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Jan 28 2005

Now What?

Now that all the glitter and glamour (?) of the Cebuano Film Festival is gone, the Cebuano independent filmmakers will now have to face the question: Now what? I hear that another film festival is brewing for June, Cebuano International Film Festival as they call it. However, I question the timing of an «international film festival» when the audience isn’t even ready for independent cinema. And better yet, a film school notoriously known for trying to bring Hollywood (kuno) filmmaking to Cebu is the force behind this festival. We should re-educate and redefine the consciousness of the audience. Remold the Hollywood thinking into a mind that will love its own culture, its own dialect, its own film. We must also put our minds together and form a network wherein our films will be given exposure outside of our provinces. We must go above and beyond egos and personal ambitions and act on what is needed for the betterment of the community. Will I be able to fulfill the expectations handed down to me by the great directors I met during the film congress? I do not know but I will sure try.

Jan 10 2005

Amazing flash animation by an 11 year old kid

wow, this is amazing indeed…hmm, gives me an idea. my 9 year old kid is also fond of drawing so why not teach him the basics of flash animation…this is cool.


Jan 02 2005

My First Nude

Today I had my first nude photoshoot, care of some people from iStorya.net. It was actually a lot more challenging than I thought, having to tweak my camera for the right exposure and the right shutter speed with very limited time, really led me to know my camera’s function even more. The model, who uses the name Candy ( which is also my first wife’s name), was patient enough to accomodate five photographers’ whims. Composing a nude shot was more difficult than it seems, there’s the nervousness and being really careful in touching the model, plus being able to get the shadows fall at the right places. And of course, there’s four other photographers haggling for the best position.

I will post some of the shots on the my photoblog soon.

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