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Mar 28 2005


i would love to think that i’ve prepared more than enough for my exam. but when i’ve run through the questions, i realized that i’ve missed a thing or two. i’ve learned from previous students of biochem that the prof gives questions out of nowhere. i spent sleepless nights reading and studying, preparing for the unexpected but i was surprised. indeed, some of the questions just came from nowhere! i don’t know what’s on my prof’s mind when he gave such questions. is he trying to tell us that he’s much better than us? does he need to prove he’s capabilites? or maybe, i have not really prepared much? maybe i need to double or triple my efforts to do better in this subject. biochem does not amaze me! even before my undergrad days. coz i hate to memorize!i wanted to shout the moment i got out of the room. until now, just thinking of the questions, bothers me. i want to cry, but i just can’t. maybe, it’s not really worth it. i’ve planned to study for my wed exam but i’ve got no energy. it was drained during my biochem exam. i hate it… i don’t know if i hate myself more or my prof. is it right to put the blame on my prof? am i not looking for an scapegoat for my negligence? have i really studied much? oh no! i hate to think about it. i don’t know…i just don’t feel fine right now.i must stop thinking about it. i might ruin my other two exams if i can’t let it go. i know this is for my own good. i just leave everything to GOD, for He truly knows what’s best for me.allow me to post the serenity prayer here.God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot changeCourage to change the things i can and

Wisdom to know the difference.

Mar 25 2005

i spent my holy thursday with my cousins and sis. …

i spent my holy thursday with my cousins and sis. i thought we will just stay at my cousins house in cavite. but to my surprise, we went to tagaytay highlands. yes, tagaytay highlands! the place was great! i never thought that such beautiful place exists in the Philippines. nafrustrate lang ko… kay wa ko kasakay sa cable cars (one of my dreams) coz the line was so long. huhuhu… but fr. ray was so kind. he told us that we’ll go back there and stay overnight so i can fulfill my dream. touched ako sa pari. i’ll post pix of my tagaytay trip once aimee has sent it to me…by the way, fr. ray is one of the priests who will be performing in araneta coliseum for their concert entitled, «six priests in the city». i’ve watched his concert at the ccp. i just don’t know if they’ll be having the same repertoire. please do watch fr. ray’s concert… proceeds of the concert will be used in… actually i have no idea. but the proceeds of their concert at ccp was used in helping build the parish church of one of the six priests. if my memory serves me right, madam imelda even handed an envelope to the priest. i forgot fr’s name. so sorry…:(i am looking forward to my trips with nang moñette, my cousin. we’ve talked about it yesterday. allow me to mention it here:2005april — Baguio and if possible go straight to sagada 🙂 after finals. yehey!!!october — siquijor ( a big chance coz i’ll be doing lab work for my thesis next school year!)we plan to go to taal this year but has not been scheduled…palawan, vigan, davao, corregidor, siargao, guimaras and camiguin were also mentioned. how i wish i could visit these places…and before i go home to dumaguete for summer vacation, i have three places as side trips…. of course tacloban coz i have to prepare my papers for the extension of my scholarship. next is cebu, i’ll meet joey and make up for the lost time. i really miss this guy. i hope that he’ll not change his mind on this. kay kung mahinabo, kusion nako iyang ilong! and lastly bohol! mae and her mom are so kind to invite me to their place… gosh, super excited na ako! sad thing, wa akong camera…2007hongkong, singapore, thailand — with nang moñette, nang rose(her sister) and manang vix(my sis). i have to save for this trip. i’m sure i’m allowed to leave the country for a vacation kahit d pa ako bayad sa DOST! pag di ako payagan, when pa ako makapunta ng hongkong?

these are just some of the places i want to go. but i think i’ll have to start with my country first. we have a number of beautiful places and i plan to visit at least half of the one’s mentioned before 2007. oh no, i only have more than a year to do it.

Mar 23 2005

holy week in quezon province

this day (holy thursday) and tomorrow (good friday) will be holiday that means i can sleep all i want and finish «the bear and the dragon» by tom clancy. but i think 4 days of nothing to do will be pretty boring and manila city maybe boring this holy week [lots of people will be going home to their provinces]. also lots and lots of commercial establishments will be closed, so no movies and mall-ing till friday.

to make out of it, i will be with some friends [ome our host and his gf, susan and maybe countless others i don’t know] this holy week in quezon province. i wonder if the culture of the people in this place is the same as what i’m accustomed to.

well they promise me to experience some native booze they have their and to go swimming i think in a creek. and also make a side trip they call it mauban to go swimming in a beach.

maybe this will be a different experience for me here, but i do really prefer to go to nasugbu or matabungkay in batangas. nah… maybe next year perhaps.


Mar 23 2005

before i had my haircut. im trying to post my…

before i had my haircut.im trying to post my pix here. thanks to lanee!i’m not in the mood for studying right now. and i guess this is a better way to use my time wisely. learn html. that’s hyper text mark up language. hehehe… wa lay mahimo.

and this is how i look now. hehe…

Mar 18 2005

nothing serious

friday(march 18,2005)i have not started reviewing for my nat prod exam coz it was postponed and as usual im putting it on hold. the drive for studying has decelerated. im just too tired to start anything… maybe because i’ve exhausted all my energy on our research proposal on boichem class. i’ve scheduled myself for a review yesterday but my head was not cooperating. was it my head or was it me? what a lame excuse? who cares anyway? the good thing was that i enjoyed my friday doing nothing and worrying about nothing.saturday(march 19,2005)went out with lanee to RDS Metroeast and we were able to buy stuff for ourselves and some presents for our special someone. hehehe… thanks a lot to RDS for their mall wide sale! and super thanks to HenLin for their mouth watering siomai! hahaha!!!sunday(march 20, 2005)i waited for the fight of pacquiao and morales on RPN 9 even though i knew Pacquiao lost. I didn’t finish watching the fight because i couldn’t bear seeing pacquiao hurt. i know his a good fighter but he just cant get through morales. but he did fight till the end.went to dagohoy to look for a room for my co-teacher who is reviewing for the bar exam. it was my first time to be in that area. good thing lanee accompanied me. coz if it were just me, i don’t think i’ll be able to look for one. i’ve heard stories about residents in that area. i just want to be safe, that’s all. hehehe.. d jud, talawan jud ko. hahaha! good thing we were able to find a room for my friend. the place only accepts bar reviewees and i just hope that he’ll take it…

i have not really started studying… i keep on attending other things instead of doing more important ones. i just dont know where to start and how to start it. naglagot na ko sa akong kaugalingon! grrrrr!!!!!!!!! i hope that i’ll be able to get the momentum that i’ve yearned for. i really need to pass all my subjects this sem, lest my scholarship will be put on hold and i won’t be able to finish my program. huhuhu…please help me pray that i’ll be able to start studying the soonest time so i won’t regret anything.

Mar 07 2005

i went to my sister’s house right after mass for i…

i went to my sister’s house right after mass for i don’t think i’ll have free sundays by then. my plan was to go out with my two nieces (who are in their teens) but my sister tag along. we watched «let the love begin» and as usual, i cried, though i promised bok that i’ll not cry when im gonna watch this movie. Bok and I wanted to watch it last friday but unfortunately we didn’t make it to the last show. we were not in the mood to watch another movie except this one, so we heed back to the dorm. Back to the movie. Well, it was not bad. I had fun watching the movie, despite the fact na napaiyak ako. hehehe.. kahit naman ano ata iniiyakan ko. kapayason man gud ko… after the movie, we ate pizza then stroll — stroll lang sa mall.

back to reality… was searching about doxorubicin on the net. turned my winamp on and the first song it played, «sa ‘yo lamang». search for the lyrics agad coz i wanted to sing along. but i come across a song entitled «A Friend» by Keno. I turned off my speaker so i can sing this song, acapella. and guess what, i had it recorded! hehehe.. I really love this song . We sang this during our acquaintace party back in 1989… huhuhu… i miss my first year college classmates… we used to stay at the «free room» of the chem dept (in Silliman) and listen to «bagol» play with his sax or sing along with him or just do our lesson. i miss college… there were 21 of us during our first year, then 14 the following year. isn’t it sad?from 21 to 14, that’s 1/3 less of us…fun’s still there but with our load, it wasn’t as fun while we were on our first year. how we helped bagol, paix, oming, junabeth and some classmates with our lessons so we can still have them on our third year.. but sadly, they have to go. then 8 of us are left on our third year, 5 graduated after a year while the rest graduated the following year… of our batch, 7 out of 8 successfully passed the board exam… one failed but didn’t take the exam again.

i had a great time in college. because of the small population of chem in s.u., actually less than 100, we know each other and we had activities and parties! ipr, acquaintance, christmas, and kick-off! we even have a particular language which only chem pips know, d ba bongga! and we still continue to do it! hahaha!!! we can’t really get away with the chem spirit! iba to tsong! though, i miss the activities coz i haven’t attended the alumni gathering (which usually happens every august, in time for the foundation day!). poor me… i know i’ll get in touch with them soon. when i’m through with my MS….

oh gosh!!! need to finish something! 😉

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