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Feb 12 2008

Win E-Money From Auction.ph!

Auction.ph an online shopping website that caters to Filipino online shoppers is sponsoring a P15,000 holiday giveaway. You can get a chance to win one of the 50 prizes. Here’s what they have in store for you: Yup, 50 winners — the more, the merrier. That means each winner can get 300 worth of e-Money from Auction.ph. […]

Feb 12 2008

Make Money Online By Clicking Links

You heard it right, just by clicking links while online can earn you a lot of money. This is how AdBux works! The site only requires us an ample time each day in exchange for some real payments. Who could be wrong by just clicking some links which we do most of the time we […]

Feb 12 2008

Anti-Profile | No to flashy Friendster profiles!

I got this idea from a friend who was really pissed off because she cannot properly view someone else’s Friendster profile. I believe we do share the same sentiment. Friendster has become a huge honey pot for the teen users of the internet particularly those living in the asia-pacific region. However, this trend also brought […]

Feb 12 2008

Running Two Anti-Virus In My PC

It has always been my practice having two anti-virus on my computer due to the fact that most antivirus vendors these days lacks the ability to detect and clean all of the known viruses. This is true even when I have the most updated version of my software with the latest virus definitions on it. […]

Feb 12 2008

Bogus Friendster Website Found!

Just this morning while I was searching for some Friendster news when I accidentally mistyped the name Friendster as “Freindster”, and guess what? It showed me a bogus website identical with that of the authentic Friendster.com. I would like to warn everyone to be very cautious when searching the keyword “Freindster” (mistyped) at Google which […]

Feb 12 2008

Earn Money While Making New Friends at Yuwie

Yuwie.com is a social networking website, just like MySpace where you sign up for an account and then have the ability to create a profile with whatever information you want to put in. Yuwie has many of the same features as MySpace like blogging, the ability to upload pictures and create albums for them, messaging, […]

Feb 12 2008

Cool Gifts from Yugatech.com

Have yourself a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year by becoming a winner of Abe’s new round of giveaways. Who couldn’t resist these uber cool items you can own as a gift from Yugatech.com. * Creative 2.1 Subwoofer System * Php2,000 Gift Certificate on any Nokia […]

Feb 12 2008

No Install Autoplay Virus Remover

This is one of the most irritating virus in the year 2007. It comes in different names and it infects your system by adding autoplay.inf files in all of your system drives, making your hard drives unaccessible when you double click on it. The solution, is a single exe remover that scans your drives and […]

Feb 12 2008

Auction.ph Love Treat

Our country’s premiere e-commerce site Auction.ph mailed me a love letter inviting us to join their love matching event with the chance for us to win e-money this valentine season. Uhm.. Kindly vote for me! ^_^

Feb 12 2008

Pimp Your Mobile Phone!

I love txting and taking pictures using my cellular phone. More than that, I love pimping it. Making it look, feel, and sound the way I like it to be. All of that won’t be possible if not for the website sources which freely share their pimping goodness! What I have here are the stuff […]

Feb 12 2008

The Race for the 2010 Presidential Elections is On

Just today, I stumbled upon a blog (marroxas2010.blogspot.com) which claims to the “dedicated to the people who want to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT Senator Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines.” It also claims to be the “1st blog of the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections.” Two things immediately crossed my mind.

Feb 12 2008

SC issues Guidelines for Imposition of Libel Penalties

The Supreme Court has just issued Administrative Circular No. 08-2008, providing for Guidelines in the Observance of a Rule of Preference in the Imposition of Penalties in Libel Cases. Trial courts may, in its discretion and based on the peculiar circumstances of each case, impose only a fine, instead of imprisonment.

Feb 12 2008

Doing Business in the Philippines: The Most Problematic Factors

Just recently, the World Economic Forum released its Global Competitiveness Report for 2007-2008. The Philippines is ranked 71 in the Global Competitiveness Index rankings. This is definitely not something to be happy about, as the Philippines is 71 out of 131 countries/economies ranked, and lagging behind its neighbors, including Korea (11), Taiwan (14), Malaysia (21), […]

Feb 12 2008

Do you [still] want to become a lawyer?

It won’t be long until the results of the 2007 bar exams will be released. As always, the examinees (and their families) are going through a difficult stage of waiting for the release of the results. We’ve talked about the agony of waiting for the bar results, but not about the repercussions on those who […]

Feb 12 2008

Promoting Philippine Tourism through blogging

I just learned that the Sec. Ace Durano of Department of Tourism (DOT) has tapped HappySlip (or search “HappySlip” in youtube), a.k.a. Christine Gambito, as ambassadress for the North American market. The decision to use blogs and the internet could be attributed to the fact that Sec. Durano is relatively younger and, therefore, is presumably […]

Feb 12 2008

UP College of Law: Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) Results

The University of the Philippines (U.P.) College of Law has released the results of the Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) for academic year 2008-2009. Please see the list of passers and updates here. Just a caveat, though.

Feb 12 2008

National Regular and Special Holidays for 2008 in the Philippines

Somebody asked if 25 January 2008 has been declared as a non-working holiday, to give everyone a chance to commemorate EDSA People Power. Well, I’m not yet aware of any Proclamation issued by the President on this matter, so all we can do is wait. In the meantime, here are the regular holidays and nationwide […]

Feb 12 2008

Overseas Filipinos as Entrepreneurs

The multiplier effect of the exchange rate potentially creates a lie in which the OFW slips into a false security that as long as he is earning in foreign currency, it’s perfectly alright — he will have a greater spending power in the Philippines. This fallacy, however, is sustained only if the OFW could go […]

Feb 12 2008

Waiting for the 2007 bar examination results

Somebody left a comment in this site that the Supreme Court already reserved the PICC for March, in anticipation of the oathtaking ceremonies for those who passed the 2007 Philippine bar exams. On the other hand, somebody said that the reservation was moved to April, which means that the release of the exam results would […]

Feb 12 2008

The Entrepreneurial Myth

The entrepreneurial myth is the “myth that most people who start small business are entrepreneurs” or “the fatal assumption that an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that technical work.” (Michael E. Gerber, “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to […]

Feb 12 2008

Komikeros? Karaokeros

Bandang hapon ng Disyembre 22 nagsimulang isa-isahin ni Zara at Ilyn ang makapal ng song list. Nilamutak naman namin ang ispagheti ni Gerry at Pasta de Balbona(mabuhok!) ni Johnny. Pero nung malapit ng dumilim at para bang mga halimaw sa gabi, nakisali na rin si Johnny sa paghawak ng mikropono. …

Feb 12 2008

End of Year Lunch

… at least for me and my officemate. Tapsilog. The ultimate comfort food. Breakfast for Lunch?!!!!

Feb 12 2008

Happy Holidays!


Feb 12 2008

My, What Big Balls You Have!

Dwarfed in between two humongous Christmas balls scattered around the Northgate and Filinvest area in Alabang. -oOo-

Feb 12 2008

The Year Just Started and I?m Already Hacking

… hacking the Nike+ iPod sports kit that is. I wanted to go back running this year as my way of getting back in shape. I got bored hitting the gym last year and eventually just gave up. This time around, I want to complete this 4-week cardio running program set …

Feb 12 2008

Do I Really Need To Run On A Sunday?

I mean, seriously. Do I really need to? Give me a break! I was driving through sleet and rain all day yesterday. Okay, no sleet. But try driving behind a whole line of sugar cane trucks along a two-lane national road(where you can’t pass unless you counterflow) and it …

Feb 12 2008

So I Can Outrun All Dogs Out There

My alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning. I thought it was still too dark for me to be running around the cementery so I snuck in a bit more sleep. Yes, my oval is the local graveyard. Why so? It’s the one nearest our place. The elliptical road …

Feb 12 2008

A Perfect Nightcap

Earlier, the family had dinner at our favorite LZM restaurant in Silang. Now, we’re here at Figaro Tagaytay to cap off our night. «Perfect Nightcap» On the other hand, Andi contented herself with iced water. Hehe! -oOo-

Feb 12 2008

One Rainy Day With Johnny?

… Johnny Balbona that is. It was also Gerry’s birthday and while other parties have magicians and parlor games, we had Johnny doing inner dance healing. It was Ed Tadeo’s turn in this video. And Jonas Diego was the one annotating/story-telling-a-lie in the background. [youtube]hb3N029BqwM[/youtube] At Gerry’s old house San Pablo City, Laguna January 20, 2008 -oOo-

Feb 12 2008

Once, I Was In Grade Two

It was all about our Beatle’s do and blue shorty shorts. The Three Stooges. Me, Jerone and Pocholo. Grade 2 Section C, Saint Joseph’s Academy(Mandaue City) Boys At Holy Communion. That green ribbon pinned on my shirt is for the hunter-photographer(maniniyot) to know whom to photograph. Showing off my interpretative dance skills. -oOo-

Feb 12 2008

Ponzi Scheme: The Panata Foundation and Menil Cases

There’s a number of discussions on the Ponzi and pyramiding scams at the Pinoy Entrepreneurs blog (see “Scams and Schemes“). There’s a discussion of an actual case, the Panata Foundation case. The 2000 case of People vs. Menil, Jr. involves a strikingly similar scheme. It’s really amazing how this scam still works despite almost […]

Feb 11 2008

The sun sets on the Nayong Pilipino

I was in fourth grade when I first visited the Nayong Pilipino. I lived with my aunt in Quezon City and went to school at the Mater Carmeli School on D. Tuazon, so the Nayong Pilipino seemed to be a far-away place, several hours trip on the big school bus. Our itinerary was the Planetarium at the Rizal Park, The Rizal house in Calamba, Laguna, and the Nayong Pilipino. There are photos of that trip somewhere my classmate Letty de Guia-Elgincolin’s baul, which I hope she will unearth soon.


Feb 10 2008

I am the Sun

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon’s Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Feb 10 2008


breakfast morning. cut my hand with one mischievous knife which ended clattering happily on the floor. bit wound to somehow diffuse the pain. only to be even more surprised because now my blood tasted bitter.i should have known this would happen. what began as a dull pain in the chest a few days ago now became the caustic poison coursing through my veins. and then it came; the rash of urges bend on annihilation. the whirlwind that blows fast, too fast, bending each piece of reality that it touches. blowing fast, too fast, cutting a swath of wreckage around an axis. a wake of destruction that nevertheless goes unnoticed by the single entity at the very center of this storm…storms subside given time. but the wounds it leaves behind on the landscape will take a longer time to heal. and even then the landscape will forever be altered, no longer smooth and fresh, but fraught with rough and twisted edges. and there will always be that underlying cruelty beneath the serene surface.no body really heals completely from this kind of wound. and sometimes knives cut deeper that you think they did, leaving a strange toxin that alters how you see reality. starring at the contented face of the happy knife lying down on the floor, i thought of the immense possibilities of the things that i could do out of anger and spite.

but then again, knives were made to cut and slice after all.

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