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May 23 2007

Dream Vacation… Part 2

The Plantation Bay (Mactan, Cebu, Philippines)

If you are still on a lookout for dream destinations, come and take a look at this place. I originally promised not to write about popular tourist destinations in Cebu, because I guess everyone who has a Cebu blog is promoting them. I wanted to have a blog that goes beyond the the most common tourism topics. Thus, chronicles of an ordinary Cebu life was born… But the Cebuana in me could not help it. So forgive me, if I will shamelessly promote the place… Now, be honest and tell me if you would rather not be here in this beach than anywhere else in the world? Actually the highlight of this beautiful resort is a man-made lagoon. Villas with dreamy rooms like this one here below, are built sorrounding the lagoon. If you wake up in the morning and decide to take a dip, the warm water is just a few steps away… Hmmm… if this pampering is not paradise, then maybe it must be heaven? The best time to come is during summer between March until the month of May. But just be warned that it can really be HO…T! during this time of the year. Nevertheless, it is worth it. Photos Courtesy of: Plantation Bay

May 08 2007

Time Warped?

Feels like being transported back in time… Balay Nga Tisa Carcar, Cebu Are we back in the Spanish era? Argao, Cebu But what is that black thing below? St. Michael Archangel Parish Argao, Cebu

My goodness! It’s a Karaoke occupying the center stage of the altar…

St. Michael Archangel Parish Argao,Cebu Inspite of the seeming antiquity of the place, a modern thing stuck out like a sore thumb and held court! Photo credits: Kit Pepino

May 05 2007

A Snob! (Still Part of The Trip…)

«I thought I was far more beautiful than the rest, beause I have that special place. But why do I have to suffer standing beside the monoblocs? They are not within my level…»

Behind the beautifully handcarved chair, as we can see, is the pulpit. It is now rare for a church to have this kind of pulpit, and the fact that it is still beautifully preserved, deserves some credit.

Apr 28 2007

Onli N Da Pilipins (The Trip continues…)

While marvelling at an altar of an old church in Argao which looked uncannily similar to the altar of Basilica Del Santo Nino De Cebu, we chanced upon a wedding…

In the mean time, the rest of the guests were waiting outside the church in a truck. After the church rites, they shall be heading off to the most awaited activity, the much-anticipated wedding reception. In fact we witnessed the bride climbing up at the back of the truck in her wedding gown, but unfortunately we were not fast enough to record it.

Apr 27 2007

The Driver’s Seat

Summer isn’t over yet. So let’s take a break and get out of the city for a while… Going to Argao… Going to Boljoon… For those living abroad, don’t you feel like coming home and basking in the hot summer sun?

Dec 26 2006

Kinsay Tiguwang? (Dili Kami Uy!)

Ayala Scene…

«Who says we are old? Definitely not!» — Who says that only teenage girls want to hang out in the malls? Even golden girls enjoy hanging around too! Which will only prove that having a ka-BERKS is not only for the teens. After raising kids, sending them to college, watching them raise their own families, a group of mothers (retired school teachers) re-live moments of youth!

Dec 26 2006

Ayala Center Cebu

There is a little park tucked in Ayala Center Cebu. It has small pathways, trees, and a little lagoon in the center. Compared probably with other parks in other big cities in the world, it may seem insignificant. But I like walking around it. I took one picture from my camera but never did the place justice. Then I found this picture from skycraper. To the artist who took it, Thanks for making it look nice. Please take a walk with me. At the end of the pathway is a door to Max Fried Chicken. My sister and I spent some beautiful Sunday lunches here sitting beside the windows watching people go by.

Dec 21 2006

The Second Bridge

This is the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, the second bridge that links the bigger island of Cebu to the little island of Lapu-lapu (Mactan). The photo must have been taken by an artist because it looks dreamy. The bridge was named after a famous Cebuano legislator.

The bridge is only about 30 minutes from our place on a regular-traffic day. It was finished in 1999 and I remembered that it was causing massive traffic everyday while it was being built. So those who have left Cebu sometimes in the 80’s or early 90’s may have surely missed it. But no worry, visitors and balikbayan can always choose to pass by it upon arriving to Cebu. It is nearer to the airport than the first bridge.

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