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Dec 17 2007

Forms of Business: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation

After deciding to start a business (and the particular business to pursue), one of the important issues is the form of business entity that will serve as the vehicle in pursuing the business. You may say that the next important issue is the source of funding, which is correct, but that issue will be discussed […]

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Nov 11 2007

Banco De Oro Profits Rise To P4.9B

MANILA, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Nov. 12, 2007) — Banco de Oro (BDO) posted a 4% year-on-year gain in consolidated net profits to P4.9 billion in 9M07 from the P4.7 billion pro-forma income registered in 9M06.

The growth in Net Interest Income and Non-Interest Income buttressed the bottom line despite challenging operating conditions and ongoing integration efforts.Net Interest Income grew 17% to P16.4 billion with net interest margin widening to 4.15% from 3.97%. This was a result of continued strong loan growth and improvements in the funding mix, BDO said in a statement sent to the Mindanao Examiner on Monday.The Bank rebalanced its earning assets by capitalizing on robust demand for higher-margin consumer loans even as overall industry-wide loan growth remained weak. Net Loans and Other Receivables increased 6% year-on-year to P295.4 billion while underlying loan growth remained robust at 15%. As a result, Investment Securities contracted 17% to P168 billion. The Bank likewise improved its funding mix by focusing on low-cost deposits while reducing its reliance on high-cost funding sources. Thus, Total Deposits remained flat at P438.7 billion while Bills Payable declined 14% to P69.1 billion.Non-Interest Income rose 14% to P12.3 billion as higher fee-based and other income compensated for lower trading and foreign exchange gains. Service Charges and Fees climbed 26% to P6.3 billion given larger contributions from branch banking, remittances, credit cards, cash management and bancassurance.Miscellaneous Income jumped 127% to P1.8b stemming from investment banking activities and various income sources. Trading and foreign exchange gains dipped 10% to P3.7 billion amid rising emerging market risk premium and a stronger Peso.Operating expenses expanded 17% to P19.2 billion due to increased business volumes, redeployment of the ex-UOBP branches and ongoing integration efforts. Pre-Provision Profits settled at P9.5 billion, up 13% year-on-year. In line with the Bank’s conservative provisioning policy, Allowance for Impairment was higher by 81% at P3.6 billion.

BDO is presently the country’s second largest banking group with Assets of P608.1 billion and Capital Funds of P58.8 billion. The Bank is among the market leaders in its core business lines, and has an extensive network of over 680 branches and more than 1,200 ATMs nationwide.

Oct 31 2007

Best Cell Phone Plan for Busy Travelers

This is something I’ve posted in my other blog, Cell Phone Mania. I hope you get excellent pointers from this:

How many times were you called for a business trip? Indeed, many of us are trying to maintain a very active lifestyle, which includes traveling while on business. Yet it can sometimes pose some problems. For one, phone rates can definitely change, and calling internationally may cause you extra bucks. Worse, your phone does not work at all because of geographical hindrances. Which cell phone plan will somehow be fitting for busy travelers?

3U Telecom features a 4.8 plan that has no monthly minimums or fees, and there are no setup charges. This means you are only going to pay if you are using the phone for international or long distance calling or if you are out of town. You do not have to be concerned about mounting monthly fess even if the plan is not put to use. On the other hand, you are also treated with an excellent customer service with an average waiting time of around one minute. 3U Telecom also has the one second billing system, which allows you to save a total average of 17% to 19%. The plan means that you are only getting billed to the exact duration—nothing more and nothing less. You are also provided with a special travel calling card, which is optional to your account. It has a calling rate of 4.8 cents per minute if you are calling in the United States. You can also call using the calling card to around 50 countries. Costs are not a problem as 3U has the lowest calling rates when it comes to international dialing.

Pioneer on the other hand, has the lowest rates for state-to-state dialing in its cell phone plan. It can only cost you about $2.7 per minute. Busy travelers will find it very comforting to know that once they are back from a trip, the bad debt ratio is still kept to a minimum because of its fantastic rate. Moreover, wait times in customer service rarely goes beyond 1 minute. You are also guaranteed of no rate increase at least for a year. If you want to get extra savings, you can also try calling other members of the plan. It only falls to 1.9 cents. So if you register your whole family, then you do not have to mind of weekend or night special rates since you have a much cheaper alternative.

The Frequent Number plan of Tracfone means there are no more international codes as well as access numbers to dial. The Frequent numbers permit you to use the -800 numbers to contact friends and family in over 60 international destinations covered by Tracfone. You can get rid of city and country codes when dialing. This is, after all, an annoyance for any busy traveler who does not have the time to memorize all of them. You can also store the 1-800 number right at your phone as a speed dial. Thus, it only takes you one press to call all of these people.

Oct 24 2007

Beyond blog monetizing

I’ve been blogging continuously for about 10 months now, and my online money-making efforts have started to pay off. While my AdSense earnings aren’t exactly fantastic yet, my Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews and LinkWorth accounts are now positively picking up.

But recently, blogging has provided me with more than just immediate financial results. A much more valuable return are the business opportunities that have arrived at my doorstep these past few months.

Yesterday alone, I was approached by two different parties for I.T.-related projects. One is an outsourcing firm whose CEO chanced upon my IT talks! blog. The other is a Japanese software development company. The latter’s general manager was slated to visit Davao and so Googled the word for “Davao” in Japanese, hoping to find out more about the city before his trip. He told me later on that my Japanese-language blog, which translates to Maru’s Space, came out in the first page of the search results. (more…)

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Oct 09 2007

Earn AUD$10 for Every Blog Post

Do you really want to earn with your blog? You can earn as much as AUD$10 for your every blog post. You can simply e-mail cheapseolinks@gmail.com. Come on, it’s worth a try!

Sep 23 2007

Discover 5 Ways to Make Money through Part-time Business

You are caught in a dilemma: you know you need to increase your income but you’re not really ready to leave your regular job just yet. What can you possibly do? Well, you better get a part-time business instead.
The good thing about these businesses is that they don’t eat up all of your time. This way, you can still obtain your steady flow of cash, courtesy of your office job, and earn more from something that you love doing. You can either perform these after you’re done with your regular job or during the weekends.

1. Cook for somebody else.

The truth is there are hundreds of people out there who don’t have cuisine-related skills. Others simply do not have the luxury of time to make use of their kitchen. If you are the type who can create fabulous dishes in no time, and with limited amount of ingredients, then you can certainly be a personal chef to them. You can plan out the menu for the week, buy the necessary ingredients, and brew and cook all of their favorite home-cooked meals.

2. Search other people’s records.

You know how time-consuming certain database searching is, especially if it involves thousands of other names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. But you can certainly make good business out of it if you are capable of doing extensive research. You can find lost relatives, verify your debtor’s credit record, or merely look for another good business to venture on.

3. Hang those wallpapers.

Wallpapers are the easiest way to go if you are tired of painting the entire house but you still want to put art in it. Nevertheless, putting up wallpapers is an intricate process. If you think you can drab walls, seek the best kind of wallpapers for somebody else’s home, and stick them with ease, then you can earn some cash from wallpapers alone. You can give off fliers in wallpaper stores, shopping malls, or in community bulletin boards.

4. Create custom jewelries.

If you have a knack with fashion and you can produce unique kinds of accessories such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, then you can certainly sell your pieces in fashion shows, trade fairs, and in boutiques.

The key here is to think of your strengths, such as your talents and skills, and see how you can make the most out of them by picking out the most appropriate part-time business for you.

Sep 20 2007

Go Branding for Your Business

When you decide to venture into the World Wide Web, you know that you’re in for the long haul. In this so-called cut-throat cyber island, you need to find that edge that will make you stand out among other competitors.

It is very important for a company therefore to find that image and identity that suits the business they’re in. For someone as knowledgeable, it couldn’t be that hard. But if you are left completely clueless—and it’s stopping you to move forward for your business—then you better go for Branding.

Branding Identity Guru Incorporated, or simply called Big, can help you find the right brand personality for your business. Part of their extensive services are the following:

1. review and evaluation of marketing and communication materials, both external and internal, such as annual reports, brochures, training videos, and press releases 2. outline of company profile with regards to how you interact with your target market and competitors as well as your marketing and branding strategies

3. research and analysis of marketing and branding techniques so you can come up with an action- and goal-oriented branding plan

Branding Guru has the complete resources and tools to help you out with establishing a first-class image over the Internet. The result will be truly brilliant and viable brand identity and image for your company.

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Sep 18 2007

Sell Your Items for Free

I am such a sucker for great yet cheap finds. Items are usually unique or they’re just within my means. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t appear too used or not worth your dime. Well, who would buy something that will become useless later on, right?

If you’re interested in looking for these kinds of items, you can go to Native Hand. Things ranging from technology, gadgets, apparel, appliances, mobile phones—you name it, the site has it. You can also sell whatever items that seem to be piling up in your home but can still be used by others FOR FREE.

Hope you can visit his website and check out what he has there. Surely, there’ll be something that can catch your fancy. I’m even contemplating on the Magic Sing. Hmm..

Sep 17 2007

Steve Kinsey Is the Jack of All Trades

I have always referred myself as a blogging maniac. With more than 5 blogs under my name, two of them are no longer active (sad to say), I can already get my hands full just by blogging alone.

But what I certainly love about this activity is that you get to read other people’s thoughts and wonder what makes these people truly brilliant in their chosen niche?

When I am looking for Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog, I would usually visit Steve Kinsey’s. He’s a certified web development and affiliate marketing guru. For newbies in affiliate marketing such as me, I believe you can get pointers from this man.

His blog is far from the run-of-the-mill websites. For one, he presents concepts in programming languages in a dialect that is understood even by ordinary mortals. It’s very honest, concise, and factual. Because he’s totally experienced in these areas, he was able to give his ideas step by step, so his readers and followers can be able to return to his suggestions anytime.

But Steve knows exactly what it means to say that all work and no play makes John a dull boy. If you don’t get hooked learning about CSS and VB.Net, you’ll be enticed to see his latest reviews of movies. You can also get the latest tips too in bargain hunting and contract working. If you are basically starting your own website, you should be able to refer to him for excellent website promotion ideas.

Steve is a very intuitive man. He knows what you’re looking for and he knows how to give it to you on a silver platter. So I hope you can take time to visit his easy-to-navigate blog and obtain ideas on how to make things so much easier and better.

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Jun 14 2007

Ebay’s Powerful Tools

More and more people are earning millions from eBay. They absolutely get profits out of the numerous products that are up for bid. Nevertheless, others aren’t lucky enough; despite of the efforts, they remain almost as penniless. What they need to do perhaps is to use the different Ebay auction research tools available for free on eBay.

eBay Pulse

The eBay Pulse is much like the marketplace research tool, though it doesn’t have a more detailed statistic presentation. Nevertheless, there are information regarding the present top searches along with a list of the key players in eBay. These are beneficial to eBay sellers as they can observe how their competitors work and probably gain knowledge of their marketing techniques.

Marketplace Research Tool

Both sellers and buyers can benefit from marketplace research tool. It provides excellent market trend assessment that’s basically happening in the site. There’s a comprehensive list of the current top searches, which you can evaluate. There are also details on the average selling price and start prices, among others.

It is far easier to regulate the sales patterns in eBay because of its marketplace research tool. This is because transactions as far as 90 days ago can be obtained. This, in essence, helps you understand the current state of the market demand, then develop a more profitable target market. This, however, doesn’t come for free.

Want It Now

Want It Now can be accessed once you load eBay’s homepage. This tool has the different categories listed. Each of these categories contains several request for items from buyers. This tool becomes highly important as it provides you an idea as to which item will become highly saleable, making you not waste your time selling items that wouldn’t earn anything after all. Moreover, you can help customers by offering them whatever requested products that you have.

eBay also has reviews as well as guides that provide more information and tips to consumers on how to benefit from the products they are selling or buying.

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May 26 2007

Pangisda: LAJA

Laja— amora nan pokot na porma nan muskitero (mosquito-net), pan-Pidjanga sanan Tilapia.

Pidjanga notes: Break anay kita sa election hu.

I’ve given up to temptation. I just got a whole set of lake fishing gears… one fishing pumpboat (10-15 seater with 9-caballos engine), 2 sets of laja (40ft x 40ft each), and a set of pokot (around 300 meters long). I initially planned to get a small boat (baroto) and a small pokot for «panud-an». I thought too that I can use the baroto for my occasional lake tours and photo shoots of our lake, and perhaps some pamingwit (fishing-rod). While looking around, I was overwhelmed with offers from friends and old colleagues… mostly I can not refuse, not only because they are my friends but because the offers are too low that the gears are almost given free.I was on a dilemma too because it has been my personal advocacy to protect Lake Mainit especially addressing over-fishing and irresponsible fishing.I hope that my decision is right. I justified to myself that the Laja (above) and the pokot do catch fish of legal sizes. Small ones just get through the holes. And I swear that this small plan turned into a «business» will be legally registered and should be operating with license.Kamo an ako konsensiya… uman… payts ra?

Photo: Toto Mosende

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Apr 23 2007

Social Entrepreneurship in Mindanao

Written by Justin Hakuta, Edited by Bernice RoldanWater boils. Machinery grinds and whirls. Dough is shredded into thin ribbons.

I am at a factory in Davao, Mindanao surrounded by piles of pancit, the ubiquitous noodle of the Philippines sold by the kilo, boiled or fried, and devoured by the ton with vegetables and a combination of shrimp, chicken, or pork topped off with a dab of fish sauce and calamansi, the Filipino version of lemon.But this is no ordinary factory—it is an enterprise funded by the heroes of the Philippines, the balikbayans or overseas migrant workers who are single-handedly saving the Filipino economy from plummeting into disarray one foreign dollar at a time (in 2006, remittances totaled between 12-14 billion US). Two seafarer brothers, the Jandugs, have combined their savings to build this noodle factory named Best Choice, a prosperous, family-owned small business run by a third brother, an ex-teacher who manages daily operations…

Read more about the article at Justin’s Blog.

Pidjanga notes:

Justin Hakuta, a Filipino-Japanese US Fulbright scholar, wrote about Unlad Kabayan’s reintegration programs for trafficking survivors (The Human Trafficking Project — http://traffickingproject.blogspot.com) for his Fulbright research on prevention of trafficking programs of NGOs in the Philippines . He visited two of Unlad Kabayan’s social enterprise beneficiaries in Davao City and Davao Oriental, Philippines last March 2007.

Bernice Roldan is the Advocacy Officer of Unlad. Unlad Kabayan (www.unladkabayan.org) is a migration and development NGO established in the Philippines in 1996, and has been recognized as a pioneer in linking migrant resources to social entrepreneurship and community development in the Philippines. It is a member of the regional/international networks Migrant Forum in Asia (www.mfasia.org), Asian South Pacific Bureau for Adult Education (www.aspbae.org) and Migrants Rights International.

Bernice was introduced to me (the Pidjanga) by Genevieve whom I met online because of her post about her visit in Matin-ao, one of Mainit’s key Baranagays. Now, we are cooking up some projects to further promote microfinancing and entrepreneurship in Mainit.

Post: Zimm of www.pidjanga.blogspot.com

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