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Sep 30 2006

here i go again

«Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones,
as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire.»

—François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

of all guys in the world, why does it have to be always him?i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him……and he’s taking that for granted.

ayoko naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… but… but…

i’m convinced he’s worth this confusion-induced (and probably madness-driven) pain i’m feeling and this emotional rollercoaster ride i’m in. just a good thought about him is enough to warm up my heart and make it smile.yes, he still inspires me.i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him i love him…

go ahead, hammer some sense back into me… or tolerate me. 😀

Sep 30 2006

Hello Blog! It’s been a month since I sat down to…

Hello Blog!

It’s been a month since I sat down to write you. Been a crazy, busy September for me. Sorry, I took you for granted and didn’t even try to sneak a few lines!Went up the Masao River a few weeks ago to play airsoft, and boy, we had fun!

I made full use of my A2 and had good hits. But this picture will be your last view of the tubed barrel because I just had the look revised and this is how it is now:

I changed the front end to a fiber carbon quad rail, borrowed a foregrip and this is how it looks now. I’m doing away with the red dot sight too and will replace this with a pair of flip up sights. I will also replace the foregrip with a fodable one. I’ll publish the picture of the finished product soon.

Sep 30 2006

How to become a hacker?

Okay, a hacker is not a bad person according to some people. Crackers are the bad guys. Hackers are not. They simply want to explore and learn more about technology. If you’re into such thing and hone your skills in hacking, then you better read this tutorial about how to become a hacker. I wish you all the luck. I hope you won’t be spreading viruses when you become good at it. Thank you.

Sep 29 2006

this time i’ll be sweeter…..

I just wanna say Thank you to those poeple who helped me and shared their thoughts. It was really hard for me to face reality. We’ve already talked about what had happend and we fogive each other and I know that I also have my shortcomings.Funny to say but we’re back in each others arms again hahaha and that’s what makes me happy when I’m with someone whom I love most. Nothing can compare the happiness she gave to me. She makes my heart smile and she’s the only person, the only reason that makes my life go round and round.She texted me while writing this entry:

» and if you ever change your mind I still,

I will love you «

Hayyy Sarap mabuhay when someone loves you…. I love you baby…

To: Dennis,Alma, Jeff, Jer, Gregg, Paul, Banana, lani, fiel and to everybody who shared their thoughts A big Thank you.. I know my blog seems to be emotional but then I love sharing or asking help to anybody who doesn’t know me. Thanks for being there pals.. *hugs*

If I Believe

By: Patti Austin

If I believed in paradise I’d swear I must be there

I’d swear I must be there right now with you

If I believed in miracles I’d know that one was happening to me

But if I don’t believe in paradise

Then miracles aren’t real

Then someone tell me what is this I feel

I wanna believe it’s love this time

I wanna believe my heart’s not telling me a lie

But with you I can’t deny

if I believed in paradise

I’d swear I’m there

If I believed in magic spells

It all would be so clear

‘Cause magic spells must have brought you here

If I could see the future

I’d see if you and I were meant to be

But I dont know any magic

And tomorrow’s just a dream

But something in this fantasy is real

I wanna believe it’s love this time

I wanna believe my heart’s not telling me a lie

I wanna believe it’s love this time

I wanna believe my heart’s not telling me a lie

But with you I cant deny

If I believed in paradise I’d swear I’m there

I’m there

I’m there

If I believed.

Sep 29 2006

the storm and my little adventure

«It is only in adventure that some people succeed
in knowing themselves — in finding themselves.»

—André Gide

haha. i’m so proud of myself. i braved the storm! i braved the storm!i went out alone while milenyo (international name: xangsane) was raging and saw with my own two eyes how big, big branches cracked off and fell to the ground and how a lot of them effectively blocked the campus roads. i went out and experienced the fury of the winds that successfully uprooted many big, big trees which had no choice but to kiss the earth after losing their hold on the ground which had nourished them for so long.i had my umbrella with me the whole time that i was out (about two hours) but judging at how drenched i was by the time i got back to the comforts of my dorm, my five-fold umbrella was good as useless. the winds directed the rains and the leaves in all directions, so no matter how i positioned my umbrella, the waterdrops got to me… and blurred my vision. right there and then i toyed with the idea of having my eyeglasses fitted with miniature windshield wipers.i found it difficult to walk the short distance between the shopping center and my dorm… the winds were too strong and branches were falling all over. the perils of third-world living got represented by the sight of electrical cables too exposed to the falling branches! fortunately, none of them wires got cut while i was making my way to safety. la la la… lucky!while i was temporarily taking shelter under a waiting shed, a strong gust of wind came by and almost knocked me and the other fellas around me down. that made us share nervous laughter.

«welcome to survivor philippines!» i heard one guy say in a mocking manner. seconds after, the wind caught his umbrella and he had no choice but to battle for control. it was in vain — his umbrella ended up resembling a mangled satellite dish! call me bad, but that sight amused me. hell has no fury like a woman scorned? maybe hell has no fury like an underestimated storm.

too bad i did not have a high-end digital camera with me… even if i was clearly aware of the dangers, i was tempted to take pictures and document what i was seeing and experiencing. good thing i did not give in to that temptation — i did not have the means to.too many green leaves scattered on the ground. howling wind. heavy rain. cracking and falling branches (big, big branches). uprooted trees (small and big, big trees)… natural chaos. i thought i’d only get to read it in magazines and books and see it in mayhem movies. i never thought i’d experience it first-hand.i found it thrilling to be out there and really experiencing the storm. (a different kind of trip, i must say!) at one point, i was tempted to try playing in that rain (okay, storm!) and just be unmindful of what others will say… but, of course, i thought better and focused on returning to my dorm in one piece. i had no wish to be mistaken for a complete lunatic!don’t worry, i won’t do it again. i got scared, too, you know. once is enough.uh, maybe.

the calm after the storm…

p.s. we have been forced to go back to stone age living — electricity has not yet been restored to the campus. from the grapevine, we heard that the outage might last ’til sunday. uh oh. i don’t wanna go through another boring and very dark night.

Sep 29 2006

the adventures of screw up boy — day 2

saturday started peacefully. i should have known it was a bad omen, like the proverbial calm before the storm. the morning was spent chilling out, doing the usual morning rituals, packing up our luggage, and then gambling our change away with a card game they called «in between». seemed like everyone else in the group were experienced gamblers, and i stood out innocently like a sore thumb.manong boy, our driver, arrived to pick us up at around noon. after taking some souvenir pictures at the hotel, we hit the road. cruising on the highway, we had a nice view of mt. makiling, and i remembered boss joseph saying something about how nice it would be if we also did some trekking there, ignorant of the coming hell. that should have been omen number 2.i asked the guys what would be our next activity on the list. they said we’d do some trekking on taal. hmmm… trekking. suddenly my spider sense went on high alert. aside from a fear of flying, i also have a fear of heights AND deep water. plus, i don’t know how to swim. uh-oh, i thought, doesn’t that involve climbing AND riding a boat across taal lake?i took a good look at everybody. ok… guys’ hair all gelled up and spiky, girls wearing those stylish blouses and sandals, the air thick with their cologne. we looked like we were going to THE MALL. ok… maybe… it’s just a short leisurely walk then, i thought, maybe on a paved path to the peak of taal where we can admire a magnificent view of the crater and reflect upon the grandeur of nature. i was starting to delude myself. self delusion is one of my psychological defense mechanisms.after a pitstop for lunch along the highway, we continued the journey. the road was getting noticeably inclined now, as my ears started popping to adjust to the air pressure. then the big road sign: tagaytay.so this is tagaytay, i thought. i was expecting it to look like baguio. but from what i saw, it looked more like bukidnon. there were so many pineapples and pineapple plantations… well i think they were pineapples. and then there it was, that familiar image found in postcards and wow philippines ads, taal volcano.we hired the services of a boatman standing at the side of the road waiting for passengers. after some bargaining, manong boy got us a lower price for the boatman’s services, and we followed him down to the lake for the boat.what we saw when we arrived at the shore of taal lake did not calm my nerves. the water was rough, thanks to the strong wind. my spider sense was saying: «turn around and lock yourself up in the van. NOW.» but my pride was saying: «boy, are you a wimp, or ARE YOU A WIMP?» so with those thoughts, i considered my predicament. everybody was going. the girls didn’t seem to be scared. i’m doomed.so with some trepidation, i got into the boat, and we experienced a ride that beat all the attractions at enchanted kingdom. maybe i should’ve tried their water rides after all, so i can get some practice before going on this one. with huge waves and strong winds blasting our little boat, i held on to anything secure for dear life, worried of the headline that might come out on the papers the next day if i didn’t: «SUICIDAL TOURIST FROM CEBU DROWNS IN TAAL LAKE». the shame…after about 40 minutes of having our intestines pureed, we finally got back on terra firma. the taal island welcoming comittee was composed of a whole barangay of hustlers, demanding from us gullible tourists various fees here and there. there was the entrance fee (per head) and a ridiculous parking fee for the boat. they also tried scaring us into renting their horses, telling us how far and difficult the path would be to the top. that would have cost us an also ridiculous P500 per horse. we did not take them up on that offer. and of course, there was the fee for our guide, which at P500 made the whole thing look like extortion. are they kidding? P500 just for a walk up and down the mountain? anything to squeeze the money from our pockets. i hope you hustlers are reading this blog and feel ashamed of yourselves.aside from the hustlers, we were also welcomed by a strong smell of shit. horse shit to be exact, with all the horses on the island. the place was littered everywhere with it, that they can also call taal horse shit island. and with these two things will i always fondly remember taal with.after paying all the fees and getting a guide, we trudge up to the crater of the volcano. on the way we were met by tourists on horseback on the way down. they all had this constipated look plastered on their faces, which made me doubt if the trek was worth all the trouble.

turns out we didn’t really need the guide. as long as we followed the trail of horse shit, we were fine. the final stretch going up was tough though, as the incline was pretty steep and the path’s loose sandy soil did not give very good traction to our shoes. after about 45 minutes of trekking torture, we finally reach the crater.

let’s see… how do i describe taal volcano. it was nice, i guess. something you don’t see everyday. you can still see smoke rising from the sides of the crater, a sign that the volcano is still active.

i did not enjoy the view very much though, as the thought that kept going through my mind was: «oh f*ck, how do i get out of here alive?!». it did not help me remembering the fact that the british mountaineer george leigh mallory died on his expedition to mt. everest GOING DOWN.we looked at the time. it was 3:30. the last thing we wanted to do was to wobble our way down the path in total darkness, so after a final session of picture taking, we decided to go down. ok, i thought, now i’m screwed.and then, i see it, my only means of escape. a big horse was lazily flicking flies away with his tail. a ray of light hit the blessed creature, as if heaven was saying, «here is your path to salvation.» hallelujah! i’m saved! i was about to jump for joy at the sight when suddenly, it urinated. the horse shot its pee to the ground like a fire hose, that given a few more hours, it may have been possible for the horse to engulf the whole island in its own pee. i didn’t know which was worse, to have myself impaled down the side of the mountain or to drown in the horse’s pee.i asked the guide how much for the horse. he said P200. P200!? why you bloody cutthroats! stuck between paying for a ridiculously priced horse ride and getting back to the boat in one piece, i grudgingly chose the latter. so i hauled my butt on the saddle and went ahead of the group.what can i say about riding a horse… well… it was a literal pain in the ass. no wonder those horse riding tourists we encountered on the way up all had that constipated look, their butts were in pain. constipation and horse back riding… same thing really. you’d actually need metal balls and cast iron butts to be able to ride these horses. these locals must be mutants.struggling with my balance, i tried doing a little interview with the guy guiding my horse. but he wasn’t so interested in a little chitchat, so i contented myself to chatting with the horse and the occasional bird gliding above me. hello horse, how’s life treating you? you be careful now, we wouldn’t want to fall down the side of the cliff would we? if you take me down safely, i could give your master a tip so he could buy you some more hay. wouldn’t that be nice? hello bird, how are you today? and how are you and mrs. bird, still going strong? and the kids? so on and so forth…my butt in pain, i finally return to the little village at the foot of the volcano, where i was regaled by an old woman with her story on how she escaped the 1968 explosion of taal. as to why they still choose to live here with the possibility of another explosion, i have no idea. maybe the locals just like living on the edge. or they must have some sort of death wish. how… existential.the rest of the group finally arrive, and we get back to our boat. good thing the return trip was no longer as hellish, the winds having calmed a bit.our shoes also acquired a nice new shade of brown. in case crayola decides adding it to its collection of colors, boss joseph suggests calling it «volcanic brown». i suggest «horse shit brown».so we got back to our van on the mainland, went up to tagaytay for dinner, got stuck on saturday night traffic on the highway, and then, to our hotel in makati.the moral of the story? NEVER EVER ignore your spider sense again.###########################

some of the pictures courtesy of roy

Sep 28 2006

Long Weekend

The 4th of July weekend happened to be my 2nd weekend in GA. My colleagues and I decided to drive all the way to Washington D.C. It took us about 12 hours on the road. When we reached Arlinton, VA, we got lost looking for our hotel. Thanks to our guides: a book, maps and some printed material from google maps.The 2nd day was a quick tour around Washington D.C. We left the car at the hotel because parking would be bad and we wanted to be more mobile. So we headed to Pentagon City with not much idea what to do. We went down the subway and purchased train tickets which was good for a day’s use.When we finally got to the our destination, the streets were unusually calm and there were too few people on the streets. I realized that it was still so early in the morning. We had a little argument among ourselves about where to go first. We walked until we reached the Washington Monument. I couldn’t believe I was there.

A day is not enough to tour the whole city so we only got to visit several spots like the exterior of The White House, The Capitol and a few Smithsonian Museums. We just took pictures of almost everything we found until the batteries went dead. We walked under the scorching heat of the sun, joining thousand other tourists of different cultures who seem to have the time of their lives.On the third day, we went back to the Washington D.C., this time with a car. My colleague said he couldn’t go home until he gets to see the Lincoln Memorial. And so we did. We got lost on our way home but we eventually got back to the Interstate.

We reached GA very late in the evening. On the 4th of July, we went to a Filipina friend’s home. We call her Tita Nora. We grilled some patties and hotdogs — typical 4th of July food. We feasted until we got tired. That’s one of the long weekends I’ve had.

Sep 28 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

   sometimes, we are just too blind to see that the person we are looking for was just right in front of us. he was there all the time. looking after us. comforting us when we feel so bad about the world. he was just there trying to figure out his own emotions because he himself is confused. we tried to figure out the things that was happening. is this love or just plain friendship? but being coward as we are, we just let fate bring itself together. until one day, the questioned had been answered. true feelings was laid out.then we realized, it was love all this time………..

Sep 28 2006

crazy over connelly

A good friend recently introduced me to Michael Connelly.  He’s a best-selling author of crime and suspense novels.  I’ve always loved whodunit novels — an effect of having been exposed to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys at an early age — and when I discover a good author, I would try to read all his/her books.  Hence, I have a collection of James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, and Patricia Cornwell novels. 

So far, I have read three Connelly novels — The Poet, The Narrows and The Closers.  The first two were loaned to me by my friend and I found the third at NBS and decided to buy it.  What I like about his books is the non-stop action and he just keeps you guessing.  If you’re a crime and suspense book fan, Connelly should definitely be on your list.

Sep 28 2006

counting the days till vacation!

There are only three weeks left of school and then I’ll be taking my much needed break!  I”m really looking forward to it and I’m making a list of all the things I want to do over the break.  I just hope I can do some, if not all of them.

  1. Practice driving!
  2. Blog everday.
  3. Read my pocketbooks.
  4. Lagaw with the kids.
  5. Do a general house cleaning.
  6. Spend a day or two with hubby — without the kids.
  7. Work on the kids’ scrapbook/babybook.
  8. Catch up with old friends.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Sleep.

Sep 28 2006

fragile peace

about two weeks ago, a man together with his friends were fishing in the small kakal creek in buliok. one youth, approached him and they talked about small things. they parted with:

youth: sinong kasama mo dyan?
man: mga kasama ko mga bente kami nandun sa kabilang dulo…

a moment later, the young man shot the elder one at the back. died on the spot. the youth escaped immediately. the aggrieved party gave the young man seven days to surrender. otherwise, they would shoot the first of his kind in sight. as retribution. this is a serious matter and puts into a real test, the sanctuaries for peace in carmen. sanctuaries for peace are communities that have resolved to grasp peace and to hold it gently in their communities. they practice tolerance among cultures and they put in place a peace keeping council to oversee the peace building efforts in their communities. most importantly, the leaders have decided to work hand in hand among themselves and among their neighbors for them to settle more permanently in their land that were ravaged by the war in 2001 and 2003. since 2001, all is well. there were few problems but were quickly resolved by the peace council. that is until the said incident.on the seventh day, i spoke with a leader from the other party. he told me that ammicable settlement was reached. the suspect would not get out into the open, but they agreed to pay php60k, php10k as downpayment.my first reaction was one of disbelief. a life for php60k! wow. and it is going to be paid in installment, double wow….both leaders agreed. my heart and mind are screaming! no fair. my co-worker argued, that settlement is better than no settlement at all. most crimes, especially in this part of the country, go unsettled. at least this time, said he, leaders are talking and there is justice… or some disfigured form of it.somehow i do not agree.i would have to say that i am not satisfied with how people are treating the issue. but the past few busyhectic days proved fatal as i put the issue to sleep. at least for the time being. but talking to jopuz today made me realize that there is no putting the issue to rest. there must be a way, a creative way to treat this issue. definitely more than just accepting the ammicable settlement, but never getting near the part on violent means.i told him to start thinking of ways to let his young members come together and talk about the issue. the threat (to communities, and to the general peace and order situation in the area) is definitely there, but it should not be feared. it should be faced and discussed openly. the intention, however, is not to arouse more hate, rather to open doors of understanding, within their sanctuary and the other community and the party that has aggrieved them. the idea is not to stop with that for it is not enough to secure the lessons and imprint it into the minds of young people. the direction is to continue working together, both communities that is so that this sort of thing never happens again. the intent is to heal without covering up the hate and the failures of the system. the hope is that people would still believe that peace and justice and love can still overcome the failures of human systems.i do not know if jopuz sees it the way i do. i would definitely move with them, if at least one soul believes.for now, i pray that the peace that their mothers and fathers have worked hard for could sustain and carry the people through their grief.

Sep 27 2006

USB Eye Massager

Staring right at your monitor for a long time does something bad to your precious eyes. Good thing man is really smart and he continuous to invent stuff for our comfort and convenience. Introducing, the USB Eye Massager! It will give your eyes their much needed pampering. Sundayo gives away the device’s main functions: 1.It relaxes the pressure of the eyes around. 2.It has the three switches

Sep 27 2006

Prinsjes’ (Princes) Moments

I am absent from my Dutch lesson today. I am not feeling well, and I think I’m catching a flu. This time of transition, for sure this flu welcomes me to the Fall season. I have observed that as season changed, there’s an accompanying bag of body pains and flu. Well, I’m just finding reason why I feel sick today 🙂

Since I stayed home, I have sometime to blog…thanks that I am…:-) I actually like to write about my first enlightening trip during Prinsjesdag last September 19.

The parade of uniformed officers.

Literally, prinsjesdag means: day of the little princes…Ooh! oh! Sounds like enchanting. What is it? I went to Den Haag with my friend Lyn to see it by myself or by ourselves…We took the train which was very full and started musing around. Even inside the train, we’re quite sure that those passengers are like us, expectants of the event. I had a hint, most people were older…uuhmm, my mind playing like ping-pong (table tennis)…probably these elders were of the age group of the Queen, maybe the playmates or schoolmates, or the fanatics.

Me and Lyn while waiting…

Actually, I already know what is it :-)Thanks to my teacher of Maatschappij Orientatie (Society Orientation). I also knew some trivia from my partner. But then I would like to see the majesty Queen Beatrix personally…there I went with Netherlands’ flag.(HeHeHe! Just for fun, accesorized ourselves and complete the integration :-).In the Netherlands every third Tuesday in September is known as Prinsjesdag. The day where the Queen rides in a golden carriage (Gouden Koats) from Palace Noordeinde (her working place) to the Knights Hall in the Binnenhof and reads the plans for the coming year to the States-general (Prime Minister) from the throne in the Ridderzaal and the minister of finance proposes the next year’s budget to parliament. The government presents its annual budget. Parliament officially starts a new year on Prinsjesdag.The carriage which was built in Dutch Renaissance style and partly gilded and is decorated with symbolic motifs. The coach is drawn by eight horses.

The Queen sits inside the golden carriage.

And so, at 1pm the parade had started. We stood in a very ideallyc spot at Lange Voorhout just close to the palace where we can see the royal family up-close and straightly without string attached. The streets of The Hague (Den Haag) are lined with loyal crowds, kids, elderlies and tourists, we joined in the throng and warned about the congestion.

We took pictures of course without any batting of eyelash :-)We did waved the Queen. Princes Maxima (wife of Prince Alexander, the succesor son of the queen) is really splendid. The golden coach that worth million euro was right in my nose. It was really delighting. The day was like a victory feast inside the kingdom.( I feel like one of the seven dwarfs…hehehe!).

This is our miniature photo of the Binnenhof. This was taken at the Maduro Dam exposition. This is how it looks during prinsjesdag inside the Binnenhof.

We can’t get in inside the Binnenhof. The Binnenhof (inner court), is a collection of buildings in The Hague. It has been the location of meetings of the Staten-Generaal (the Dutch parliament) since 1446, and has been the centre of Dutch politics for centuries. More buildings were constructed around the court, several of which are well known in their own right, such as the Ridderzaal ( Knight Hall), where the queen holds her annual speech. Of course it was only for invited guests and dignitaries. This day is one of the most traditional events in Dutch politics, involving the royal family, a meeting with all members of both houses of the Staten General, and cabinet in the Ridderzaal. On this occasion males wear their most formal dress, while females try to out do each other with extravagant hats ( Next time we will wear our gorgeous ones :-).

They said that during the end of the parade, the royal family rides back to Noordeinde then waves to the gathered monarchists at the balcony of the palace. We no longer wait for it ‘çoz we had a lot to-do’s in our list for the day. We can’t stand too to smell the free cologne along the street. It was paraded with horses’ expensive waste.

Inside are members of the Royal family.

Our stomachs were already complaining that we went to the all-time foreigners’ favorite KFC. We found nice sits beside the glass window overlooking the views outside. Stylish lounge and the cosy lobby bar to unwind after a long wait during the parade, were our side dish for a pleasant lunch. Our meal was extra yummy that gives us more energy for our next steps.

Right photo is the approaching golden coach.

Since Binnenhof and parliament buildings are just a stroll away, we can’t leave the city without a trip to its shopping arcade. Located in Den Haag at your feet with haut-couture, antiques, culture and numerous fine restaurants in our direct vicinity.

Many boutiques and shopping malls aligning along old streets. In addition, Den Haag offers majestic shopping opportunities in the historic Passage and the ‘Haagsche Bluf’ shopping center, Bij en Korf while all main department stores are a mere walk away. Uuuhh! We had a long time walking, thanks we had good walking shoes.

Of course, girls’s fave again. Shoes, bags, accessories and scents’s shops were deliberately scrutinized and visited. We can’t finished the whole centrum. Well, we always go to this city actually but we just enjoying it while no man’s dragging in our sides 🙂 (Hi ian, hi wietse:-)

«It was like treating ourselves in the fairyland and as time ticks…then put on our silver shoes to climb back to our castles’ towers».

What a prinsjesdag! It was late afternoon then…we just walked to the train station. It was time to go home. We had a good time again. Hahaha! We better left our silver shoes down there in the city, ‘çoz we have golds waiting at home :-)… Thanks Lyn for the day.

Sep 27 2006

HAPPY TRIP 6: While I was sleeping (I got published!)

I didn’t even know about itNot until fellow bisayablogger Kendi told meBut I actually got published in Sunstar Weekend -Cebu

(it was my Food Trip 4: Pista sa Baryo post)

Daghang salamat, whoever you are 🙂

Sep 27 2006

50 Greatest Gadgets

Wanna know the hottest gadgets there are in the market today? Well, PCWorld Canada wants you to just sit back and relax while it offers you the coolest gadgets that everybody must have. And it proclaimed Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979) as the greatest gadget of the past 50 years. Cool!

Sep 27 2006

Duluth and Atlanta, GA

I stayed in Duluth during my short training. It’s a suburb about 45 minutes away from downtown Atlanta.

Sep 27 2006

2nd day in CA 06.23.2006

I went on a roadtrip with my cousin Dave and his fiancee. I didn’t expect to wear the same coat….

Sep 26 2006

The new community is now rising!

Free online community for \’VizMin\’ residents goes live http://technology.inq7.net/infotech/infotech/view_article.php?article_id=23274By Erwin OlivaINQ7.netLast updated 09:25pm (Mla time) 09/26/2006A free online community for residents of the Visayas and Mindanao (VizMin) regions went live early this month, INQ7.net has learned.In an e-mail, Shealthiel Jech Oczon, a proponent of the project, said the online community aims to \»integrate the online communities in this part of the country and let these communities interact with each other under one portal.\»Oczon also said VizMin residents are encouraged to use the portal to promote their cities.\»Right now, this would represent the growing population of online users in or coming from the Visayas and Mindanao,\» the proponent added.Supported by BNSHosting, the online portal was started on September 6, 2006.Oczon said the portal has attracted users from Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro City, General Santos, Iloilo, among others.Currently, the Davao-based residents appear to be the most active users of the portal, with over 300 postings from different registered users. 

Sep 26 2006

ecija then pampanga

«It’s time now to sing out, though the story never ends…»
— Seasons of Love, RENT

yey, another TOSP-AC LTS for this semester! first, the team got invited by divine word college in albay. next, we got a request from central luzon state university in nueva ecija. then, we got another invitation… from angeles university foundation (AUF) in angeles city, pampanga!from albay (i wasn’t able to go due to conflict of sked, huhu), to nueva ecija, to pampanga, to…

AUF’s 09.21.06 youth power four: a one-day LTS

AUF LTS: another worthwhile learning experience!

team of 6: jake. val. bandoy. braggy. maida. jeff.

team pampanga. team sisig! (hehe)

hay, the best ang sisig ng pampanga… but i have to restrain myself from eating too much sisig. i’ve been told that one should eat sisig at most three times in a year only. bad cholesterol.

in this month alone, i know i’ve eaten sisig more than five times already. ohmaigulai.

Sep 25 2006


(by r3b0rn)

it’s one of those days when i find myself asking

«what ever happened to us?»

Sep 25 2006


so yes, prejudice. let’s just say that my feet are stuck in two very opposite but adjacent worlds. one world flies up to the hedonistic skies every saturday night. the other is studying the grains of sand and soil the rest of the week. one is at ease in the company of celestial entities, the other is at home with the vast number of ordinary mortals who populate this planet. one sees intellectual orgy as boring, the other sees casual sex as pointless. literature comes from a different planet altogether for one, and when you mention the word ‘party’ to another, bet your life that it means something else totally different from dizzying lights, dancing and booze.one is liberal, only as long as it can see its own brand of freedom waving high above the rest. one is conservative, only as long as it hasn’t tested new realities and new truths. one glitters in the crystal palaces they think they made, the other tries to shatter it to bits. one sees the individual powerful, the other sees power as a notion conceived by social contingencies. and for those who find themselves walking the thin line, both worlds can crash into each other. and being in the middle of it all, i am crushed to bits. butter spread on too much bread, or so as one diminutive but lovable character placed it. it is that feeling of knowing too little of too many things because both feet are not firmly on to something. only a part of you can ever fit; the rest yearns for something else. of course, i can never get the good of both worlds in a single goblet to be savored when wanted. but the inherent incompatibility of both worlds can only mean that to choose between both can only render me long for the other.

because the gulf that i have breached, the very same gulf that runs between both worlds, reflects distorted images of life, love, losing and learning… the waters of prejudice run wild between both worlds — prejudice that creates monsters out of angels, sees hell in everyday existence, stupidity out of our struggles to live decent lives, decadence in our occasional means of escape.

Sep 25 2006

Casino Filipino Hotel

One of the two hotel that can be found inside the Golden Field Bacolod Complex. If you want to spend your time and money in Bacolod, then this place is for you.

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Sep 25 2006

L’ Fisher Hotel

A 20 minutes ride from Bacolod Airport and from Golden Fields, and a 10 minutes ride to Robinsons Place.

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Sep 25 2006

Bacolod Convention Plaza

One minute ride to Golden Field and Two minutes ride to Bacolod Airport.

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Sep 25 2006

Golden Field’s Kundutel

One of the two hotel that can be found inside the Golden Field (Bacolod’s Night Life destination) area and also just a few meters away from Bacolod Airport.

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Sep 25 2006

Sugarland Hotel

A one minute ride to Golden Field (Bacolod’s Night Life destination), two minutes away from Bacolod Airport and five minutes away from downtown Bacolod.

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Sep 25 2006

Sylvia Manor

The first boutique hotel in Bacolod City. Just a few meters away from downtown Bacolod and to the Public Plaza, a one minute ride to SM City Mall (Under Construction) and ten minutes away from Bacolod Airport. An ideal place to stay especially during MassKara Festival.

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Sep 25 2006

Grand Regal Hotel

The hotel is in front of Gaisano City Mall, just five minutes away from Golden Field (Bacolod’s Night Life destination), three minutes away from downtown Bacolod and five minutes away from Bacolod Airport.

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Sep 25 2006


Hello everyone! I have been so busy these past weeks that I just haven’t had the time to go visit any of the Net centers here. Mid-August up to the first half of September totally flew with me hardly noticing the days and time. I had so many things to do and I feel that that period had basically been my baptism of fire at the Department. Whew! I will write about everything… soon. I just

Sep 24 2006

Ganja People!

Artist : Various ArtistsAlbum : Jamaikan Me GroovySource : CDYear : 2003Genre : Reggae Encoder : Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode)Codec : LAME 3.90Bitrate : VBR ~211K/s 44100Hz Joint StereoID3-Tag : ID3v2.3 Ripped By : Punkster on 8/24/2006 Track Listing————-1. 4:26 Big Mountain / Baby I Love Your Way2. 3:31 UB40 / Can’t Help Falling In Love3. 3:27 Charmaine Burnett / Make It With You4. 4:30 Janet Kay / Feel Like Makin’ Love5. 5:35 Bob Marley / Stir It Up6. 3:12 UB40 / I Got You Babe7. 3:24 Goldfinger / More Today Than Yesterday8. 3:22 Aswad Featuring Sweetie Pie / On And On9. 4:09 Annette B / You’ll Never Get To Heaven10. 3:36 Maxi Priest / Wild World11. 4:01 Janet Kay / Missing You12. 3:55 Boy George / Everything I Own13. 3:49 Janet Kay / Walk On By14. 3:06 UB40 / Red Red Wine15. 7:09 Bob Marley / No Woman No Cry16. 2:56 Soul Train / Three Little Birds17. 5:26 Jimmy Cliff / I Can See Clearly Now18. 4:03 Inner Circle / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Total Playing Time: 73:42 (min:sec)Total Size : 108.8 MB (114,063,394 bytes) **Comment: Something to be happy about: a limited edition reggae compilation. Kewl. Ganja! Thanks to bossing punkster of pinoybato. Ganja people! and remember to breathe. huhummms: Track No. 7

feeling: bliss

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