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Hi! I am writing to you as a dear friend to inform you of the latest, unbelievably bold and faith defying undertaking of mine. I am having a two-month concert tour in the US from March 15-May 15. Yep! I know it sounds a bit outrageous but if you are indeed a friend you should be familiar by now with my brand of courage which indeed far exceeds my talent (if there’s any!).

Anyhow, in case you have friends and relatives in the states or cities mentioned in the itinerary I am attaching here, please invite them to my acoustic Gospel concert. No, don’t just invite them, force them, bribe them or beg them to come. I will be forever indebted to you if you do that because I will be assured that at least five (or three?) US based Filipinos will be there in every concert venue, never mind if they are asleep or busy texting the concert away, at least me audience (utang na loob ko ‘yun sa ‘yo).

On a serious note, this concert tour is an official trip, with no less than my bishop sending me with two other priest-formators to help raise funds for our seminaries. In case you do not know, for many years since its beginning, our diocesan seminaries have been operating, thanks to generous benefactors, mostly Europeans, whom we have inherited from the SVD missionaries, the ones who started to develop the local clergy of Mindoro.

Fast forward from the late 60’s to the present. Foreign aid is fast drying up and unless we do something about it, we run the risk of closing down the seminary, not a very good thing especially now when we have invested so much on reviewing and updating the priestly formation program side by side with on-going efforts to intensify the recruitment among the young who might be interested to follow God’s call to the priesthood. This is a major, double-edged challenge that keeps life for me and my colleagues constantly intense yet hope-filled.

As S.O.P., a priest who does “mission appeal” (an ecclesiastical term, which is a dignified word for BEGGING), usually says mass in a First World catholic community, then recounts his tales of woes in some forsaken Third World parish or diocese then simply pleads for monetary aid. This always works and truth is, there is really nothing wrong about this as those who have been blessed with more are morally obligated to give more to the less fortunate. However, we thought that in exchange for the aid that we stand to gain from this US mission appeal, we would like to give something substantial in return, ergo, the gospel concert.

Know that I am sincerely grateful to you for spreading this info to your US based friends on behalf of our seminarians who all come from poor families and are unable to support themselves financially in their many years of priestly training. The only thing we promise in return is to remember you in our daily prayers.

Kasama ko sina Fr. Andy Lubi at Fr. RV Villavicencio sa mission appeal na ito. Sana, magtagumpay kami sa aming pakay dahil kung hindi baka magsimula na kaming tumanggap ng labada sa susunod. God bless you, my friend. Me pasalubong ka pagbalik ko, promise… isang napakatamis na ngiti at istampita na me litrato ng Santo Papa!

Keeping the faith alive,

Fr. Mimo

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