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Jan 31 2008

Am I ready to dump my TextLinkAds account?

Text Link Ads (TLA) has helped me a lot on my hosting and domain dues and other online transactions. Adding funds to Paypal was still not possible in the Philippines so my TLA payments are what I use to pay my hosting and domain. I don’t have a credit card (except for my mom’s GSIS e-card) so I have to depend on my Paypal balance to pay for these things.

I was earning at least $100/month with TLA and the links to this blog generate most of my earnings (>60%). For a starter in blog monetization, 100 bucks really mean a huge amount. However, after reading some of Google PR drops and sites getting banned from Google results because of paid links, I had to reconsider things.

John Chow’s blog for example was number 1 in Google results for “make money online” keywords but now it’s nowhere to be found. Some bloggers however, like Darren Rowse of Problogger.net suggested to “Forget About Page Rank and Build a Better Blog” and further emphasized that it’s the quality of content that gives you traffic and that relying in Google is a bad move. Dosh Dosh also stated that Google PR are just numbers and a “webmaster fetish”, i However, for a struggling blogger who’s still building a traffic like me, the searches from Google and other search engines really matter a lot.
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Jan 31 2008

2 MNLF Leaders Accused Of Illegal Recruitment

COTABATO CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Feb. 01, 2008) — A senior leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), urged the group’s chieftain Nur Misuari to censure two of his field commanders for large-scale recruitment and promising new members with high-paying jobs.

Datu Dima Ambil, chairman of the MNLF’s Sebangan Kutawato State, said the two commanders, Johnny Sugagel and Kautin Usman of North Cotabato and Daval del Sus who are known “Misuari loyalists” were allegedly recruiting in Mindanao.

The two were also using Misuari’s name to lure new members to join the former rebel group.

Ambil accused the two leaders of duping Muslim men into joining the MNLF by promising them integration into the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces after the tripartite review of the front’s 1996 peace pact with Manila.

The 11-year-old peace agreement is now subject of an extensive review by the government, the MNLF and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) as part of a three-way effort to address all misunderstandings on its implementation.

Ambil said both commanders have allegedly collected P5,000 from each of their recruits as “entrance fee” for them to be accepted in the MNLF.

“Its good to expand the ranks of the MNLF, but not through promises that would never materialize. Recruits are also not supposed to pay entrance fees just to become MNLF members,” Ambil told reporters.

More than 7,000 MNLF members had been integrated into the military and police from 1996 to 2000 as part of the peace deal. “The government should help check these illegal activities of these two commanders,” Ambil said.

Misuari signed a peace deal with Manila in September 1996 ending decades of bloody war. After the peace agreement was signed, he became the governor of the Muslim autonomous region in Mindanao.

The Muslim autonomous region was meant to implement the 1976 Tripoli Agreement between Manila and the MNLF. But despite the peace accord, there was a widespread disillusionment with the weak autonomy they were granted.

Misuari is currently under house arrest and facing rebellion charges after MNLF forces attacked a major military base in Sulu province and took more than 100 people in Zamboanga City in 2001. (Jerick Wee)

Jan 31 2008

For my friends, by way of an explaination

I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to reach out to youfor so many days now, weeks even.I have counted —

three, four, or five weeks maybe.

I have remained silent in my seat.

But how my heart longed to reach out to you,
reach out to you guys.

You are all my friends
but now I have alienated you all.

You cannot understand my behavior.I’ve been very, very quieteach and every day,

morning and afternoon.

You suspect that I have something against you?

But no, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of you,
and neither of you has done me anything wrong.

It’s just me!I can’t understand myself.I can’t understand why I’ve been acting the way I’ve been acting.

I just can’t explain it, even to myself.

I know, you would think, that at my age, I’d be mature enoughnot to behave the way i’ve been behaving lately.

But this is really happening to me.

Let me tell you something about myself that I’ve never told anyone.
It will be a sort of confession:

I have deep-seated insecurities inside me;
buried very deep inside me.

Many, many years ago, something happened to me that was very painful.I failed at something.And each day for two years I lived with that failure.

I slept with it, ate with it, took a shower with it, and breathed with it.

I was able to overcome it, eventually, of course.The years have a way of making you forget

even the most painful and dark of experiences.

However the seed of failure and rejection have always stayed inside me.I learned to live with it; even learned to value myself a little bit,

learned to love myself a little more, learned to laugh and live.

Yet the seed have always been there.And every now and then it rears its ugly head;

it sprouts and blooms and bears bitter fruit.

I’ve learned, since that painful and traumatic period in my life many, many years ago,to become a warmer person; I’ve learned to become more friendly,learned to trust others and make friends,learned to smile and give others a glimpse of my soul– I’ve learned all of these wonderful lessons because of you!Of people like you! Each and every one of you!who showed me warmness and kindness and shared with me your smiles,who trusted me and did not hesitate to give me a glimpse of your own souls

– I’ve learned all these, and many more.

With your love and kindness and trust, you healed me.

You healed me.

But I still carry the seed
inside me.

No matter how deep I bury itit is still thereand sometimes it forces its way up towards the surface of my personality,and when that happens, I lose my energies;I become apathetic and aloof,and I seem to draw away from people.I draw deeper and deeper into my own self,

into my own hollow self.

But this will pass, of course.
It always does.

I guess what this long ramble is leading to is just this:I simply want to say thank youfor being my friends,for touching me with your warmness and made me

shine a bit brighter as a person.

Thank you!

Jan 31 2008

Free Conversational Tagalog Classes!

Are you interested in learning Tagalog? Are you fluent in Tagalog and want to help others practice their Tagalog language skills? Are you semi-fluent in Tagalog and would like to practice your own skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and live in the Seattle area, take a close look at the announcement below.

Conversational Tagalog 1

Free classes start on Feb. 12th

Tuesdays 7 pm ANSWER Seattle

1423 10th Avenue (basement between East Pike and East Union beside Moe bar

Contact: Ago Pedalizo, coordinator, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP), alliance_seattle@yahoo.com

  • Using Common Everyday Greetings and Inquiries
  • Extending Greetings, Giving Instructions, and Taking Leave
  • Asking for Tagalog Equivalents and Identifying Objects
  • Identifying Persons and Occupations

Fluent/semi-fluent Tagalog speakers can come as co-facilitators!

Please RSVP as seats are very limited.

E-Mail: alliance_seattle@yahoo.com

Ano na? Sali ka? So, do you want to join?

Jan 31 2008

Last day of January, 2008

*metal detector goes off*
Lady guard: Please come back and see me.
Me, holding out arms for inspection: OK.
Lady guard: I like your outfit.
Me, pleased but at the same time, weirded out: Uhh, thanks.***

Interviewer: Who just passed her exam?

Me, in the voice of a third grader: Me!!

— True tales of a newly minted American

Jan 31 2008

Domain Registration

Bored of your-name.some-domain.com? Then you should probably get your own your-name.com or perhaps your-name.net. Having your own domain name boosts your online presence. It gives a good impression on people who sees your URL, especially for commercial sites adding credibility to the company. Domain registration is easy but there are some factors to consider like choosing […]

Jan 31 2008


mga nakaka intindi lang ng ingles ang pina tatamaan neto. pero totoo. sa lipunan ng mga pilipino, kung may kakayahan kang umintindi neto, malamang may kakayahan kang magbigay sa mga nangangailangan. parang pilipinas yan. yung mga nakapag-aral dapat ang mas nagbibigay pabalik sa bayan. mas malaya ang isipan. mas maraming matutulungan.

Jan 31 2008

snowman in Romeoville, Illinois, USA

26 Jan 2008. My sister’s place — Romeoville, Illionois, USA.

Jan 31 2008

Domain Registration, No Sweat!

Have you ever tried to register domain and realized that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg? Some registrars charge as much as US$35 a year for a .com domain, and there are sites that offer premium domains at skyscraper prices. For example, the domain “nobody.com” is for sale at US$100,000, while the domain “somebody.com” is being offered at US$50,000. But if you’d like to register a domain that will be for personal use there’s no need to spend more than the price of a decent dinner.

You will also need to look at the various domain name extensions that are available and what they represent, so that when you do register your domain, it will be to the point and purpose of your website. Top level domains (also known as TLD’s) have come a long way since the original .com .net and .org days, and extensions have been tailored to reflect the web site’s line of business, content or target audience.

If you are registering a domain for your company or organization and have enough of a budget for building your internet presence, you might consider buying more than one extension to your desired domain name. The wisdom in this is if you own the .com, .net, and .org versions of your domain, there will be fewer chances of another entity being mistaken as you or of anyone with malicious intent posing as you.

Jan 31 2008


Well, hate it. But life’s fleeting. The first white hair in like eons and a few inches there. Jeez, hepi berfdey to me. Meanwhile, the life train chug-chugs, signaling for the next station. Gotta get on it.

Jan 31 2008

Yesterday Once More

When I was young I’d listen to the radio Waitin’ for my favorite songs When they played I’d sing along It made me smile. Those were such happy times And not so long ago How I wondered where they’d gone But they’re back again Just like a long lost friend All the songs I loved so well. Every Sha-la-la-la Every Wo-o-wo-o Still shines Every shing-a-ling-a-ling That they’re startin’ to sing’s So fine. When they get to the part Where he’s breakin’ her heart It can really make me cry Just like before It’s yesterday once more. Lookin’ back on how it was In years gone by And the good times that I had Makes today seem rather sad So much has changed. It was songs of love that I would sing to then And I’d memorize each word Those old melodies Still sound so good to me As they melt the years away. Every Sha-la-la-la Every Wo-o-wo-o Still shines Every shing-a-ling-a-ling That they’re startin’ to sing’s So fine. All my best memories Come back clea…

Jan 31 2008

Making Money The Traditional Way

That is, getting a job. A recent blog entry in Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch, claims that graduating Computer Science students from Stanford University are being offered as much as $95K to join either Google or Facebook; those with a Masters in CS are also offered up to $130K. These are whopping amounts by third world standards. In my country, the Philippines, that’s already a Senior VP salary in some big company. Surely we have some really good graduating CS students who may even be considered at par with some of these Stanford graduates. Why don’t these two companies target them and hire them at half the cost?Unfortunately, the big companies would rather focus their attention on these Ivy League schools to get their workers. The fact that third world countries’ quality of education leaves much to be desired doesn’t help either. What these big companies should do in my opinion is to think long term. If you want to hire the best people, why skim off the top? Why not start a grassroots program where you can monitor the progress of your future employees and ensure that they learn only those things that you would be looking for in your workers? This is an age old strategy in some countries, China for example. If they want to have future athletic champions, they start them while they’re young, taking over the care of these kids and molding them into the champions of the future. Perhaps this is not a viable strategy in first world countries where the costs can be exorbitant, but if you put this to work in a third world country such as the Philippines, this is something that’s gonna pay dividends down the line. They don’t even have to spend that much. Just ensure that the kids they’re targeting have a tailored curriculum, send over some really good teachers, screen out the candidates with a fine-toothed comb, and voila, instant superworkers. They’ll have the best minds of the country flocking in to join their program.I have seen the best minds of my generation studying under the onerous scholarships they were given that require them to work for at least two years in some dingy company after graduation. And these are the guys who are at the top of my class, graduating with honors and all those accolades and for what? To be enslaved as night auditors of hotels. These guys are bright and talented and their sponsoring institutions are wasting their brains making them work like regular folks.I can only imagine the impact that these big companies can have once they rid themselves of their Ivy League and First World fixations and set their sites on the third world countries. You want the best minds at a cheap price? You know where these countries are, and they’re not changing addresses. ________________________________________

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Jan 30 2008

Book for February: Love in the Time of Cholera

Love is in the air! Can you smell it?

Our book for the month of February, the month of love, joy and broken hearts, is Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Want to join our book discussion next month? Read the book and drop me a line for further info.

Jan 30 2008

Some books

I went to Booksale in SM today. Bought two books: Possession by A. S. Byatt and Atonement by Ian McEwan. I was delighted when I saw a copy of the latter.

I also spotted a copy of People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck. I placed it back in the shelf and continued to browse for more books, thinking I’ll just pick it up later. Big mistake. Another guy got it while I was away. Of the tons of books in the store, he had to take my book. Yes, it was mine! It became mine the moment I laid eyes on it!

I stalked him for a while and hoped he’d change his mind, that he’d put it down. He never did.

Jan 30 2008

God’s Light and Measure

Mark 4: 21-25
2 Sm 7:18-19,24-29 / Ps 132:1-5,11-14

For whoever produces, to him shall more be given; and whoever does not produce, even what he has shall be taken away from him.
(Mark 4:25)

For those who seek to plumb God’s Word All things hidden will be revealed; Walk in the light and be assured

Our salvation will be fulfilled.

Jesus said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be put under a bushel, or under a bed, and not on a stand? For there is nothing hidden, except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret, except to come to light. If any man has ears to hear, let him hear.” And he said to them, “Take heed what you hear; the measure you give will be the measure you get, and still more will be given you. For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” (Mark 4: 21-25)


What our Lord is saying in this passage is: whoever has learned the message of the Gospel is compelled to spread this Good News to others, for the Word of God can never be hidden, and its mysterious meanings will eventually enlighten all believers in Christ Jesus. But only those who listen with a receptive heart will be transformed. And only those who put God’s Word into action in their lives will be fruitful. In many of His parables, Jesus emphasized concrete action in order to become productive. In His parable of the talents, it is the servant who invests his master’s money who gets his master’s reward. It is the wise builder who builds his house on a rocky foundation. It is the diligent trader who seeks and finds the pearl of great price, and sells all of his possessions to acquire it. It is the prudent bridesmaids who bring extra oil who are not left out of the wedding party. And it is the man who is willing to take up his cross to follow Jesus who will be worthy of Him and His kingdom.

Whoever produces, to him shall more be given; and whoever does not produce, even what he has shall be taken away from him.’ It’s the simple principle of progression in everything in life. For instance, as a runner, I’ve learned that the more regularly I run, the stronger my muscles and cardiovascular resistance grow. And the farther and faster the mileage and time. The same goes for our faith to grow stronger. Unless we practice it constantly in good works, prayers, and in evangelization, we cannot expect spiritual growth and productivity. Instead, in the absence of any effort, our faith, like idle muscles, will tend to atrophy. Jesus said, “Give and it will be given to you, and you will receive in your sack a good measure, pressed down, full and running over.” (Lk.6:38) As we give ourselves to the Lord, the Lord will give Himself to us. More than material goods, He will give us more in wisdom and revelation. May we be Christ’s light-bearers to counter the gloom and darkness of a world in sin.

Lord, Your Word is the guiding light of my life. Let me never fall into the darkness of sin again, so that I may see Your ways clearly and discern fully Your will. Help me to radiate the light of Your Word to others in all that I say and do. Amen.

Jan 30 2008

Press Freedom In Philippines

A t-shirt and sticker print designed by the Mindanao Examiner Productions in support to press freedom in the Philippines. Please feel free to download and share. Mabuhay!

Jan 30 2008

Villagers Band To Protect Mangrove Forest In South RP

Sarangani Vice-Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon (middle, wearing a cap) leads villagers in planting more than 3,200 mangrove seedlings in the Tinoto in Sarangani’s Maasim town in southern Philippines. (Photo by Gandhi C. Kinjiyo)

SARANGANI, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Jan. 31, 2008) – Driven by common will to protect the marine resources of Sarangani bay, more than 3,200 mangrove seedlings were planted in the coastal village of Maasim here.

Some 600 residents, young and adults, including local government officials and other stakeholders, from the village of Tinoto concerted their efforts and resources to rehabilitate more than 88 hectares of mangrove forest, home to hundreds of species of marine animals.

“The activity is in line with the observance of the Coastal Awareness Month,” Rolando D. Tuballes, Municipal Environment and Resources Officer (MENRO) of Maasim said.

The Coastal Awareness Month is being held every January.

Tuballes said besides the villagers, the following organizations and also helped in the rehabilitation of the mangrove forests – the RD Foundation, Muslim Business Forum, ABS-CBN Gensan, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Business Resource Center, and the offices of Governor and Vice-Governor of Sarangani, the Provincial Barangay Affairs Unit, the Local Government Unit of Maasim and the Barangay Council of Tinoto.

The MENRO, which spearheaded last week’s reforestation program, provided the seedlings from Maasim Municipal Mangrove Nursery. Tuballes said a forum on “Coastal Management and Protection” was also held in the compound of Datu Abdul Bale Elementary School in the village last week. It was followed by a medical mission.

“Mangroves serve as barrier against strong wind and current. It also prevents erosion of the coastal areas,” he told the forum attended by hundreds of villagers. “Mangrove forests serve as a breeding ground for bigger fishes and haven for smaller fishes and other marine organisms and we must protect this ground.”

He also warned the locals not to catch smaller fishes because it may break the “food chain” of marine ecosystem. “Smaller fishes are the food for bigger fishes,” he explained. “If we break the food chain in the marine ecosystem, time comes fisher folks would have nothing to catch.”

Karl Vincent Quiepo, executive director of RD Foundation, said they are committed to supporting other activities on environmental protection in the future.

Sarangani Board Member Anecito Lopez III looks said the mangrove rehabilitation in the village of Tinoto would be sustained and eventually other towns would also duplicate the reforestation and protect their mangrove areas.

Vice-Governor Steve Solon stressed the need to protect the mangroves. He added that the activity is an “intergenerational responsibility” that would benefit the people and give “hope to the succeeding generations.”

Tuballes said the locals were active in protecting their environment. “I am delighted by the positive response from our people. They thanked us for giving them awareness on the crucial role of mangrove in the economy and in ecology,” he said.

Last year, a similar activity was also held in the village by the Philippine Environmental Governance project of the United States Agency for International Development, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the local broadcasters’ association and the local municipal government. (Gandhi C. Kinjiyo)

Jan 30 2008

Double Boiler

What is a double boiler? I feel like I need to post about a double boiler as not everyone knows what it really is and I am using it more often in some of the recipes. A double boiler consists of two sauce pans. A large sauce pan and a small sauce pan. The large pan is used to boil water and the smaller pan is where you usually put the ingredients which you are going to cook. A recipe usually

Jan 30 2008

A Painful Season

What makes Roger Federer’s and Rafael Nadal’s loss in the Australian Open semifinal worse?

(1) Rafa losing to unseeded, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. YABAI!

(2)Roger was supposed to have 11 Grand Slam Finals streak. TOUGH!

the two men held accountable for all these

(Novak Djokovic, Jo-Wilfried Tonga)


I first noticed Novak when he lost to Rafa during last year’s French Open semifinals. Of course, I was rooting for Rafa then. I soon learned that he was the world’s number 3. Weeks later, both faced each other again in Wimbledon and again, he lost to Rafa. But then, he made headlines in Flushing Meadows, doing wonderful and hilarious imitations of the rest of professional tennis players. His giggly and flamboyant take on Maria Sharapova and tragically accurate mimicking of Rafael Nadal were among the most popular. He made it to the finals and bowed to the world’s number one. And then, Australian Open comes along and you can ignore him no more.

Would Novak and Rafa just calm down and give Roger some time to outpass Pete Sampras’ record? Chill, you guys 😉

Although, i love you both, too.
*pics via indiantimes, shanghaidaily

Jan 30 2008


sino nga ba ang mas pinagpala? ako na nasa taas ng barko, o silang nasa baba? happy people dont think about their state of happiness. they live it. these people call themselves blessed on a sinking boat. i wish things are as simple as this. more badjao pics here.

Jan 30 2008


the last of the Ferris Girls



Jan 30 2008

The Worst of (for the lack of a better word) Cultural Differences

I have a friend who thinks she’s pregnant. Although she says that she and her boyfriend had always used a condom, she claims that her body seems to be pregnant and the signs are far too many to ignore.Our other friend says that it must be a false alarm and she, too, had missed her period for the second consecutive month already and that she had taken two pregnancy tests, both negative. She reckons it must be the food or the change of lifestyle they had since coming to Japan.And, of course, there’s me, who doesn’t even know when I’m delayed or not and have completely no idea of what two of my friends were talking about. One thing I know is that it is no laughing matter and the consequences of my friend being pregnant is devastating. So, I asked my friend a question, one I regret doing.»Just in case you really are pregnant, what do you think you should do?»She faced me with an expression I will never forget, like asking a question with an obvious answer and being stupid for not knowing.»Abortion,» she said.I stared at her, looking for traces of a joke hidden beneath her tear-streaked face. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. I felt like I was punched real hard in my stomach.»Is that even legal,» was all I could answer.»Of course,» she retorted. «Where is it not legal?»

I couldn’t remember answering her question. I just sat back and fervently prayed that she is not pregnant. Please, no.

Jan 30 2008


by choymoi tura

dili manka gwapa, sa height palang peldi nadili manka sexy, lawas nimo murag baldidili pud perpekto ang pagtabas sa imong na’wonglayo ra kaayo ka uban, wala kay a’ngaytan-awa imong panit, wala ra sa uyab nako karonang imong buhok, murag silhig lanotang imong ngipon, wala ganina gatupongdili ka kabalo mo laba, dili ka kabalo mo lutoug kung nagtuo ka nga na sayangan ko nimona may lain kana, sos! wala jud tawon!nagdamgo kalang, hoy babaye—pagmata!

pagkapi, paita—para maka-amgo ka!

pero nganong gahubag man akong mata?sukad nga ang gugma nimo—sa iyaha nadili ko kadawat, pag-namatay ko sa selosmagbasol ra unya ka, bruha ka!

ay dili diay…okey lang (tulon), dili manka gwapa

Jan 30 2008

Tulon :: ang bisaya nga version

«Tulon» ang bisaya version
by choymoi tura

dili manka gwapa, sa height palang peldi nadili manka sexy, lawas nimo murag baldidili pud perpekto ang pagtabas sa imong na’wonglayo ra kaayo ka uban, wala kay a’ngaytan-awa imong panit, wala ra sa uyab nako karonang imong buhok, murag silhig lanotang imong ngipon, wala ganina gatupongdili ka kabalo mo laba, dili ka kabalo mo lutoug kung nagtuo ka nga na sayangan ko nimona may lain kana, sos! wala jud tawon!nagdamgo kalang, hoy babaye—pagmata!

pagkapi, paita—para maka-amgo ka!

pero nganong gahubag man akong mata?sukad nga ang gugma nimo—sa iyaha nadili ko madawat, pag-namatay ko sa selosmagbasol ra unya ka, bruha ka!

ay dili diay…okey lang (tulon), dili manka gwapa

Jan 30 2008

Negros Farmers Appeal To Arroyo

Negros farmers and their families hear mass Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at the San Diego Cathedral in Silay City. The farmers, who march around the provinces beginning Monday, have appealed to Philippine leader Gloria Arroyo to prolong Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. (Photos by VJ Villafranca)

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Jan. 30, 2008) — Peasant federation Task Force Mapalad (TFM) has called on President Gloria Arroyo to certify as urgent the bill that will extend the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) to compel Congress to stop delays and hasten its enactment.

Some 3,000 people, mostly farmers, marched on Wednesday for third straight day to dramatize their appeal for extension of the CARP law.

“President Arroyo should certify the bill as urgent. Some congressmen are making alibis to delay CARP extension. Some have proposed to hold a series of public hearings. All they wanted was to delay, so that when CARP expires in June, they can forget about the legislation,” TFM president Jose Rodito Angeles said in a statement sent to the Mindanao Examiner.

Farm workers and advocate groups, including representatives from the religious sector and civil groups and the youths from all over Negros island joined the 200-kilometer march to Bacolod City.

Farmers called on the three Negros solons, Representatives Monico Puentebella of Bacolod City, Jeffrey Ferrer of 4th District, and Ignacio Arroyo of 5th District to help in the passage of the bill. (Lani Factor and Heidi Fernandez)

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