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Aug 29 2007

FROM WHERE I SAT, ambivalently facing the kinked wires of a newly-bought techy hardware inside our purple clinic, an out-of-nowhere SMS from a Waray made the whole shebang around me screech and come to a standstill.

Must it be?

I suddenly found myself in the shoes of Doubting Thomas – taking his point on seeing and believing. It took me approximately five minutes to read and reread the message before my disarrayed cognizance was able to conclusively grasp what it was remarkably conveying, and only when my phone hanged out of flooding missives did I finally believe the news.

Apparently, you must’ve wondered (I don’t normally presume, but let this just be a given for now) or have been trying to decipher the enigmatic grammatical ribbits and riddles in my hiatal posts, just as how my friends have frequently asked the ins and outs of my forsaken musical bent. Well then, it’s high time to crack the codes, break my silence and play the music.

After being able to perambulate the red-carpeted hallways and finally receiving the much-awaited piece of paper bearing my name and degree, I have submitted myself and half of our batch to a certain didactic sanctuary where we have been construing medical and nursing tomes since March ‘til June, accompanied by cups of noodles and browns, siopao, and pot-luck lunch-ins (Ji-in’s crabs, my dad’s Bisaya adobo, Mark’s empanada and meringue, Lovely/Ate Tess’ paksiw, Sanchez’s hamonada, Cha-Cha’s kitchenomicas, and Joyce’s kiwis).

Not only that, ten days prior to the major juncture, had we gone uphill for intensive self-reviews. It was when we seriously burned brows (ten days, what have we?), established deeper friendship (talk about taking a bath with a friend), gained pounds (there’s gargantuan box of pizza every day, plus tumultuous supply of softdrinks and chicheryas) and rediscovered faith (the novenas we pray as a group every night). And I wouldn’t ever forget the fact that I screamed and cried when two of my friends dragged and carried me to the dreary, bloodcurdling room 215. The hullabaloo, you bet!

Then again, we were at the point of mild-to-moderate anxiety on the said day. I confess, I cried after the first day. Actually, we all did. I had to phone my mom to calm me down. It was toxic. You wouldn’t even know if you have a 50-50 chance of making it. The only consolation we had was while on the coaster and back, the heavens suddenly cried with us. Having known as such as a blessing, we heaved a sigh.

From where I sit now, I heave another sigh – not out of despair, but of sheer happiness and contentment – licensed and registered. And yet, after abandoning the black and white keys for so many years, I face them again while glancing on the note sheets upfront, and my fingers will struck three keys from F and seven notes from G, putting into melody Beethoven’s last quartet.

Muss es sein? Es muss sein! Es muss sein!

(Must it be? It must be! It must be!)

= = = = = = = =

Nightingale Memoirs: A must see 5-min crap vid

nota bene:*it took me quite a time to finish this**nights in shining armours — typo error**was hallucinating before and after i made this** hahaha!*= = = = = = =

Roll Call of thank you’s to the following:

Him Up Above — for answering our prayers and being there with us, as always

Dad ‘Ching – the one who keeps on reminding me to aim high
Mum ‘Ching – the one who’s been keeping me on time
Beryl ‘Ching – the one who I want to be
Yzsa ‘Ching – the said “twin”
Glenn ‘Ching – the older brother whom I call «GUAPO,» he calls me Guapa also :p (uwi ka na!)
Nanay Sever – she who rocked my cradle
Tita Licia – she who gave morning surprises since my childhood
Tita Germs – she who prayed fervently
Tita Eve – she who wanted to hang an insignia out of my success
Dr. Tinay Ho – the doctor and kabarkada of the author
Baby Griggs, RN – cousin in London who will be back home this holidays
Karlo Mikhail – bro-in-law to be, the very first few who congratulated me and posted my full name (gosh!)

Dr. Ofelia Sisno and CDU College of Nursing Faculty – for the prayers and support
CDUCN non-teaching staff and school bus drivers – for the song and laughter you have given us all during our harrowing ordeal
UP reviewers, Dr. Cruz of FEU, Mr. and Mrs. Factor of UST, and the rest of the reviewers – thank you for helping us
Good Shepherd Nuns and staff — for the prayers, food and accommodation

Nalyn – one of those who texted me that night, a soon-to-be nurse
Eng’r. Martin – need not to mention
Anne Menguito, RN-RN – fellow examinee, double RN degree coz of the june leakage issue
Eng’r. Joane – thank you sis!
Eng’r Irene – closest friend whom I rarely talk to
Eng’r Chester – the one who said “chin up kendz!”
Mommy Connie – for the comforting text messages during the darker days
Mommy Lexa – for making me laugh things out
Dencio – for naming me “enigma” during those days
Dyanika — online friend who first knew about this
Leslie — for the inspiration to do good

Mark M., RN – he was the most guapo guy I saw during my first days in CDU
Joyce O., RN – the one I am most of the time with, but we’re separate entities
Charlene Y., RN – the brainchild in our group, pambato sa among class
Guada S., RN – probably the most industrious student, complete pirmi notes
Ji-in P., RN – the Korean chick you dare not argue with
Lovely M., RN – David Schumacher wanna-be
Terene D., RN – the one who complains why I never replied to her text messages (sorry walang load)
Christian O., RN- the Olof jokes he had, which I truly miss
Anna G., RN – the one whom I call Anna Banana
Cathy R., RN – the business woman in our class
Cheryl R., RN — I want to know how she gained weight 🙂
Colet M., RN – “Beh” ng class
Eden B., RN – boxidor namin
Jan L., RN – he rarely attends reviews, pero certified brayt jud!
Jefferson C.,RN — haha… SPO!
Johanna N., RN — lunchmate, remember Papa Banana Ketchup?
Patrick B., RN – ok na imong thyroid?
Keith Z., RN — are you on a diet now? :p
Kelly T., RN – the one who dragged me to the haunted room
Marjorie T., RN – beauty queen
Mika S., RN – just like Charlene
Niña D., RN – mukuyog nako next time wall climbing
Rex, M., RN – the guy who named me Munchkins
Sheila T., RN – wardmate!
Trisha R., RN – SBO pres sa among time
Fritz P., RN – adopted ng class naming, the guy who carried me to the haunted room

And the rest of the board passers I cannot mention anymore. This post is rather too long. But congrats to us all!

Viva Nightingale!

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