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Sep 29 2005

School, So Far

The week is not over yet, but I’m feeling great. Praise the Lord. Classes went ok. I am not feeling stressed (yet). Homework is not really unbearable. I think I am feeling great because I have not yet lost a whole lot of sleep. I love my sleep…

Anyhow, I’m glad to be in classes where I know a lot of people: Biochemistry (with Andie and others who were in the same science freshmen classes with me) and Biology/Chemistry/Physics Capstone and Publishing Fiction. My last class is Post-Colonial Asian Literature, where I really don’t recognize anybody except Grace and *slaps forehead* I forgot his name. hmmm.

To tide myself until Just Like Heaven comes to DVD, I bought the soundtrack. It’s really good. 🙂

Hope your week is going great.

Sep 27 2005


im just so disappointed with my laboratory work, myself and with my adviser…all the while i thought ill get a lot of useful information from my adviser but i was mistaken. honestly speaking, i had second thoughts of having her as an adviser but since i have said my yes to her (re: thesis) i cannot back out. though i’ve talked with her re my proposal that i’ll focus on natural products since its where students of pisay are concentrating. but she told me that «baka ako mapolitika». since i don’t want to create trouble in the institute moreso with people im working with, i opted to have her as my adviser. well she’s nice and the rest, to be unveiled. 🙂 maybe its not my adviser but me. i’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again and still getting nothing… is my patience in danger here? my frustrations on my experiment is vent to other people. pardon me if it is so. but i have no one to turn to. grrr…. is it about time for me to say out loud «I HATE THESIS!» oh no i remembered osie yelling that one night and my answer was «wag muna osie’ kasisimula ko lang!» huhuhu… i want to cry but no tears will cooperate… m just so tired. tired of doing it over and over again and getting no valuable information as to how i’ll do it. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

m just down and depressed….

Sep 24 2005

Going Bananas

It’s not because it’s Anna Banana’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, skeeshie!); it’s because I read a couple of syllabi for fall quarter. Whoever told me to read syllabi ahead of time must hate me. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now…*screams inside* They have syllabi up on Blackboard already?!

*whimpers aloud* Ughhh! Lecture notes and readings are ready to be downloaded, printed and read already?!

*peeks at the biochemistry schedule* Exam 1 is two weeks away?! *faints*Eeek! Saying «I’m not ready for school» is such an understatement. I’m having butterflies doing gymnastics in my chest cavity, as if using my heart as their floor, beam, what-have-you. Eeek!

As usual, I had a quick panic attack:

me: Oh no! Why am I a senior already?! I don’t know anything. I deserve to be in freshman bio not in biochemistry…

me, as if I were another person talking to the one above: Yeah, you don’t know anything. Do you even remember how to write lab reports?

Wait, I’m still in a panic. My planner does not even say when fall quarter begins (September 26). My backpack has not even been washed. I have yet to get books. I haven’t received my parking decals in the mail (of course, it doesn’t help that the key to the mailbox is missing-in-action). I have a dental appointment sometime on Monday, and I don’t even know what time that’s gonna be. I have this feeling it’s going to be right after my senior capstone class. And I’m going to be late, or reschedule or not show up. Man, I’m beginning to dislike me…

Waaah! I think reading about those tired, stressed, over-worked medical interns (The Intern Blues) is making me more nervous. I can’t imagine starting internship. I’d be a wreck. I already am a wreck.

I had such plans this summer— you know, the kind that would make an organized person really happy (i.e. put my things, and therefore life, in order). And of course, I’m not even close. People think I’m this organized go-getter… well, inside, I’m a messy, lazy, disorganized … ugh, person!

Please Lord, let me get through the first week intact…

Sep 21 2005


[re-posted from Bisaya Bloggers] You are Bisdak…kung 1. You feel insulted when a non-Bisdak ridicules someone by saying «bisaya», but it’s okay for you if you or another Bisdak use it to another Bisdak, as in «ah, bisayaa pud oy!» 2. You feel proud when «Matud nila» is sung and you sing along with it bisan wala nimo ma memorize. 3. Hibaw-an nimo kung unsa ang «habal-habal’ bisan wala kapa kasakay ni! ani ug siyempre pa ang «sikad» 4. common usages kung ga-tinagalog: the use of «kuwan» as interjection ang superlative nga pirmi gamiton mao ang «masyado», i.e., maingay masyado, sobra masyado, bilisan mo masyado (read: paspasi lagi) adunay tendency nga pulihan lang ang «o» or «a» og «i», i.e., ang atop into atip, ang kan-on into kan-in, ang sud-an into sud-in ug ang utan into..(hehehehe) 5. you know what «itlog mo ‘noy orange» means 6. you know that the karaang «bayle» aron mamahimong modern gipulihan na og «disco» — discoral 7. aduna kay hibaw-an nga at least usa ka kanta ni Yoyoy Villame or Max Surban bisan sa tono lang 8. you can use varied terms of endearment for friends and relatives like bay, parts, paparts, migo, kabs (kababayan), parekoy, pareng, choy, higala, kid, gaw, gaweks, manoy, nong, inse, ditse,iyo, iya, palangga, pangga, gang, 9. you call someone «Inday» and/or «Dodong» as a term of affection and hate it when o! ther non-bisdak use the term as if its a title given for a househelp. 10. you know what «maning hang» is 11. you know vino kulafu and fighter wine…sometimes you even know its jingle! 12. instead of stork, you chose snowbear or you buy Timbura when you mean Corniks 13. your familiar with the brand Loalde in clothing 14. you crave for inun-unan, paklay, halang-halang, law-oy, kinilaw, ginamos, bulad, binignit (tabirak), sikwate paresan sa puto maya, 15. Esteban Escudero and Golyat are folk heroes 16. Handuman sa Usa ka Awit is closer to your heart than Maala ala Mo Kaya TV show 17. You know what HITACHI means (Himantayon, Tabian, Chismosa/o) 18. SUTUKIL is as common as TAPSI, in fact you know that SUTUKIL came first 19. Your common pulutan for Tuba drinking is «TARGET» — asin nga targeton lang nimo sa imong tudlo 20. You have at least once in your lifetime experienced «Ang Mysterio sa Paglawig sa Barko Padulong Manila», a phenomenon that when the Boat is approaching Manila, everybody around you suddenly becomes tagalog speaking nga adtong miaging adlaw lang pwerting bisaya pa ninyo! 21. You whisper bisaya to a fellow bisdak in the midst of a tagalog crowd…and he replies loudly to you in tagalog! 22. The first question you ask when you found out that someone is bisdak, «taga-diin man diay ka?» 23. You usually use the warning phrase Hala Ka! 24. You know the meaning and proper usages of the following (irreverent)words/phrases: pesteng yawa, usapa na, pastilan, latina__ , butalo, way kurat, hast ang, puslan man, kuwangol, tortogok, gagoy, libod-suroy, ligas-paka, way kuha, ka-ubo, kolera, sampila(koy), burik_t, barbaki, mangga ka sir?, duhai singko, tolo pesos, balang, palag?, wa ka kyapi?, ok pas olrayt, haybol, ang pahak!, jer-jer, way blema, tulibagbag, pagarpar, giro, pamalalat, kalandrakas, bulala, ambot sa langaw pilay idad sa ok-ok, bugnawg simod, buak! ang pula, bagdok, gi-atay, gi-ahak, tibak (tiguwang bakla), NPA (nawong puros agtang),or, ug wala pai ilong lubot gyud nga tan-awon, mamaklad, agua de pataranta, tira pasagad, basin diay pilay pad’s sa ungoy, banat kay awaaw, mat-an pas pinya, ngitngit pas alkitran, tak-om pas tuway, anak sa kagang bantol, pity of God(kalooy sa Dios), simbako layo ra to(I’ll go to church even if it’s far away)ug uban pa….

25. Sigurado ko nga naa pa kai ikadugang ani….

Sep 21 2005

patience is a virtue

thesis has been my life so to speak. after receiving the article from a friend’s friend, i am so excited to start synthesizing again for the nth time. honestly speaking, i’m always starting with my thesis, because im usually stucked at phase 3 of my synthesis. so with the new procedure in hand, i am so thrilled! while i was preparing my tlc (thin layer chromatography) plate, i didnt realize that the clamp holding the flask containing my reaction mixture was loosened that it dived right into the oil bath… i wanted to cry, but my tears won’t do me good… good thing though, i had not used up all the reactants. so i did the reaction again… after five hours of waiting, i had to do as instructed and got the desired product as mentioned in the literature. but it doesnt end there. i think i’ve suspended the product in too much acetone that when i filter it nothing was left on the filter paper…huhuhu… two in a row!!! ouch!!!!! just when im in a hurry to come up with my desired product so it could be analyzed in Ateneo for NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).Rose, the research associate of my adviser, told me that its cheaper if samples are to be analyzed by bulk. wahhhhhhh!!!!! if by tomorrow i find out that my product was really gone then i’ll have to start from scratch … how can i meet up with the scheduled nmr on tuesday? my patience has been tested with my thesis… i almost forgot that im a chemist. i have been with the academe for more than five years and have not really practiced my profession(as a chemist) since then. with all the hardships and trials im encountering every laboratory work, i realized that i am a scientist and every failed activity is not a waste at all, but a path that could guide me in achieving my goals. *****************************************

Gail, thanks! 🙂

Sep 19 2005

Ben’s world no more…

Why Funky Notes? In case you didn’t notice & as if I’ve loyal readers already…:) I changed my blog title to Funky Notes. Why? Because Ben’s World sounds so ordinary and egotistical. I’m still thinking about what to say in the About Me section. Now, going back to the new funky title. Well, I like the sound of it. Funky Notes could literally mean funky type of music. I love funky & rock type of music. It could also mean ‘written notes’ like what I’m doing now. I admit I’m not a good writer. I must say, I’m terrible in writing long and coherent essays but hey, at least I’m writing something. So that’s the Funky side of the title. Now, the Notes part could also mean ‘Lotus Notes’. To those who are into Information Technology, you may have heard about Lotus Notes. This groupware software has been my source of income since 1998. So far, it’s been generous to me. It brought me to places like the Asia Pacific region & UK. Just a fitting tribute to ‘something’ which brought me a little fame & little fortune…hahaha. fame & fortune my arse…

Sep 18 2005

Checked my msgs today and…

an old friend sent me a msg in myspace… waaaah!! it’s been a while since I haven’t heard from her.. that’s why I’m glad that she still remembers us… 🙂 long time no see huh? musta ka na? la lang, i

thought of writing to u guys, in case u tend to

forget moi *lol* hows business goin?

mine is doin well naman. iv been planning of

sending u pix of it. haaay, but its still not enough

to get a good salary! therefore, i think my parents

are able to visit gensan. not me. 🙁 buti pa si jeannie

noh? nakita mo na si izzy lately? shes big now

daming questions…i miss u guys talaga. its like, a

lot of things have changed since highschool and

college. its not the «easy» life anymore. u gotta

think of what to do in the future. napansin mo ba

na the older u get the faster time goes by? its

really scary. *lol*

im not using yahoo messenger anymore thats why

emails na lang. gaya gaya kay jeannie

hahaha…but its true, please write me through

email…or myspace…..kung may time ka. id be

happy to hear from u 🙂


Sep 18 2005

sa mabugnaw nga panahon

Ania na usab ako mga higala, di ba nga gibiyaan ta kamo niadtong nakakita ko ug usa ka kahibulongan nga singko? Ug ako kining gipamalangdungan ug ayo? Ug di ba sad nga misulay tawon ako sa pag-udlot niini gikan sa iyang gipikitan nga aspalto? Subo gayud kay wala ako mulampos sa akong tumong kay di ba napisikan man intawon ako ug hugaw nga tubig niadtong wala’y batasan nga jeep nga milabay sa akong tungod? Haaay, tungod entawon ato, napuling ako ug nagkalisod sa pag-tangtang sa buling nga mitapot sa akong mata niadtong tungura, ug wala na ako makahuna-huna sa pagkuha sa singko, nagdagan-dagan ko nga wa makahibalo sa akong padulngan, hangtud sa naka-abot ako sa among panimalay. Pagka-kahibulongan gayud. Busa karon ako, nagpahimutang na dinhi sa akong katre, ug tupad kanako ang usa ka maanindot ug matahom nga binuhat, perteng lami-a gayud niya ug pagkahamis sa iyang panit, pagkahumot sa iyang buhok, ug pagka humok sa iyang kamot, kun sa ato mamorj kaayo kini, hehehe, apan kay aduna pa akoy duha ka mga kauban sa lawak nga muabot karong taud-taud, pagasugdan ko na ang akong pagabuhaton, hehehe, kay mintras alas nueve palang sa kagabhion ug ang ulan mibundak na usab ug ang panahon bugnaw kaayo, dili ko ni palapson nga pagkakataon, hehehe, ani-a na, oyy…pagka-gilok kaayo imong kamot swithart…ayaw diha kay ako nang balahibo sa tiil…ayayayay!!! Palungon ko na kining kompyuter oy, sige naaaaahhhh…di ba ana si God nga ang mga babaye palanggaon ug ayo? Mao sad na akong buhaton kanimo swithart, hehehe, palanggaon…ug aaayyyyooo, aahhh…

P.S. Mga higala, i-«censored» ta lang ni nga dapita ha, kay kabalo na mo, di ko makaconcentrate sa akong buhaton diri. Pag-imagine nalang mo nga inyong nag-alagad nakighilawas kang Monica Bellucci, perteng paytira ah!!! Ato ni bay, itaas nato ang bandila sa taga-Cagayan! 🙂

Sep 17 2005

New Template by Blix

I sat down for like 5 hours trying to build my own template but gave up in the end. UI stuff is just not my stuff. But I found the exercise fun. I trully enjoyed it.
Now, I believe this is a nifty template. What do you think guys?

Sep 17 2005

ang kahibulongan nga singko

…sa akong pagdungo-dungo, nalabyan ko ang naglain-laing butang nga kahibulongan sama sa usa ka singko nga sensilyo nga mipikit sa aspalto. Ngano nga siya kahibulongan, kay kining singko ang magtabang kanako aron ako makahinggawas sa kakapoy sa akong mga katiilan, sa kadugay nako nga pagbaklay-baklay, akong mga tiil nanakit ug nanghawoy hangtod sa nagkurog-kurog akong tuhod sa pagbinaklaya. Balik ta sa pangutana kun nganong kahibulongan siya, kay kini «timing» nga mipakita sa panahon nga kailangan ko siya, di ba kahibulongan gayud? Hehehe, apan, sa ikaduhang paghuna-huna (*on second thougts lugar), dili ba kini sad kahibulongan kay mahimo kining makatabang sa ubang mga tawo nga nagkalisod, kay kini makapalit na ug usa ka putos nga sopas o nodels o pan para sa mga igsoon ta nga nagkutoy ang tiyan? Dili sa atong pasubrahan ang istorya, pero kung atong makita ang pagkaimportante sa bisan ani kagamay nga kwarta, nga kun sa saktong panultihon pa, dinhi nagagikan ang minilyones nga salapi, aning gamay nga denominasyon, kani usa ka butang nga makatabang sa atong mga igsoong nag-galisod sama sa mga tawo ang dili ko palang dugay nga nalabyan, niadtong septembre katorse. (Naghuna-huna ako, duha na diay ko ka-adlw nga nagbaklaya?! Hasgang hangola ko gyud entawon, aha man tawon ko naglaroy-laroy?! Pagkamaayong paliwatan, pangitaon na gyud ako sa among panimalay ani, perte ba gyud oy!) Ug sa kadtong mga igsoon ta nga nag-usik usik ug nagpaka wala’y bili niining gamayng sinsilyo, wala ba sila naghuna-huna gayud bisag dyutay nga pinaagi niini naa unta sila’y bisan isa katawo nga ilang mahabwa sa pita? Dili man sa ako kay gibasol ko sila, ako lamang gipamalangdon kining mga posibleng sitwasyon. Pero, tungod kay gutom na ako, la na ako nag-usik usik sa akong oras ug dali-dali ko dayon nga giudlot sa aspalto ang maong singko, tungod sa kagahi ako kining gigamitan sa akong pagkalimpyo nga kuko, singot na kaayo ko, aaaaggghhh, hapit na gyu-u-d ni m-m-ma-ku-kukuha-aahh, *SPLASH! Sos, pagka-walay batasan atong jeepah! Gipisikan man ako, tan-awa, napuling akong mata karon ug halang kaayo nga wala na ako’y makit-an…aahhh, pagka-pait! P**I GI-AT** BIL** SA Y**A DAKO KAAYO! F**K!

…ipadayon 🙂

Sep 16 2005


I just chatted with a friend.. and guess what, it’s his birthday today.. awwww.. I forgot 🙁

I’m so sorry love.



Sep 16 2005

First things first…

hay, finally, got to fix the dodgy template. but still, havent got the time to create my own template. just got a challenge from mentalnoise & is expecting me to join the bandwagon…that is to come up with my own, professionally, handcrafted blog template. ayayay. i’m really more of a webdeveloper. i’m so lousy with webdesign stuff.period. but just the same, i’ll come up with something.

Sep 14 2005

panglantaw ni bitoi

Maayong adlaw kanimo nga nagabasa niining dagitabnong-sulat. Ako nakahigayon gayud sa paghan-ay sa akong mga gipanghuna-huna ug malipayon ako nga nakadesisyon sa pag-usab aning akong blog. Ako kining panganlan nga «panglantaw» kay kini magsilbi nga usa ka koleksyon sa akong mga kaagi, sa ato pa pinaagi niining bloggah, matapok ko tanan nga sugilanon sa akong kaagi, sa akong namatngunan, ug sa uban pa nga akong nahuna-hunaan. (Pasensyahi na entawon ang akong bisaya kay ako natawo sa modernong panahon na ug wala ako masuhito sa mga lumad nga mga pulong busa kining akong mga pulong naay pagka-moderno sad gamay, ambot kun ngano).Ug sugdan ko ang akong sugalinon sa usa nako ka kaagi, ug dinhi ipa-ila-ila ko kaninyo ang usa nako ka kaugalingon nga gipanganlan ug «Bitoi», siya ako ug ako usab siya, (apan ayaw kamo ug ambak sa konklusyon kay siya hinimo lamang gikan sa kailaluman sa akong utok) ug silang duha usa ra. Pagkalilibog gayud.* * *Naglakaw ako usa ka kagabii sa kadalanan dinhi sa Fuente ug ako nakamatikod nga adunay daghan nga mga tawo ang nangatulog sa kilid-kilid nga dapit sa mga establisemento. Makahilak man nga pamalandungon, wala akoy dyutay nga katakos aron sila tabangan. Masulob-on ako nga namalandong, nangutana sa kaitas-an kun nganong kaning kadaghanan nga nagabikang-kang sa kilid sa dalan ug nagpahulay sa ilang gikapoy nga kalawasan, iyang gitugot. Anaa pa ba kini sila’y kaugma-on? Unsa may gibuhat sa atong gobyerno, nga sa tinu-oray nga pagkasulti, gihimo aron musilbi sa katawhan ug mu-amoma sa mga igsoon ta nga nagalisod. Apan subo man, wala akoy nakuha nga tubag, kay bisan man nga nagsakit hangtud sa nihawoy ang akong tangkogo ug hinangara sa kalangitan, wala may mga pulong nga ninggawas sa kangitngit nga puno sa maitum nga mga gabon. Ug maulay akong nakuha ang luwa-luwa sa kahitas-an, namatikdan ko dayon nga ako diay nagpa-ulan-ulan. Pagka-hanggaw ko gyud. Ug ako nagpasilong sa kinadu-olan nga atop ug nagpadayon sa akong pagbansay-bansay. Naghinay-hinay ako sa pagbaklay sa mga sidewalk…


PS: Kung kamo adunay komento, ako kanang mabulokon nga dawaton, kana mao usa ka pamaagi nga ako makamao sa inyong paglantaw. Hinaot ug ayaw kamo ug kaulaw sa pagbilin ug sulat, mga pagsaludo man o mga law-ay nga basura, okey lang, kay kana igo na nga makahatag ug kalipay sa inyong maalagaron nga higala. Daghang salamat.

Sep 13 2005

Need to update my blog template…

When I first set up this blog, I decided to just use one of Blogger’s ready-to-use templates. I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to put into it, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of time creating my own template. Besides, I like pretty things but don’t have a designer’s eye.

I like the new design of mentalnoise.

I also like 4trackmind’s treatment to his blog template. And these guys are not even full time webdevelopers/designers…whoa!

So what shall it be? I just have to sit down and make the change…I really must try and catch up, if only to say that I can.

Sep 13 2005

Most Important MEN in a Woman’s Life

a friend emailed this to me for quite sometime now, just wanna share… 😀

1. THE DOCTOR because he says, «Take your clothes off.»

2. THE DENTIST because he says, » Open wide.»

3. THE HAIRDRESSER because he says, » Do you want it teased or blown?»

4. THE INTERIOR DECORATOR because he says, «Once it’s in, you’ll love it.»

5. THE MILKMAN because he says, » Do you want in the front or the back?

6. THE STOCK BROKER because he says, «It .»

7. THE HUNTER because he goes deep in the bush, shoots twice, and always eats what he shoots. YEAH BABY!!

8. THE TELEPHONE GUY because he says, «Would you like it on the table or up against the wall?»

9. THE BANKER because he says, «If you take it out too soon, you’ll lose interest.»

Sep 13 2005

First Entry of A Freshie…

I’d never thought I’d be blogging but after almost 3 months of blog hopping… I said to myself, okay.. I’m going try, «wa ra man pud ma wa sa ako-a!». So anyway, before I signed up here to start blogging, I found out about Bisaya Bloggers, so I said to myself I’m joining this group to feel close to home and I became a member last September 8! HELLO MGA BISAYA BLOGGERS! MABUHAY MONG TANAN! 😛 this is my first entry.. YAY! I should warn you, I’m not good with htmls and stuff… BUT nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy your visit… hehehe!

Welcome to MY BLOG! Everyone, my name is Kathy but I’d like you to call me » KittieKatt «… 23 years old… my father is from Bohol and my mother is from Dadiangas (i prefer to use my hometown’s old name… coz I like it better! no offense.) — today it is known as «General Santos City.»

I grew up most of my life there. But just as I thought I’d rot out there.. 8 months ago, I got bored with the life that I had, went nuts and decided to pack my bags. Had a wonderful vacation in Panglao Island then headed to Cebu and somehow ended up here in Manila! Since then, I’ve been living with my mom’s sister, tita Fely. WOOYAHHH! shoots den people… I think that’s all for now…

Leave me some lovin’ huh? 😉

Sep 11 2005

saksak sinagol

Minsan hindi na kailangan ang mga salita upang ihayag ang iyong mga saloobin. Kahit sa galaw lamang ng mata o kaya sa kumpas ng kamay maari nang magpahayag.

Minsan napakaraming bagay ang nais mong sabihin at ibahagi sa iba. At sa kahulihulihan, wala kang nasasabing kahit isa. Bigo ang dakila mong pagtatangka.

Madalas abala ka sa pag-iisip kung paano maabot ang iyong mga pangarap. Madalas din na nauuwi ka sa pagtungayaw dahil sa bahaging ito ng mundo bangungot ang nasa dulo. Hindi ka matunawan at napapabuntung-hininga na lamang.

Madalas mong mapuna ang kawalang-buhay ng paulit-ulit mong pagparoo’t parito sa trabaho. Paulit-ulit ang pagsakay-baba, pag-akyat-panaog, pagkain, pag-inom, paggising, pagtulog. Paulit-ulit na tila tema ng mga telenobela, pantasya nobela, tsinobela, Koreanobela o ano pang mga serye ng palabas sa telebisyon na pare-pareho ang kwento o di kaya nama’y mga sinalaulang ideya mula sa kung saan-saang lupalop nang mundo at paulit-ulit na ipinagduduldulan sa iyo.

Minsan naiisip mong mas mabuting maupo sa ilalim ng puno kaysa maglagari sa mausok at maalikabok na lansangang madalas mong isinasaksak sa iyong baga. Madalas mong naiisip ang probinsya. Ngunit mauuwi ka sa pagtitiis dahil tinatamad ka namang magbungkal ng lupa at magtanim ng kamote.

Ilan lamang ang mga ito sa mga bagay na umiinog at nagsasalpukan sa iyong isip. Na kapag nagsabaysabay, mas pipiliin mong maupo sa isang tabi. At hahayaan mong lamunin ng katahimikan ang lahat.

At sa gitna ng katahimikan, magtataka ka. Magtataka sa patak ng tubig na iyong naririnig. Paulit-ulit. Walang katapusan.

Sep 09 2005


n. slang 1. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person. 2. Tight fitting underwear [sny: asshole, asshead, assclown, asswad, asshot, assface, prick, faggot, whitey tighties]hmm, the next time you want to scorn someone like your boss, just use the word ‘asshat’. it sure sounds like ‘asset’ but of course you meant it as a disparagement…

check out «Asshat.The Official Site».

Sep 07 2005

Fucking Tourists…

LONDON, (AFP) — British tourists have left the residents of one charming Austrian village effing and blinding by constantly stealing the signs for their oddly-named village. While British visitors are finding it hilarious, the residents of Fucking are failing to see the funny side, The Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.Only one kind of criminal ever stalks the sleepy 32-house village near Salzburg on the German border — cheeky British tourists armed with a sense of humour and a screwdriver.But the local authorities are hitting back and with the signs now set in concrete, police chief Kommandant Schmidtberger is on the lookout.»We will not stand for the Fucking signs being removed,» the officer told the broadsheet.»It may be very amusing for you British, but Fucking is simply Fucking to us. What is this big Fucking joke? It is puerile.»Local guide Andreas Behmueller said it was only the British that had a fixation with Fucking.»The Germans all want to see the Mozart house in Salzburg,» he explained.»Every American seems to care only about ‘The Sound of Music’ (the 1965 film shot around Salzburg). The occasional Japanese wants to see Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau.»But for the British, it’s all about Fucking.»Guesthouse boss Augustina Lindlbauer described the village’s breathtaking lakes, forests and vistas.»Yet still there is this obsession with Fucking,» she said.»Just this morning I had to tell an English lady who stopped by that there were no Fucking postcards.»

Original story here (it’s Fucking censored).

Sep 06 2005

timeline tag

after a long absence from my blog, i guess this is the best that i can do…. 20 years ago…. I was 13 years old and first year in high school. Took the entrance exam while having fever and sore eyes. Results did not favor my side. My elementary classmates where in one section. This section was used as pilot section that focused on science and technology. While the section I was in(first section) was using the old curriculum. It was like nightmare for me. I had to prove to them that im as good as them. During the math quiz show, I happen to represent our section together with two other classmates. Five teams competed. The other four teams where from the pilot section. We placed 2nd with just a point away from the 1st place… not really a bad year though. I was in a new group and was also known as actively participating in almost all activities. kapal man gud ako fez… 15 years ago… I was 18, 2nd yr in college and in a relationship. Had two major subjects in chemistry (one was handled by my sister), calculus and physics. oh gosh! I cannot approach my sister during those times. Could not even ask for a snack from her. I really distanced myself from her to avoid talks. Alams na…. Most of my time was spent with my boyfriend. I never missed classes, but my mind was not really on the lessons but was wandering off the windows… asus… my boyfriend was my classmate in almost all subjects…I even had a fight with him over one exam. He actually asked me to pass my paper to him, but of course I did not give it to him. No way! Over my dead body! We had a fight over that and believe me, he was so sorry for what he did…My grades were not impressive during this year… worst part is, he broke up with me… his reason, he has to concentrate on his studies. Found out later, he was in a relationship. In short, he was unfaithful to me. 10 years ago… I was 23, a faculty at the department of chemistry, silliman university, dumaguete city. Single and very much available. It was during this year that engineering students would actually tease me with their engineering professors. But nothing was done… my students didn’t do anything at all… I even had an Indonesian student who had the nerve to tell me that he loves me… taas jud kaau ako hair… was already giving my share of the household expenses. Enjoying my life as a professional and enjoying single blessedness…. 5 years ago… I was 28 years old, single but in a relationship… had been in tacloban for 2 years. Was a practicing chemist at the PEPSICO in leyte plant. Had to resign as pepsi’s plant chemist and joined philippine science high school- eastern visayas campus, leyte to teach. Had to adjust to my new workplace, my co-teachers, staff and most especially my students. I was teaching chemistry 3 to fourth year students and Advanced chemistry to 15 students. Was having a hard time teaching. I was nervous during the first month and the students knew of my nervousness thus I was not able to deliver my lesson well. But as the days passed by, I was already having a hand of almost anything that I taught. I learned to enjoy my classes very much and had a wonderful time with my students… 3 years ago… I was 30, and still single. Decided to enroll at up diliman for my masteral studies hoping that my boyfriend will find some job and make use of his time fruitfully. I guess I was hoping against hope… Last year…. Finished all my master’s academic requirements. Was having a hard time deciding if i’ll pursue my master’s with thesis option or shift to non-thesis option. This year… Doing my thesis… having a bad feeling that I wont be able to finish my thesis this year… frustrated with the facilities and supplies and desperate to come up with a fruitful result but to no avail…will take up some units next semester so that I can pursue non thesis option but will also be doing laboratory work… I wish that GOD would help me with this… Next year… Will hopefully be back to teaching at pisay-leyte… as to my MS degree, if and when I decide to take the compre exam then that would be on November. If GOD will make miracles with my thesis then lucky me coz I need not have to worry with compre review. Que sera sera na lang akong beauty ani oi… 10 years from now… whatever is my marital status, my niece, Julia will already be my legally adopted daughter. I would probably be teaching in America or maybe have completed my PhD in Chemistry outside the Philippines. I would love to have children of my own. Be a wife, mother and friend to my husband and children… I hope that i would be able to help my nephews and nieces with their college education… and a lot more…..

who i wish would take these questions? bisag kinsa lang gud oi =)

Sep 05 2005

i’m back!

dugaya na diay nako wala naka-blog oi. hay, na-busy man gud ko sa akong bag-ong part time work. yes, naa ko part time work. documentor ko sa isa ka NGO. i go to different places in Mindanao mao na dugay ko nawala sa worlwideweb. naa ko diri sa davao for 1 week, igo lang pud maghimo ug report. i’ll be working again for maybe three weeks. i’m enjoying my work because i get to travel a lot and meet different kinds of people. it’s a different experience, and not to mention the good pay that i’m receiving (evil grin!) hehehe…

* * *

the kadayawan celebration was great! i really had fun eventhough i didn’t get to watch even one of the many lined-up concerts. i personally enjoyed riding the GIANT SCRAMBLE (Octopus) and the MERRY MIXED-UP at Magsaysay Park (hehehe..magpaka-jologs daw ba!). my kadayawan celebration would not be complete if i don’t get to try those rides. after the rides, kaon dayon ug durian sa kilid sa Magsaysay para kumpleto ang laag.

i want to post some pictures but i have a limited time, sayang…next time na lang pag ok na ang pc sa bahay…

Sep 01 2005

Got my UK Visa…

yep, it was a walk in the park. got my uk visa last aug. 30, 2005. now, i’ve a 6 months multiple entry uk visitors visa. which means, cambridge has to let me fly before the expiration date. i’m looking at october, this year, fall, tugnaw na.

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