick beside me is the daughter of my friend here in london. she’s gonna sing a dido song ‘white flag’, this coming saturday(dec.17)in a filipino community christmas party. i’d say this ‘dalagingding’ just needs more exposure and she could be the next ‘xfactor’ here in london. and what am i doing here? i’m supposed to be doing back-up vocals and sing the calling’s ‘where ever you will go’.

Dec 14 2005

Phenolphthalein and Fluorescein

It was a whirlwind of lecture and laboratory classes today. The sophomore Chemistry majors prepared phenolphthalein and flourescein in class. I have always liked this experiment because of the lovely colors on the products. The students get excited by it all, too.

Dec 13 2005

Resurrected Shoes and a Dead Earthworm

As I was looking at my collection of shoes to find a pair that would coordinate well with my outfit, I chanced upon this old pair which has served me well for the 3 months I was in Tokyo on a research fellowship. It has been two years since I wore these shoes and I chose to wear it since I found it to be a good combination with my brown halter blouse and cardigan.

The dead earthworm was attacked by ants! — a garage shot…So what did I accomplish today? 1. I delivered my lecture.2. I got my Pag-ibig check which will be deposited to my bank account this Thursday.3. I paid my VISA card bills.4. Not an accomplishment, but I got my 13th month pay! Yey!

Oh, and Pancit gave me a bottle of white wine as Christmas gift. Thanks, Pancit!

Dec 13 2005

Closing Cycles by Paolo Coelho

One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through.Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished. Did you lose your job? Has a loving relationship come to an end? Did you leave your parents’ house? Gone to live abroad? Has a long-lasting friendship ended all of a sudden?You can spend a long time wondering why this has happened. You can tell yourself you won’t take another step until you find out why certain things that were so important and so solid in your life have turned into dust, just like that. But such an attitude will be awfully stressing for everyone involved: your parents, your husband or wife, your friends, your children, your sister, everyone will be finishing chapters, turning over new leaves, getting on with life, and they will all feel bad seeing you at a standstill.None of us can be in the present and the past at the same time, not even when we try to understand the things that happen to us. What has passed will not return: we cannot for ever be children, late adolescents, sons that feel guilt or rancor towards our parents, lovers who day and night relive an affair with someone who has gone away and has not the least intention of coming back.Things pass, and the best we can do is to let them really go away. That is why it is so important (however painful it maybe!) to destroy souvenirs, move, give lots of things away to orphanages, sell or donate the books you have at home. Everything in this visible world is a manifestation of the invisible world, of what is going on in our hearts and getting rid of certain memories also means making some room for other memories to take their place.Let things go. Release them. Detach yourself from them. Nobody plays this life with marked cards, so sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Do not expect anything in return, do not expect your efforts to be appreciated, your genius to be discovered, your love to be understood. Stop turning on your emotional television to watch the same program over and over again, the one that shows how much you suffered from a certain loss: that is only poisoning you, nothing else.Nothing is more dangerous than not accepting love relationships that are broken off, work that is promised but there is no starting date, decisions that are always put off waiting for the ideal moment. Before a new chapter is begun, the old one has to be finished: tell yourself that what has passed will never come back. Remember that there was a time when you could live without that thing or that person. Nothing is irreplaceable. A habit is not a need. This may sound so obvious, it may even be difficult, but it is very important.

Closing cycles. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because that no longer fits your life. Shut the door, change the record, clean the house, shake off the dust. Stop being who you were, and change into who you are.

Dec 12 2005

Brownies and Checking Papers…

I have no classes on Mondays. With too much time on my hands, I baked a batch of chocolate fudge brownies and enjoyed it at tea time. My favorite tea of the moment is Houji-cha or roasted green tea. I love how it offsets the bittersweetness of the brownies.

As written in the New World Tea website:

Despite its brown appearance, this roasted green tea is still considered a green tea. Houjicha’s (pronounced HO-jee-cha) exquisite smoky and roasted flavor is a perfect combination for almost any kind of food and contains less caffeine than other green teas. To insure the utmost freshness, our Japanese green teas are grown, picked, processed and vacuum-packaged at a single location, before being shipped to the United States. When you open your tin it will smell as if it were just picked from Japanese tea fields — you will be surprised by how fresh this tea is!

Then at almost 4 p.m., I started to work on checking the exam papers of my Organic Chemistry class. But as it is with me, I dozed off after about 10 minutes and woke up at 7 p.m. Bad teacher! :p

Oh, by the way! I also faxed Louis Vuitton Manila about the availability of a few bags in their collection. I have made a list of bags that I would choose from. Right now, I am veering on an Epi Alma in Mandarin. I also called them to ask if it is in stock. They said that there was one available, but they are not sure if it would not be sold by December 28 since this style and color is now in demand. Howell, I still have other styles on my list…

From the christmas 2005 catalog Louis Vuitton sent me… I want this one but in Mandarin yellow.

Dec 12 2005

Tulo Ka Balak Sa Akong Kapikas


Walay Gana Nga Mahimong Geisha

Bantay lang ka og imo kong talikdan,

pasagdan nga maghuwat sa pagtaghoy
sa takori inig bukal sa tubig samtang ikaw
makig-indigay ni Basho, magbantay
sa pag-ambak sa baki gikan sa kawanangan
sa imong kahibulong ngadto sa lim-aw
sa imong pagtukaw.

Sa akong pagkutaw
og kape, bantay bitaw og dili nimo
paminawon ang akong laraw: Ako
makigharong sa tirong nga nagsawum-
sawom sa akong kahilum.

Di gyud ko mahadlok. Di ko mamilok
kon imo kong hagiton og pakigdam-ag
sa isig-usa ta ka baybayon.

Unsa man ka? Sukol ka’g rengga?

Konsentidor Ang Konsensya ni Constancia

Samtang imong gi-utaw ang polo
sa imong palahubog nga bana,
siya gatagawtaw samtang nangita
sa pares sa medyas: Hinampak, asa naman?
Hapit na kuno siya ma-late sa iyang
taratat-taratat-taratat trabaho.

Sakto ka nga wala nimo siya tubayi.
Sakto ka nga igo na lang kang nanghupaw.
Sakto ka nga giluom nimo imong tyabaw

dihang nanglupad ang mga aninipot
gikan sa iyang kumo ngadto tugpa
sa imong kalimutaw: Peste kang dako!

Sakto pud baya imong bana. Dili baya gamay
imong kasingkasing alang niya bisan pa’g
kapila ka na miburot. Kapito na baya nilobo
imong tiyan. Lahos na pud sa ikapitong bungtod
kon kwentahon ang gilay-on
sa imong katapusang gakus ug halok
nga mibayaw nimo ngadto sa ikapitong langit.
Ma-ihap pa ang mga bitoon apan dili
ang mga higayon nga nanghupong ka
sa itom ug puwa nga pungpong
sa mga bun-og. Daku ka’g purohan
nga purong-purongan isip hara
sa mga babayeng maglakaw nga magluhod
sa simbahan, nabug-atan sa kadena
sa ilang rosaryohan. Bulahan ka

sa babayeng tanan nga nag-ambahan unya
tungod kay walay kunot ug puti kaayo
ang polo sa imong bana nga espoting kaayo
sa iyang pagposing, sa iyang kahilum
nga wala’y katapusan diha sulod
sa iyang lungon. Ila kang i-ampo
human nimo siya gibuno.

Nganong Dili Molingi Bisan Sitsitan
Ang Babayeng Ganahan Magpakigol?

Sa iyang pagpakipot,
samtang nanghagit ang iyang sampot,

buot gyud niya nga mosunod
silang tanan nga dila ra’y labud

kon malibat sila inig labang sa dalan
ug magsiga ang mata kay naligsan.

Dec 12 2005

Upat ka Hagit Gikan sa Akong Kapikas


Lima Ka Kondisyon sa Akong Pag-uyon

dawaton nako ang imong kamot

kon andam kang mohimamat sa akong pagkahigmata
kon makighilawas ka sa akong pagkalingkawas
kon motaghoy ka duyog sa akong paghilum-hilom
kon mokalawat ka sa akong pagdumili

matag karon ug unya,
ug ugma damlag

kon dili ka mahadlok agakon
gikan sa imong pagkasaag

Kon Buot Mo Akong Abton

pasagdi na lang ng mga bitoon
kon buot mong angkonon
ang akong langit

igo na kanako ang kangitngit
basta dili ka magbasul-basol
sa imong pag-uwang

panahon sa akong pagtakdol

Pagbadlong Kang Ondong

Dili na kinahanglan nga motungtong ka sa atup
sa kalibutan aron imong ipadahunog ang dugdog
sa imong tingog, aron imo kong pakitaon
ug pabilibon unsaon nimo pagkalawat sa kilat.

Paghilum ra gud diha, dong. Ayaw pagki-at.
Hunong na intaw’n anang imong pagkidhat-kidhat.

Mouban lagi ko nimo. Labi na og molayat ka diri
sa kawanangan sa akong lawak diin, uyon sa di-
matagna nakong mga panahon:

Makigsawu-sawo ka sa iring sungkaban.
Makigbirig-birig ka sa barangan.
Mosakay-sakay ka sa pak-an.

Walay Gana Nga Mahimong Geisha

Bantay lang ka og imo kong talikdan, pasagdan
nga maghuwat sa pagtaghoy sa takori
inig bukal sa tubig
samtang ikaw makig-indigay
ni Basho, magbantay sa pag-ambak sa baki
gikan sa kawanangan
sa imong kahibulong ngadto sa lim-aw
sa imong pagtukaw.

Sa akong pagkutaw
og kape, bantay bitaw og dili nimo paminawon
ang akong laraw: Ako makigharong sa tirong
nga nagsawum-sawom sa akong kahilum.

Di gyud ko mahadlok. Di ko mamilok
kon imo kong hagiton og pakigdam-ag
sa isig-usa ta ka baybayon.

Unsa man ka? Sukol ka’g rengga?

Dec 11 2005

Rest Day, A Book, and Bananas

Sunday is my rest day. As much as possible, I just want to enjoy a day of leisure, read some books, and eat well. Although I was already awake by 9am, it was only at past noon when I sat down for a late breakfast, which consisted of yoghurt and left-over pizza. This breakfast stretched to more than one hour because I was engrossed on a book while eating.

Entitled «On Food and Cooking» by Harold McGee, this book is a culinary classic and a masterpiece that any food lover should own. It completely describes the source of our food, the organic and inorganic compounds that they are made of, and how cooking results in a chemical transformation that makes them palatable and delicious. Here is an interesting excerpt:

Bananas develop a meltingly smooth consistency, and a distinctive aroma due primarily to amyl acetate and other esters, and green, floral, and clove (eugenol) notes. Banana acidity also increases during ripening, and sometimes twofold, so the flavor becomes more full in several dimensions…

McGee may write well about bananas, but I eat them better:

Banana-Q, one of the best foods in the world. Devoured for merienda.

Dec 11 2005

I Finally Feel the Spirit of Christmas…

Nanakaw wallet at cellphone ko.

Dec 10 2005


Nourish these dreams of you..Hold you close in my arms..Feel your warmth..Near me..

Surrounding me..

Why are you in my dreams? They saw you with me. They asked me who you were. They didn’t know. How would they? I glanced away from their stares. Yet I was glad to have you near. I didn’t care.You stood in one corner of that place.. the noise of the crowd drowned the sound of my heartbeat. I walked away from you. Knew that this shouldn’t be. This was wrong.Yet still I saw you standing there.. watching me.. waiting. That sad look on your face made you look more lovely. How could I stop that pain drawn in your eyes?

It was there that I held you close.. feel your warm body next to mine. Yet I cannot hold you that long. I had to go. Soon enough, I will have to wake up from this reverie.. and realize the fact that this is all but another dream.. of you and me..

Dec 10 2005

Pinoy Big Brother Winner “Nene Tamayo”!

Pinoy Big Brother just had a very successful Big Night at the Clark Expo in Pampanga. Everyone that I know wanted either Jayson or Nene to win the PhP 6 million prize money as the first PBB winner. Well, Nene won and Jason was the first runner up. Although I was rooting for Jayson since the beginning, Nene won the hearts and minds of the Filipino people and I acknowledge that she was a deserving winner. Her strength of character showed through in every episode of the series. She never resorted to back-biting and always did the tasks assigned by Big Brother with grace, poise, and a never-gonna-quit attitude. The girl was loved by my mother and most mothers I know. They must have seen in her the ideal daughter. My congratulations, Nene!

But in contrast to the excitement of PBB’s Big Night, my day was kind of boring. I had a monstrous migraine last night which caused me to be groggy the whole day today. Yet I still had to go to school even on a Saturday because of the Pre-Midterm exam I had to give my second year Organic Chemistry students.

As you can see from the picture above, they took their exams in the faculty room because I wanted to work on my afternoon lecture while looking after them. Unable to concentrate because I was too hungry, I just enjoyed watching my friends play Tumblebugs — the latest craze in the Chemistry Department. I had to wait for the pizza to be delivered by 11:30am.

The pizza was delivered at almost noon. Good thing that I was too famished to complain! Anyway, here is proof of my hearty appetite:

My lunch!

Dec 09 2005

EGO TRIP 1: So You Think You Can Dance

Watching an American contestant dancing to Tagalog rap music on a major American TV show was a pleasant surprise. At first I thought I must be wrong but, hey, it really was Tagalog! And I didn’t even know the song. And the contestant — Jonnis — was dancing for survival, fighting not to be voted out of the American Idol of dance — the reality TV show called «So You Think You Can Dance» currently being aired on ABC 5.And if they’re looking for the best dancer in America, can the Pinoys be far behind? Of course not. Two of the finalists, Ryan and Melody, are Fil-Ams. What’s good is that they’re both native-looking, heheh. Obviously offsprings of pure Pinoy immigrants to the land of milk and honey.Ryan received the most accolades from the judges and the audience last night. A breakdancer, he wowed them all with a spirited performance of a dance he was not familiar with — the mambo. Everyone was amused to see his usually punk look — spiked hair and all — transformed into a slick ballroom dancer. And what a performance!And it was good to note that these two kids pretty much retained their Pinoyness. They’re streetwise, sure, but nice kids still.The Winning Mambo

Ryan da Breakdancer and with fellow Fil-Am finalist, Melody

Dec 09 2005

last song syndrome

location: dlpc ponciano office
current mood: 🙂

kasalukuyan akong naghahanap ng meter numbers ng mga hinayupak na respondents namin for next weeks survey. masyadong tahimik ang opisina. walang speaker ang computer ko kaya useless pang magplay ng windows media player. inaaliw ko na lamang ang sarili ko sa pagkanta. at dahil sabado, iilan lamang kaming naiwan sa office. malakas ang boses ko, sinlakas ng loob kong kumanta with feelings. paulit-ulit kong kinakanta ang chorus ng «TULOY» ng Stonefree. hindi ko ito napapansin, ngunit sa kasamaang palad ay napansin pala ito ng mga kasama ko…»Hehehe», ang aking tanging naisagot sa kanilang pagpuna. and the chorus goes like this:

tuloy, tuloy ang ikot ng mundo

hindi ito hihinto para lang sa iyo

at kung ikaw ay maiwan

ako’y babalik, ako’y babalik

at di ka pababayaan…

Dec 09 2005

Ang alamat ng sumpa

Dalawang dekada akong tulog.Nagsimula ang lahat na ito noong unang panahon. Noong panahong ang mga alamat ay hindi alamat. Noong panahong ang gising ay gising at ang tulog ay tulog. Noong panahong ang mga pangitain ay pangkaraniwan lamang sa bawat matinong isip.Subalit limot na ng karamihan ang panahong iyon. Ni walang naiwang komprehensibong tala sa kasaysayan na iyon. Dahil dumating ang krus at espada. Ang lahat ay sapilitang pinaluhod sa krus. Ang ayaw lumuhod kamatayan ang hatol. Lalong naging mabisa ang sumpa nang dumating ang krag na una nang naghasik ng lagim sa mga tunay na tagapagmana ng tinagurian nila noong «New World». Nang lumaon nga’y may espesyal na dagdag pa sa krag at iba pang de-pulburang gamit «pamayapa». Naimbento ang 45 na napatunayang mabisang pampatulog sa mga gising na hindi tinatablan ng sumpa.Ito ang maikling buod ng sumpa kung saan nagsimula ang lahat. Ang sumpa na sumira sa balanse at daloy ng ating panahon. Kung kaya naging tulog kahit ang gising. At iilan na lamang ang panakanakang bumabangon.Naging lalong mabisa ang sumpa sa paglipas ng panahon. Kung kaya iilan na lamang ang nakakaalam na noon, ang gising ay gising at ang tulog ay tulog. Marami ngayon ang tulog. Kaya nakapanlalamang ang mga nagtutulug-tulugan. Silang mga nakipagsabwatan sa tagapangalaga sa mga lihim ng sumpa.Dahil sa sitwasyong ito, tayo ay iniluwal sa mundo ng mga tulog. Kaya walang ibang itinuro sa atin kundi ang pumikit. Kaya iyon din ang aking natutunan. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit dalawang dekada akong tulog. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit karamihan sa atin ngayon ay tulog pa rin.Isang mahabang kwento kung paano nawalan ng bisa ang sumpa sa akin. Kung paano ko nalaman ang kaibhan ng tulog sa gising. Kung paano ko napagtantong marami sa atin ang nahihimbing hanggang ngayon sa ilalim ng sumpa.Nagising ako sa gitna ng bangungot. Malagim na bangungot. Bangungot na nagtutulak sa karamihan sa henerasyong ito na mangibang-bayan. Bangungot na pumaparalisa sa kilos ng ibang namulat na ang mata subalit natatakot pa rin sa sumpa kaya ayaw bumangon.Subalit may ibang gising na gising na at tiniklop na ang kanilang mga higaan. Silang mga namulat sa kahungkagan at kabulaanan ng sumpa. Silang mga nakaaalam na ang sumpa ay walang bisa sa mga taong tunay na gising. Silang mga walang mukha at pangalan na nanggigising sa mga tulog. Silang mga umalohokan na nagdadala ng mensahe ng katubusan mula sa sumpa. Silang mga nakauunawa na tanging mga gising ang nakakakita ng mga pangitain. Silang may apoy sa dibdib. Silang gumagalaw sa ilalim ng lupa kasama ang nakakubling dragon. Silang gumagapang sa ibabaw ng lupa at nakikipagpatintero sa mga buwitre. Ngayong ako ay gising na, maglalakbay ako sa panahon. Dahil katulad ng ibang gising at kumikilos, nais kong maibalik ang balanse at daloy ng panahon sa nararapat nitong pag-inog. Iyong panahong ang gising ay gising at ang tulog ay pisikal na pagpikit ng mata lamang. Iyong panahong ang mga pangitain ay hindi ang pambubulahaw ng mga bulaang propeta at sugo.

Sa panahon natin ngayon, hindi sapat na mamulat dapat bumangon. Hindi sapat na bumangon dapat kumilos. Hindi sapat na kumilos dapat magmulat. Hindi sapat na kumilos at magmulat. Dapat kumilos at magmulat nang puspusan.

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