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Dec 31 2006

Eulogy To A Sister

Though people die everyday, nonetheless, death is certainly a frustrating phenomenon to those who have been left behind. And the flowers, the tears shed, nor the prayers fervently rendered can’t make amends to the demise one has to put up with.Miserable. I’d be more than miserable thereafter, and vivid memories would haunt and bung up the grief-stricken me for all time.

And from then on, I will start hating the sight of flipflops, the way those looked on her feet would just make me squirm and make the cold weather without her more eerie. I will start hating the tint of blue, for it will only take me back to the time when the emails we have exchanged kicked around our favorite hues. I will start hating the deep Bisaya terms I especially have mustered for her, she chuckles every time she hears them. Along with that, the stupid childish lingo (xe for kasi, weho for pareho, duno for I don’t know, and many more) we use in SMS. Those things and many more, I will incessantly detest and hark back to. I will miss her. We will.

Having lived for 22 years, she’s probably one of the lovely people I have come across with. Bubbly and eccentric like me. Her name is Janica. To some, she is Jan. But for me and Ryan, she is simply our Ate Jae. A Cagayan-on (is that how you folks call yourselves?) with beauty and brains.

But no, she isn’t dead yet.

So what’s up with the post intro? Well, for reasons unknown, she wanted her name etched on the net and a local daily on the day she dies. When things go bonkers, she relentlessly bugs me to write something like this. I have no choice but to surrender to her whims, and move my head up and down.


I told her I certainly will when she already have those halos or horns (whatever she will have).

I have met her — no, I haven’t really met her (only Ryan since I can’t be there at CDO)— personally, that is. But we did bump into each other’s blog sometime last year and since then have exchanged mails and text messages. For the record, she is the #1 fan of the Ryan-Kendi love team . And to the very few who knew about Remember December, she’s the brains behind it all.

Indeed, it’s quite hard to acquire the knack for choosing the right adjective for her, hence this lil bizarre tribute can hopefully atone (at least) for what she did, and that the blogging community will know how lucky we are to have her as a friend, ate, textmate, email buddy, Dr. Love and many other roles she has played in our lives.

Well, I don’t wanna wait for her death. And I certainly won’t let her be a failed statistic (but I will still be there during her schizophrenic attacks as she did with mine).With these, the friendship we have will be more indelible than ink.

nota bene: Kudos Ate! More years of friendship! Love yah! And to the rest of the fund drive contributors, we owe you all. To Ryan’s Dad, for logistics and support, thank you po! Thank you from the deepest recesses of our hearts.

Dec 31 2006

Oink 2007.

Everything turned out to be great after all.  As I read my previous post, I couldn’t believe that I wrote that. Ehehe! My mom was able to read it yesterday. She had her eyes on the screen for a long time. When she asked me for water, her voice was trembling. As she faced me, tears dropped down her face. She was crying. Tss. That made me feel bad. I’m such a bad daughter. But really, everything’s okay now.

These pictures could tell how much fun I had. I spent my New Year’s Eve with my cousins. Honestly, I would say that it was one of the best. Thanks, guys! Plus there’s one more thing that made it way more special.  Ehehehehehehehe! What a nice way of ending 2006 and starting 2007. By the way, Broden, thanks for the comfort. Don’t worry too much po. The next big thing that’s going to happen is *drum roll* your birthday! Ehehe! Sorry, I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Ahaha!

The weather today is so nice. Gloomy. I wish the rest of the days would be like this. Ehehe! Anyway, the package from Oman just arrived this morning. There were Zara blouses for me. But I was more excited about my jerseys. Yey! SILK! More yey! Ahaha! Thanks, Pa! FYI: Daddy’s girl jud ku. Super. Pareho mi, macho. Ahaha! He used to teach me basketball, tennis, swimming, and boxing.

Dec 31 2006

new year.. new home..

first of all.. happy new year to all of you guys. mwah! :*

anyway. i`m here to tell you guys that i`m gonna transfer to my new home. i think i`m gonna ditch my xanga for a while. lolz. but don`t worry guys. i`ll still drop by in your account. and comment here and there. keep in touch. lolz. and yeah. you guys can comment on my blog too coz non blogger users can still comment. lolz. stay safe you all okay? so my new year`s update will be seen there in my blogspot.

so the linkie is here.


please do click on that coz i`ll miss you guys a lot. *sigh* well. not really a lot coz i know that i`ll still be dropping by your accounts. lolz. 😀

Dec 31 2006

A New Year’s Message

          This is one season where we take stock of our past, while we assess and plan our future.  I see each coming new year as an opportunity — an opportunity to recognize and admit our mistakes, take heed and learn from them, and strive to become the better person we aspire to be in the coming year.

          My wife and I would like to wish you a happy new year.  May the new year usher in peace, strength, wisdom, and prosperity for all of us!                                      

Dec 31 2006

Happy New Year!!! 🙂

bag-ong tuig, bag-ong kinabuhi…duyog sa atong mga pagbatiatong awiton ug atong laylayonsa tanang pasko magmalipayon…

weeeee happy new year kanatong tanan 🙂

Dec 31 2006

salamat. gracias. arigato. mahalo. thank you. 20…

salamat.gracias. arigato. mahalo.thank you.2006…for coming into my life. i never cared about you. i never really liked you and i almost hated you. it was tough living with you. you brought me pain, tears and confusion. but you also brought me love, happiness and the other ME. and for that thank you.now, i shall leave you and be with 2007. this time i will start everything with positivity and good vibes! everything will be okay..i just know it.

year end survey.

What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?

did tons of other things I have never done before

Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I cant remember having any resolutions. but i’ll try to make some now.

Did anyone close to you give birth?


Did anyone close to you die?

a friend died. liver disease. and my favorite teacher died too. he was the coolest teacher i ever had.

What countries did you visit?

this year..wala eh.

What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?


What date from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

February 7 2006. and sembreak [october-november]. I remember crying and feeling down for like eternity.Oh, and also that terrible day when the posts where changed and i suddenly had to take removal exams.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

uhmm..dean’s list..?

What was your biggest failure?

That damn singko..dangnabit! its that freaking teachers fault..hahah..

Did you suffer illness or injury?

illness. major flu for a week..exam week..

What was the best thing you bought?

converse sneaks!^^

Whose behavior merited celebration?

Mimyaw. for sticking up to me..

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?


Where did most of your money go?

God, I don’t want to know.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?

dad coming home. and that scrapbook project.

What song(s) will always remind you of 2006?


Compared to this time last year, are you:

i. happier or sadder? — sadder.
ii. thinner or fatter? — uhhthe same..40 kilos man!
iii. richer or poorer? — richer, i guess..i’ve getting freebies a lot..

What do you wish you’d done more?

Exercise. study.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Waste time on the net. sleep.
How many one-night stands?Wala.

What was your favorite TV program?

prison break :-p

Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?


What was the best book you read?

white oleander

What was your greatest musical discovery?

jack johnson

What did you want and get?

Happiness and fullfillment. A chance to be an artist.

What was your favorite film of this year?

I barely remember any movies I saw this year..uhmm..lake house?

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

eat. 19.

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?


How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2006?

The shouldersling-slippers-sumtyms-shoes look, hahaha. I wear what i want to wear in this country. Nobody knows me anyway, and nobody’s looking.

What kept you sane?


Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

Ann Curtis 😉 hahaha!

What political issue stirred you the most?

I was so out of it.

Who did you miss?


Who was the best new person you met?


Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006:

i wont give up.

What was the nicest thing someone told you about yourself:

This year, I had several strangers tell me that I’m pretty and nice..hahaha! 😉

The most touching experience you’ve had this year?

That is too special to share.

What did you like most about yourself this year?

uhmm..being happy at the saddest moments.

What did you hate most about yourself this year?

My internet addiction haha

Was 2006 a good year for you?

It was a big year, and a good year, although it didn’t always seem like it was.

What was your least favorite moment of the year?

The horrible day I learned i got a singko.

Where were you when 2006 began?

gen.santos city.

Who were you with?

sister [beside me] family

Do you have a new years resolution for 2007?

study more. stop being idle.

What was your favorite month of 2006?


Did you miss anybody in the past year?


Did you drink a lot of alchohol in 2006?


Do a lot of drugs in 2006?


You do anything you are ashamed of this year?

Let’s not enumerate.
How much money did you spend in 2006?I don’t want to know.

What was your proudest moment of 2006?

driving from iligan to cdo.

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2006?

Let’s not enumerate.Uni, art exhibit, be a better capoeirista, and maybe a band. 😉

What are your wishes for the new year?

friends would keep in touch more often *ahem ahem*

Dec 31 2006

Kagabi, pagkatapos ng huling Christmas party for 2…

Kagabi, pagkatapos ng huling Christmas party for 2006, rampa ang drama namin ng kaibigan kong bading. Well, meet nyo nga pala siya. Tatawagin natin siyang Annette. Kung bakit, akin na lang muna yon pero ang clue ay makikita sa name ni Annette Bennings. Huwag nyo nang subukan pang hulaan at hindi kayo magtatagumpay. Talagang tagumpay? Ganon?Mas matanda sa akin si Annette. Mga early 30s na siya. Mas experienced—both sa kabadingan at sa work. Di hamak na mas mapera kaya naman super sasarap ng mga boys niya. Believe me. Delicious talaga ang mga toys niya. Neways, balikan natin ang aking rampa with Annette na talaga namang swell talaga. Well, lagi naman talagang ganon ang rampa with Anette. Even before I met Athan. As in swelling with bagets.Siya naman kasi yong tipong bagets lang ang tinatalupan at nginangalang banana. Kung tutungtong ang age mo sa 20, snub na ang loka. Ass in. Ang alam ko pa nga ha, may naging boyfriend itong si Annette na 10 years old lang. Pero walang sexual encounters na namagitan sa kanila…at least, yon ang sabi sa akin ng lola. Naniniwala naman ako.Minsan nga, may I give-away pa ito ng mga bagets sa akin. Eh ako naman, hindi masyado mahilig sa bagets. Gusto ko yong same age bracket, sama mo na emotional at intellectual waveleght, kasi hindi lang naman talaga libog ang hanap ko. It’s always more than that. Sure.Promise. Please, wag nang mag-react ng kung ano-anong violent emote diyan, dahil yon naman talaga ang true no. Syempre, ang libog, pagkatapos ng more or less limang minuto, pawi na ang event. Eh, ang gusto ko naman ay sustainable na pleasure which can never be guaranteed by a one-night-stand event na yan.Si Annette din ang kumbaga pa nag-open sa akin ng opportunity na finally, mabiyak na rin ang malagkit na durian ng lola mo. Pero, nabiyak nga ba ito? No…swear. Pero, gaya ng nasabi ko, siya ang nagbigay ng paraan na magkaroon ako finally ng sexual encounter. One dawn, after ang isang alcohol-filled time together, nag-give away sa akin ang bruha. My first. Bongga naman at performance level ang bagets. Talagng Miss Saigon ang alam na musicale. Kaya ganon, the bagets kinantahan ako ng Sun ang Moon. Solo version.Last night, yon na nga, rampa kami sa isang bar. Kasama na namin ang isa sa kanyang mga naging dating nakaniig na anya ay montrously tempting ang tool. Kasama rin namin ang kanyang super cute na pamangkin. Medyo pa-cute ako sa pamangkin ni Annette pero alam ko namang walang patutunguhan ang aking drama. Inom. Kain. Kutingting dito. Butingting don. Labas sa bar para yosi at manlait sa nagpeperform na reggae band. Boy-watching. Girl-bitching. Walk back to the bar. Maya-maya, dumating ang kanyang pimp pagkatapos ng isang call at several text messages. Aminado naman ang Annette na bugaw nga nya ang batang yon. Swear, bata pa siya. Mga nasa 17 lang or even younger tapos pimp na. Aba! Naisip ko, ano kaya ang batang yon sa kanyang past life? Maya-maya pa uli, pagkatapos lumabas-pasok ng pimp sa bar, ay may dala na ito. Mukhang aparisyon ng virgin mary ang kasama ng bugaw sa kulay ng balat nito. No, hindi «everyday is foundation day» ang naharbat ng pimp—maputi lang talaga masyado ito. Ito pa…naka-jacket rin ito ng puti bukod sa shirt na puti rin. Bweset ako masyado! Never akong tumabi sa batang yon. I kept a comfortable distance kasi magmumukha tiyak akong breathing and talking charcoal beside him. Puta siya!Eventually, take home ni Annette ang aparisyon. Pero bago yan, sabi niya sa akin, pahahanapan nya raw ako sa bugaw. Humindi ako.»Faithful ako…» sabi ko sa kanya.»Hindi ko pa nakikita yong taong pwede kong kalimutan na may boyfriend pala ako,» dagdag ko.Syempre love ko masyado ang aking Athan——————————— c(@_@)a

Happy New year sa lahat!

Dec 31 2006

goodbye 2006

A few hours from now, I will bid goodbye to the best year of my life. Why? There were a lot of surprises and adventures that I will always remember for the rest of my life.

The best one? My 18th birthday.

Ever since I could remember and like most kids do, I dreamed of a grandiose debut. I want a party filled with balloons, flowers, candles, butterflies. I want a whole lot of guests where we would be dancing and singing and having fun. I want to have the best night of my life. I want it to be perfect.I didn’t have what I dreamed. Yes, there was no party, there were no dancing and singing, there were no candles, there was no grandiose party for the loquacious lady. My parents and my high school friends (save for one) weren’t even there. I thought I would just sulk in one corner and let the day pass. I was wrong.I got more than I’ve wished for. What I had was friendship and love. It was more than I’ve bargained for. It was the happiest day of my life. For everyone who gave me the best «party» of my life, thank you! To the «kekes» for cooperating, salamat kaayo!!!!!2006 was the best because of that night. I will forever remain grateful.


Dec 31 2006

kasal.kasali.kasalo. ..is a funny film. i’ve watc…

kasal.kasali.kasalo…is a funny film.i’ve watched it yesterday with my sister because we had nothing to do sa mall. man! was i glad i did. i really couldn’t stop laughing even on the emo scenes.

juday’s mom: lahat ng lalaki manloloko..

girl from the audience: korek!

hahah..magcomment ba..affected..^^oh! atom and jc s there! kulang nlng si patty breakfast barkada na..^^ yey


you freakin COMELEC.

i could not overemphasize how much i abhor, detest, loathe these people. hmmph..what kind of system do you have. making people/kids line up for forms, recieving other people’s filled up forms from yesterday but never ever calling em, giving first priority to the people who lined up for forms just today..ok din kayo noh..

1 to 10. i’m definitely giving you a one.

oh and other kids, someone actually invented bath and tawas for obvious reasons. please do make use of them.

Dec 30 2006

damsel in distress and in manila

jeez… i just arrived last night from cebu. and right now, i’m playing the role of the damsel in distress. i don’t know where to go, where to stay, what to do, how to start. can i just bang my head on the wall?

and i’m definitely missing my kid and my home…

Dec 30 2006

Crossed Off My Wishlist

Yep! I crossed off something off my DVD/CD/books wishlist. I bought a 3-disc deluxe edition of Il Mare (시월애) from through eBay. It’s in a really pretty box, similar to the case of the movie, when I first watched it. Yay!

I’m currently listening to the soundtrack. I reread my 2005 post about the movie, and I had mentioned about my attraction to the soundtrack. What a blessing then to have the OST included in my toy. 🙂 Yay.

I love violin pieces.

Dec 30 2006

I don’t want to come off a music snob (Best of 2006)

What I meant by a best of 2006 list has a lot to do with the best of what I ended up listening to over the year, not necessarily albums that were released in ’06. I must say, I’ve been trying to come up with this list since last week and I realized it’s a pretty tough list to make especially since I have been ridiculously hooked to a lot of artists over the year thanks very much to my lovely music fiend friends Khayriyyah Mod Hanafiah, Naly Phong, Nathaniel James Salisipan, Jeremy Lu and the Internet.

Afghan Whigs, The — Now I have to make reference to my dear friend J. Lu, who calls them, aptly, “White guys who sing like they’re black soul”. Whatever that’s supposed to means, it makes a lot of sense hearing it. But the stranger part about The Afghan Whigs is that they manage to be that and sound sorta 90’s. Yeah, sorta. A load of whatever to something that sounds pleasant.

Belle and Sebastian — These kids never fail me. They released a few EPs — which I can’t wait to get my hands on — before letting out their 2006 happity-dabbity album release, The Life Pursuit. I’m falling in love with the 60’s again thanks to them. Go folk revival/jangle!

Bob DylanModern Times is so apropos and Dylan shows pro form. Period. There are some things new artists have got to pick up from ol’ Bob. He’s getting raspier these days but — dude, Old School is Cool!

Broken Social Scenee — One of my mom’s Christmas gifts happen to be a copy of their album, Beehives and I guess she knows me well enough. I’ve been waiting for these guys since the 2005 album came out and I’m dying for some new material. No… hungry. Jesus, I can’t adequately put how much I love BSS since I found out about them.

Clap your hands and say yeah! — Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’re white noise. Or not. Or maybe. Beats me. But they sound so good, good and so fucking good, who cares?

Decemberists, ThePicaresque was quite a treat at 2005 but 2006 with The Crane Wife out tipped the balance letting The Decemberists achieve musical supercoolness. I love the actual reference to that old Japanese tale about the wife of a man plucking her own feathers so that she could weave silk clothes. You must know the story. Man gets too greedy so the crane wife is driven away, never to return. I hope the “never to return” part won’t happen with these guys.

Feist — What is it with Leslie Feist and all those Canada-only releases?! (Refers to the album Open Season) I need my copies, okay? Feist has the most Enchanting voice. Hint of folk and soul. You will fall in love with her and not just because you’re dyke.

Interpol — And since no one thought they could get any better, they took the initiative. Kye, you are indeed a good friend. I was listening to this album over the summer and it was so goddamn perfect at that time. Haha, figures I’m too hooked up with the epic Obstacle 1 & 2. And the fact that post punk bands actually have something to write about!

Jeff Buckley — He is definitely missed. I’m really a sucker for skinny, sweaty guys playing the guitar. Especially if these skinny, sweaty guys can really sing.

Knife, The — I kid you not, The Knife is so fucking awesome. It’s my current obssession and for starters you might want to listen to Heartbeats which is yet another creative way of singing about sex. We’re talking about an indie electro-pop and GOD-knows-what music. And by the way, did I mention that I am a music snob and that I didn’t just like them just because they were no. 1 at Pitchfork media but because I took the labor of actually listening through the whole goddamn album. Goes to show that Silent Shout is getting the attention it deserves.

Metric, The — You know I had to listen to The Metric after listening to BSS because not only does Emily Haines have rocking vocals in their BSS song Swimmers but as it turns out, their kind of music is almost exactly what I had in mind for effective songwriting. Although a lot of people might argue that structure is no fun but I’d like to say that structure is structure just so you can remember what you’re singing to easier. And what I can sing or would love to sing, I probably like.

Nelly Furtado — Surprised? I’m talking about her album Folklore of course, the second more modest release (definitely underestimated next to the first and the most recent third release). You’ll be surprised at how Nelly is capable of a sensinble kind of pop, although, I suppose this is a trait people overlook when you get to see how gorgeous she is on video while she’s grinding mindlessly. Point is, if she can manage to be some music schizo, then she may have a lot more racked up in her. Oh yeah, and kudos to her single, All good things come to an end, that showed up in her third album. Although I like the unreleased version more with Chris Martin whining in the background, just because, heh.

Sean Lennon — He looks so much like his dad! Come on people, is that all you ever see of Sean Lennon? The dude has worked up enough musical charisma to deserve his own platform without having to mention his parents The John and The Yoko. Friendly fire does have a touch of Lennon sensibility that we can also see in his father. This album is made up of what songwriting used to stand for before people got too cryptic or too simplistic. Good record.

Sufjan Stevens — I have a love-hate thing going on with this guy because when I check him out in YouTube he seems so gay. But Damn, I’m like hands down with Illinois. For me, it is definitely the best album of 2006, no questions asked.


By the way, Jewel is out with a new album. Goodbye, Alice and Wonderland revives what Jewel is best at — a lot of folk, a lot of melody and no more tacky-sounding RnB. This is the same Jewel I knew covering the Rolling Stone’s Wild Horses and can I just say…finally you she came in to her senses! Here’s to maturity. Goodbye, Alice and Wonderland welcomes Jewel back home.

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Dec 30 2006

Traditional Chinese Wedding

an aussie friend held his traditional chinese wedding this morning @ beihai park. he’s married to a lovely chinese lady. it’s the park where the mongolian hero-fighter genghis khan built the famous white pagoda that housed the buddha with a thousand hand. here are the ceremonies of the traditional chinese wedding in modern times. 

the waiting
before 10:00 a.m., guests were already waiting @ the east gate of beihai park. it’s snowing today in beijing but that doesn’t stop them from attending this unique wedding ceremonies from this country that boasts of 5000 years of civilization. 

the drummer boys
dressed in bright red costume, the drummer boys got themselves ready with their musical instruments. the mobile chamber where the bride is to be carried shines in red silk lavishly embroidered with a phoenix and dragon creatures, powerful emblems for a woman and man. 

the parade

the parade began with firing up confettis on air. of course, noise barrage here and there to send the devils away. the bride, whose face was fully covered in silk veil, was then assisted to her chamber and about ten men carried it all the way to the wedding reception. the groom followed her bride. two dancing lions led the parade. ocassional stops in every important spots were made while an announcer / master of ceremonies was blabbing this and that in the language unknown to the foreign guests. buddha knows whatever those words mean. we passed the bridge, the tunnel-like arch, the long corridor, and another gate.

outside the reception
when everyone gathered around @ the doorsteps of the reception, the bride came out from the chamber. she’s still covered in red silk veil. she was assisted down to the red carpet where the groom awaited for her arrival. 

some traditional ceremonies have to be done:  the groom threw two arrows in the air; then, the emcee gave him a scepter-like stick to use it in unveiling his bride; after that, more blah, blah, blah from the master of ceremonies. 

finally, picture taking with family members, relatives and friends in an Oscar-like fashion. (i’m talking about the red-carpet hospitality.)

at the reception 
ok, i’m not going to be verbose here. i’ll just bullet the things that transpired in a really traditional, posh chinese restaurant. 

* after short introductions and with little help from the hired translator, the emcee proceeded to read and give the wedding documents (that looked like a little red book) to the newly-wed couple. a representative from the marriage bureau (whatever they call it) handed it to them.

* candle lighting follwed* ganbei (wine toasting—exclusive for the bride & groom only)* the couple kowtowed to the East direction.

* the couple kowtowed three times to their parents (for bringing them into this world; for raising them up; and for supporting them)

* then, they kowtowed to each other for… i dunno why…* the groom serves tea to the bride’s parents. in return, the parents gave them a red envelope. of course, that’s money. * the bride serves to the groom’s parents* speech from the parents of both sides.* ring exchange* the kiss* speech of thanks from the couple* then, the couple changed their wedding clothes. they both wore silk, red qipao. * wine toasting to EVERY guest / picture taking in every table.   * sumptuous lunch was served—from the appetizer to desert.

Dec 29 2006

HAPPY TRIP 7: Raising Miss Smartypants

My six-year-old little princess got hold of a Dave Barry book. After two minutes she asked: “Daddy, what’s ‘venereal disease’?”Another five minutes passed and she went: “Daddy, what’s ‘loin of passion’?”Aaaargh!!! Drop that trash, kid!Whatever happened to Snow White and the Seven Fucking Dwarfs?***Watching Starstruck on TV the other night, she snapped disdainfully: “You call THAT a dance?”And that was said with matching kilay tu tawsan.***Watching Starstruck again the following night, I preempted her by hastily remarking: “You call THAT a song? Er… You call THAT singing?”“The second one is correct, Daddy” she deadpanned.***For Christmas, she wanted a Polly-Pocket-doll-on-a-limo more than anything else. When she got it on Christmas morning, she went up to us and said seriously: “I don’t know how to thank you…. really!”***

To be continued…

Dec 29 2006

Saddam Hanged!

It’s the end of Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein as he was executed by hanging. Al Hurra TV, an Iraq TV station backed by U.S. proclaimed the news a little before 6:00 a.m. (0300 GMT), Saturday. Read more.

I for one was shocked but not devastated. For a moment, I lingered on the thought of what a good life he could have had if he himself tried to live a good life. But he had a choice, and his choice was to commit atrocities to his people that the effects resonated in other parts of the world.

I am not in favor of Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq, primarily because the cause isn’t there yet. But then again, if there’s one good thing that the war blessed Iraqis, it would be Saddam’s capture. Only a stupid person cannot guess that the decision of the court to execute him didn’t include any pressure from the U.S. government. However, sad it is for me to say, Saddam deserves it somehow.

Here is the irony: the Iraqis are in jubilation after the person who led them for so many years was killed. To rejoice over someone’s death is, I believe, inhuman. But right at this moment, Iraqis and even myself don’t know which is inhuman anymore.

I just hope that Saddam will really rest in peace.

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Dec 29 2006

Happy Rizal Day!

The networks will definitely be congested beginning tomorrow. Besides, it would be more meaningful to greet people today. So to all my friends… Happy Rizal Day! May Rizal’s martyrdom remind us to love our country and be proud to be Filipinos!

Here are some of the lesser known quotations from Rizal’s writings:

«They could serve the country more if they were in the Philippines. To serve our country, there is nothing like staying in it. It is there that we have to educate the people, it is there that we have to work.» — Letter to Jose M. Basa, January 1889

«A nation wins respect not by covering up abuses, but by punishing them and condemning them.» — The Philippines a Century Hence, La Solidaridad, 15 December 1889

«People and government are correlated and complementary. A stupid government is an anomaly among a righteous people, just as a corrupt people cannot exist under just rulers and wise laws. Like people, like government, we will say, paraphrasing a popular adage.» — The Indolence of the Filipinos, La Solidaridad, 15 September 1890

Rizal in the news

Rizal joins ranks of Dickens, Austen
«JOSE Rizal’s ‘Noli Me Tangere’ has been published in a new English translation and released worldwide by Penguin Books, one of the major publishing houses of the English-speaking world, under the Penguin Classics imprint. The publication effectively canonizes the novel as one of the classics of world literature.» All I can say is… wow!
National hero a prisoner of myths
This article by Ambeth Ocampo talks about and debunks urban legends on Rizal, such as the one which says he was the father of Adolf Hitler, and another that he was Jack the Ripper! Talk about imaginations running wild!

Dec 29 2006

a film to fly for

“REALITY is brutal and it will kill you, make no mistake about it, but our tales, our creatures and our heroes have a chance to live longer than any of us.”

So says Guillermo del Toro, director-writer of Pan’s Labyrinth (»El Labirinto del Fauno»). I’ve just seen this, and del Toro’s ode to the mythic and magical has left me reeling to the brink of breathlessness. Ought to kick myself, I know, but my toes are tapping in sync with the critics’ chorus of alleluias.

Shuttling his narrative structure between a young girl’s vicarious world of fairy tales and the historical backdrop of fascism during the Spanish Civil War, del Toro takes the viewers through a romp that soars with the extravagance of his vision and the exuberance of his imagination.

With its fair share of enchantment and engagement, Pan’s Labyrinth is an invitation to that almost extinct zone of innocence where military malevolence and ideological dead-ends coexist with fairy-eating ogres and a giant toad. Thus del Toro, in one of his interviews, affirms: «There is something vaguely embryonic about all the magic environments because I believe that fairy tales are ultimately about two things: facing the dragon or climbing back to our world inside.”

This film recently got nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2007 Golden Globe awards (it is also Mexico’s entry in the forthcoming Oscar awards), and my vote is irrevocable. Sight unseen, del Toro’s competitors look like chewing gum to this minotaur of a motion picture.

Dec 29 2006

Adieu Christmas 2006 and An Antique Corner

Two more days, and we will be saying goodbye to Christmas and the year 2006. The gifts underneath the christmas tree have long been gone (actually since after the Christmas eve). And the Christmas Tree which once reigned with splendor with all its glittering lights will once more go back to obscurity.

This is my Auntie’s antique corner. It is beautiful isn’t it? There is a growing appreciation of handcarved wooden furnitures that looks like those our lolas used to have. Actually we have our own set of wooden sofa, a dining table, and 2 rocking chairs made purely of wood that were once owned by my grandmother. I used to hate them when I was a child because I find them hard to sit on. However now that I am older, I do appreciate them more for their worth (they are my lola’s furnitures), than their looks (because they are more functional than beautiful). But what make them more endearing is, they were made long before I was born, yet they have remained sturdy and still useful to us. Thank you Lola, for your gift!

Dec 28 2006

A face from the past

Are the mentally challenged aware of their condition? Do crazy people know if they are, well crazy? This has nothing to do with my post but I was just wondering.This morning as the cab I was in slowed down to a crawl in the corner leading to where my old high school is located, I saw a familiar face standing beneath the waiting shed. Surrounded by pedicabs, his eyes darted sideways, looking at all the vehicles as they slowly inched their way in front of him. His clothes were a bit tattered and his hair short as it was, appeared messy. He looked old and spent. The look you often see in the eyes of street urchins which ply busy intersections, sometimes begging for food or money. A look of weariness only the unforgiving city streets can give you. I also saw him last week, outside a supermarket near where I live. He had that same look. He was standing there, in the midst of the holiday cheer. The lights flashing behind him as people with shopping bags passed him by. He stood there like some ghost, invisible to the world. He looked confused and out of place.I remember Cito back when I was in high school. He lived just a few meters away from the school’s main gate. I don’t know what’s the politically correct term for someone with his mental condition. Mentally challenged? Mentally incapacitated? I know mentally retarded is sometimes frowned upon. Although he was one of those things, it was clear his family took care of him. He never looked dirty, in fact he was rather neat for someone in his condition. They had a sari-sari store in front of their home. This was where we would see him everyday after school. He’d sit there with his helmet on and armed with his wooden rifle. He’d march, a sentinel guarding whatever it was his mind led him to believe. He would stand at attention, offer a sincere salute whenever we passed by. On some days, he pretended we were the enemy and tried to shoot us with his rifle and we’d all play along. Some would run for cover, others would try and pretended to shoot back. He never got hit though. He liked it when we were the ones who acknowledged a hit. You could see the twinkle in his eyes every time he saw us approach his imaginary camp.All throughout my high school days, up until the first half of my senior year we’d see him and he’d see us and it would always be like that. That was the scene when us boys passed by. It was a bit different whenever girls came along. He’d be wearing the biggest grin when someone passed by, he’d be calling her ‘Gwapa! Gwapa!’ (beautiful). Even with his mental condition, Cito had a firm understanding of the female aesthetic.When we were in the later part of our senior year, we seldom saw him. There were times when we passed by and he was not in his usual spot. His post would be deserted and we’d wonder where Cito was. Some days he’d be sitting there and it was business as usual.I graduated in 1992 and never saw him again. I’ve been to my old high school a couple of times since then for homecomings but I never saw him. The main gate was transferred to the back, all traffic coming and going to the school was now on the other side. One year we decided to pass by the old road just to see if he was still around. We passed by their house and the sari-sari store but no sign of Cito.Then I spotted him last week and again this morning.

It was good to finally know that he’s still around. Although my heart sank at the site of him all soiled and dishevelled, roaming the streets alone. I wanted to tell him to go home but I don’t think he’ll l remember me.

Dec 28 2006

bummer. it bugs me how people can be soOo busy th…

bummer.it bugs me how people can be soOo busy these days. its not easy to hang out with friends anymore now that they have their own ‘grown-up» lives. we use to be able to see each other at a drop of a hat, but now you have to plan, plan, and plan. if you want everyone to come.

witch please be free starting tomorrow till monday, ayt..keep in touch..i wanna go out..!^^

Dec 28 2006

bye-bye WordPress

I found out recently that WordPress does not encourage bloggers to do any form of advertisements on their free hosted domains. They reasoned that why should bloggers gain from something that they have for free. WordPress had made it clear on their Terms of Service. To read about bloggers’ discussion on the […]

Dec 28 2006

New and Improved Portfolio!

Update 11 pm: The portfolio spans more than 10 years of my work, specifically from 1992, when I started designing professionally, up to the present. So you will find an inconsistency in design styles…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For the full icy refreshness, visit Normanbolditalic. Design and Culture. Fresh Whenever. 🙂

Dec 28 2006

Community Blogs In Tracy

Just learned today that our local community paper, Tracy Press, has on its website initiated a listing of community blogs in the City of Tracy. And this humble blog (including my spin-off blog, Hobbies and Pastimes) were included on the list, clearly because I include Tracy as my location in my Blogger’s profile.Clearly also, this move is a good first step. To acquaint ourselves with members of the local blogosphere. Apart from the staff bloggers of Tracy Press, two other bloggers listed are quite familiar with me, Tracy Today and Tracy Real Estate, both having been in my blogroll for quite a while.However, I do feel a tinge of guilt being listed as a member of the Tracy community blogs because I have not really blogged anything about Tracy, whether social or political in nature or otherwise.A big part of the problem has been because we are new residents of Tracy, having really not completely severed ties with our old neighborhood and city in San Mateo County. With the old residence already on escrow, hopefully the New Year will allow me and the wife to settle permanently at our digs in Tracy, and allow us to get to know our new environs a little better. A married daughter lives with her family also in Tracy.Let it be said that Tracy Press, which we find in our driveway most days of the week, has been a valuable tool in our introduction to the local scene.It is an earnest resolve then to start blogging about Tracy when the New Year rolls in.To everybody on the list, glad to know your acquaintance and may the coming year bring in more opportunities to learn more about each other.

More power!

Dec 28 2006



small is she.fragile.easily shattered like glass.she fidgets. scared to utter a word.scared of touch, of closeness.she, who was joy, is long far gone.she, how poor, how sad.she aches. she cries.then, she decided to die…death to her past,death to her scars, her wounds.rise…rise… rise… risen is she.alive is she.power is she.brilliance is she.greatness is she.love is she.she…

Dec 28 2006

Inside, outside and on the walls

Today, we did a walking tour of Manila’s San Nicolas and Intramuros areas. Since Manila Streetwalker Ivan ManDy was free that afternoon, he took me, Karlo and Maricris around Binondo and San Nicolas. But before that, how could we resist not eating in Chinatown? So lunch was first on the agenda.

My tokayo brought us to Benavides Street which is fast transforming itself into a restaurant row. Lunch was at the Hiongso Chicken Restaurant which we were told was value for our money. And my tokayo was indeed right because we had a big bowl of hot and sour soup (they say it’s good for three to four people, but this is the size they serve at Chinese restaurants for ten people!), honeyed pork spareribs, peppered beef tenderloin and Yangchow fried rice all for PHP430. That’s about PHP100 for each of us and we were so full!

After that, it was time for the walk around San Nicolas. As Ivan ManDy writes, «In San Nicolas we have what is probally Manila’s single largest concentration of period houses and mind you, not the ‘old-new’ (bagong-luma) wannabe architecture that characterizes much of Intramuros. This is as true as it can get.

«On a personal note, I can honestly say this district is special, not just for every true-blue, heritage-loving Manileño but personally for this walker who, as a child, spent his early years amidst these beautiful wooden houses, playing on the very streets while sucking in the atmosphere of commerce, dark esteros and the overpowering smell of onions.

«These days, the historic properties are still there. Though diminished substantially, they still provide a backdrop of what old Manila looked, felt and smelled like in the days of our ancestors. What revolutions, earthquakes and a world war didnt destroy, our 21st century cavalier attitude eventually will. It’s a conststant battle between the old and new, commerce and culture, development and destruction, why can’t we get these acts together?»

Yes, it was one of the few Manila districts which survived the Second World War. But we are fast losing it. In fact, Ivan said that twenty years ago, San Nicolas was even more grand and a lot was lost since then. Another avid traveler, Sidney Snoeck, rated his visit to San Nicolas a 10 out of 10. He says, «Even if they are in a far state of decay those 19th century old houses have still a lot of charm. I saw a lot of lovely windows, doorways and panels decorated with stars & flowers.»

«This district has probably the biggest collection of 19th-century houses that still exist in Manila,» Sidney writes. «It seems that those houses are just waiting to be demolished. Actually I saw quite a lot of new buildings being constructed. It is too bad that the owners of those marvellous houses don’t have the money to renovate them. My advice is to visit this neighbourhood as soon as possible and take a lot of pictures. I fear that in ten years time the whole neighbourhood might be just another concrete jungle. I feel bad because I know it will not be saved for future generations. Sad, very sad,» he adds.

If only our local officials could see the potential of the heritage architecture in this area when rehabilitated properly. Living in these grand and charming old houses were actually informal settlers. So much potential when only if Manila’s policy-makers were forward looking! The Manila districts outside the walls are still worth saving.

From there, we trooped to Intramuros to check out the books at Tradewinds. At 5 p.m., Ivan calls us to let us know he was free to join us at Intramuros. So we went to the Baluarte de San Diego area. Believe it or not, it was the first time I actually walked on the walls. To find out where that is, check out this Intramuros Virtual Map.

According to Jose Victor Z. Torres in his book Ciudad Murada: A Walk through Historic Intramuros, «There were seven gates in Intramuros (not including Fort Santiago): Postigo, Santa Lucia, Real, Parian, Isabel II, Santo Domingo, and Almacenes.»

«The city had 32 streets: Aduana, Almacenes, Anda, Arzobispo, Audiencia (now part of Gen. Luna), Basco, Beaterio, Cabildo, Claveria, Escuela, Hospital (now part of Cabildo), Legazpi, Maestranza (disappeared after this section of the walls was demolished), Magallanes, Muralla, Novales, Postigo, Real del Palacio (now Gen. Luna), Real, Recolletos, San Agustin, San Francisco, San Jose, San Juan de Dios, San Juan de Letran, Santa Clara, Santa Lucia, Santa Potenciana, Santo Tomas, Solana, Urdaneta, and Victoria.

«Intramuros had nine bastions: Baluarte de San Miguel, Medio Baluarte de San Francisco, Baluartacillo de San Francisco Javier, Baluarte Plano Luneta de Santa Isabel, Baluarte de San Diego, Baluarte de San Andres, Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao, Baluarte de San Gabriel and Baluarte de Santo Domingo as well as small fortifications like Revellin del Parian, Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan, Revellin de Recolletos and redoubts like Reducto de San Pedro and Reducto de San Francisco.

«Within the city there were seven churches: Manila Cathedral, San Agustin, Lourdes Church, San Ignacio, San Francisco, Santo Domingo and Recoletos…»

As Ambeth Ocampo writes, «The above shopping list ends with hospitals and schools. Just reading it makes one imagine Intramuros at its height, before the Americans destroyed it during the Battle for Manila in 1945.»

We actually went up through the Baluarte de San Andres since the guards wouldn’t let us in at San Diego since a wedding reception was on-going. From San Andres, we were rewarded with great views of Manila’s American colonial architecture from the Central Post Office, Manila City Hall, the former Legislative Building and Finance Buildings (now the National Museum), and the Department of Tourism. It was obvious what big idiots we have in the Manila City Hall since they allowed several buildings behind it to rise higher than the charming city hall building itself, ruining what would have been a grand and elegant vista.

Anyway, it was fun watching the sunset and we walked the walls back to San Diego, sneaked past the guards and exited through the entrance the guards didn’t want to let us through. Hehe! I’ll try to do that again some other time, this time walking the entire length of the fortifications of the walled-city!

Save Corregidor!

There was this e-mail message circulating about something happening in Corregidor. I didn’t want to react to it immediately since I knew the people who were involved and wanted to ask for their side first before I made any shout-outs. It turns out, the e-mail message was one-sided and the only thing that was true about it was the fact that the government is not giving any attention to Corregidor!

Leslie Murray af the Filipino American Memorial Endowment writes, «Amazing how UNESCO can save the terraces and the churches, and here we have vestiges of one of the most famous chapters in recent history on the doorstep that could bring in a whole niche market of visitors (WWII survivors’ and fatalities’ families, historians, etc.) to a site that really turned the tide of that war. And nobody, until now, has seemed to care.»

Indeed, we are wasting the potential of this island. In fact, I think the World War II Memorials of Bataan and Corregidor should be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The A-Dome in Hiroshima is in the list already.

Heritage watch

Finding the past in Alegria
A bridge breathes its last
Now this is totally stupid! The article says: «Alegria used to be the only town in Cebu that had two bridges figuratively spanning the colonial period. One was the remnant of the only Spanish-era arched stone bridge in Cebu, the other a 1913 bridge built probably built by the famous American colonial engineer Eusebius J. Halsema when he was public works chief in Cebu.

«Both are long gone now as they were torn down without much ceremony by a conservation-deficit contractor three months ago. Vice-Mayor Verna Magallon, chair of the local Tourism and Heritage Council, fired off protest letters as a result but these were for naught. When we met her for lunch last week, she told us that the Sangguaning Bayan invited the contractor twice in order to learn about its plans. But the contractor never showed up and the bridges are now nowhere to be found.» That contractor is one big idiot!

Thanks to Manila Streetwalker Ivan ManDy for photos of San Nicolas and to Karlo de Leon for taking our photos in Intramuros.

Dec 28 2006

Online Painting

RateMyDrawings is an online program that artist can do online sketch, painting and drawing, and save it in their database for other members to view and rate/comment. I’ve created one very quick one just to see how it might be. I used a mouse on this one so it’s very plain. I’ll see if how it goes if I use a pen tablet next time. Oh, and the best part of this thing is that they play the whole drawing/painting sequence from start to finish as you view it, though in fast forward mode of around 4x- 5x the actual speed. Here’s the one I’ve made being shown from scratch to the finished product. 🙂

Dec 28 2006

happy holidays!! better late than never! love yo…

better late than never! love you guys!!

Dec 28 2006

The Year 2007, Part II

Cebu enters 2007 with a bang with the hosting, finally, of the 12th Asean Summit, followed by the usual celebration of the feast of the Sto. Niño (with the Sinulog festivities as an important component). Barring any untoward incident, those events will be immediately followed by the start of the campaign period for the May midterm elections.

The result of the elections will determine the complexion of the island in the next three years. But it is possible Cebu will be getting more of the same considering that Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia are running for reelection with no strong political rivals still in sight. If they do win, then policies won’t change.

Chances are 2007 will be a Garcia year, that is if the other Garcias, like former governor Pabling and Capitol consultant Pablo John will make good their plan to run and then win. But that is only one interesting point in the province because there is still the move of the political opposition led by former senator John Osmeña to reckon with. (more…)

Dec 28 2006

The Year 2007, Part I

What to expect in 2007? It won’t be more of the same. While I consider this year as less tumultuous, next year’s political exercise will shake the foundations of this country. It will be the first elections after the “Garci tape” scandal and while President Arroyo is not running, the result will determine the future of her presidency.

The President will have to work hard to retain the administration’s overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives where impeachment complaints were filed against her for the past two years. She also needs to regain control of the Senate for insurance (the Senate hears the case if by chance the House gets to impeach her).

What does that mean? That Malacañang’s concentration will not be on the more important affairs of the state but on strategizing and “tacticizing” for the polls. That means oiling the administration party’s machinery (which includes local government officials) and shifting whatever resources are available to it for the election effort.

There will be a sense of urgency considering that opinion poll surveys for the senatorial elections show strong voters preference for the political opposition. Besides, Arroyo’s popularity rating has been floundering. Malacañang’s advantage is in machinery and in the government resource at its disposal, but those are two-edged swords. (more…)

Dec 28 2006

Brief take on the year 2006

Christmas being just a stone’s throw away from New Year must not just be mere coincidence. Celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Christ should precede the festivities for the birthing of the next year. Besides, it is good to end the year on an upbeat mode, or open the next door in some kind of high. The rituals do complement.

Thus what we have is the longest week of the year. After Christmas, you do not tarry long but start preparing for the New Year. I know of some people who are on leave from Christmas to New Year, the better to attend to the two rituals unhampered. But like many ordinary workers, I need my daily salary so a long vacation is out.

Anyway, in times like this, there’s the temptation to immediately look forward, but for now let me momentarily look back. You do not separate the past, present and future, these being interdependent and part of a process. The past shapes our present, which in turn shapes our future. I will just be skimming the surface, however, of 2006. (more…)

Dec 28 2006

magic touch

«no matter how much you go on trying at it, it won’t work. you don’t have a magic touch you know.»a simple case of a lighter not lighting sent me into another sober spell of contemplation. sitting there, my tongue tasting something that posed as a delicious dessert, something that perhaps may be the last thing we could ever share together, i found myself struck at how this entire conflagration can be broken down into some simple words describing something completely mundane, something completely unrelated.i guess i overestimated myself. i thought i could do it; iron out the crumpled surface, mend those little tears, straighten out those frayed edges. i was wrong. the crumpled surface was a mountain range i needed to flatten. the tears were wide chasms filled with emptiness. the edges were brambles and thorns that pierce my the soft flesh of my relatively unexperienced hands, of my heart.but that’s how things go. as if all is well, it offers no consolation, no pat on the back, no words of encouragement that things will be fine in the end. the bitter words of hope must come out from my own mouth, if i want it to… almost as bitter as that ice cream and warm brownie cup that posed as a dessert that night. to smoke those pieces of death that i have sworn a lot of times never to light again, was a relief. though i do not have the magic touch to cure my own troubles to be ready for you, much less your own troubles, much less the world’s, i still thank you.

because you made me wish i was different. because if i had that magic touch i could have had you.

Dec 28 2006

My Happy, Sandy Holiday

How was your Mishmash (or how the kids who could barely
pronounce Christmas would say it)?

Mine was unexpectedly spontaneously funtabulous! Wehehe.^^ Still groggy from partying til the wee hours of the morning (again) and hey, it was really nice seeing Bembem and the rest of Enchi again and congratulations to the ZZubu management for their successful bar opening, I headed to Bantayan Island.

I was a bit sad because it’s the first time that we will be spending Christmas without my brother. I miss you so much bro. Hope to see you soonest!

I spent my four-day (mini) vacation in my grandfather’s farm, grazing my cow. Yes, I do have a cow. Instead of spending on gadgets, I decided to buy a cow.I figured that since I want to have my own farm someday, I should start with a cow. His name is Inggo. My cousins have this habit of naming animals after their favorite tv shows. We used to have a cow named Goku. He became corned beef. Inggo is my first real investment. I want to retire to my small piece of land full of vegetables when I’m say, 30. ^^

Oh the joy of throwing a Christmas party for children! My mother’s godchildren claimed their pinaskuhan from their ninang and since we were not able to have our Christmas party the night before, we decided to do it right then together with some of the kids in the farm (ahem). She decided to do the «Bring Me Something» game. When she asked the kids to bring her leaves, the kids literally brought the garden inside our house! It was crazy! And they did it for the 20 peso price. Oh, the look on my mother’s face. I wonder if I can still bring her such joy. Maybe if I give her grandchildren….^^

The smell of freshly baked cakes all over the house! It just brought so many good memories. My mother loves to bake and she loves to share. Cake is a luxury when you live on the farm especially to farmers and their children. My mother baked non-stop the day before Christmas and on Christmas day and shared her cakes with everyone who would stop by my lolo’s house. My mother reminded me to be generous and how special I am to have a mother like her. I hope I’ll grow up to be half as good as her. She is Christmas to me.

Oh! and how on the eve of Christmas while we were on our way to the church, my aunt’s helper has this habit on pulling the plant’s leaves,branches, whatever is on her way and this time she pulled the dried palm or pakyang in Bisaya and it fell from the coconut and smack me in the head! She didn’t know I was trailing behind her. We were walking in the dark by the way ’cause there were no lamp posts in the farm. So I thought I saw falling stars then and made a million wishes. Yes, it was that painful.

And what do you do when your ferry would leave at 1:30pm and it’s still 11:30 and you are surrounded by beach resorts with their crystal clear water and white sand beaches? Take off your Chucks and dive into the water! It would also help if you are already wearing your board shorts and your bikini top. Have you ever gone to the beach in December? Sweet chill, cold water.

It felt great to be out into the sun and the sea again. I have a feeling my New Year would be very sandy too. ^^

Dec 28 2006

Bits and Pieces

These messages have been in my phone inbox for quite a long time. I just can’t delete them for sentimental reasons. I like to read them over and over again. Just so that I could make room for new messages coming in, I finally decided to share it over here instead and […]

Dec 27 2006

Fruit cakes and Gaiman

Three days after Christmas. I’m back at work. The left-overs have slowly but surely been dwindled down by now. Although we still have this slab of fruit cake sitting, stoic and unmoved since the 24th in our fridge. I’m saving it for emergencies. Like if war breaks out and when nuclear winter sets in all around and food gets so scarce people will be fighting over dirt to eat it. I’d hide in a cave or a hole and have my fruit cake with me and it’ll last for maybe 10 or 15 years depending on how dense it’s packed. I’d wait it out until Mel Gibson would come in and rescue me. We’d get in his awesome car and we’d ride all the way to Thunderdome. I really thought the year 2000 would look like all those Mad Max movies. It’s almost 2007 and we still don’t have crazy, mohawked bikers running around, killing people for gasoline. We were cheated!What was I talking about? Never mind. Back to the subject.Christmas was cool this year. Lots of food, lots of fun with the family and awesome gifts. I gots me a brand new web cam and a Darth Vader action figure. Technically it’s mine and Jacob’s. My cousin gave it to me so I can then pass it on to him when he’s ready to play with action figures. I’m holding it for safe keeping until then. But my favorite, hands down would have to be my copy of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Finally! I have been trying to read his material for quite some time now but never really had the chance to snag me a copy of some of his books (read: cheap bastard). So when my mom in law asked for our wish list, I included it and crossed my fingers. I was able to read the first chapter from a friend’s copy and it was enough to get me hooked.

Now I have to find time to catch up on some reading.

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