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Nov 30 2007

I am breaking my rule once more this time, that is not to discuss any political issues for this blog. But I couldn’t stop myself. So please kindly bear with me, these are just my personal observations and opinions…

Okay, here is my reaction to the Manila Peninsula Siege staged last November 29:

“Oh no! Not again…” I mean, don’t you think that fiasco looks a bit funny? Please don’t call me a cynical or an uncaring Pinay. But for all I care, it looked like another shooting for a tele-novela to me. Both Trillanes and the media (especially ABS-CBN, sorry but its true!) looked like they loved the drama of it all. Please Media, stick to your journalism ethics and lessen the drama. This is not Maala-ala Mo Kaya! Get both sides not only that of Trillanes, we wanted to hear the side of our soldiers too. And yes, please do not meddle in military operations. Have respect for the authority. If they say get out because you are in the way, then follow instructions. Pinky Webb was acting as if she was perfectly right in being angry about being shoved away. Hey, if you were doing your job, they were doing their job too! The media were crying » kawawa naman kami we were hogtied and treated like animals!» But hey, di nyo ba naisip baka may mali din kayo? That is why I hated watching the news these days…

The assault was an overkill! Everybody agrees to that. I mean why bring a tank to Manila Pen? Helloooo! A SWAT team or a special operations team is supposed to take care of an urban assault especially if a lot of civilians might get caught in the crossfire. Does that happen only in the movies? Tsk.Tsk.Tsk… Who is the bright boy behind the idea? There were only this much number of people to be captured but a battalion was probably sent to capture them. Then there was tear gas. Even if the media were taken hostages (which they were not), was it necessary to bring a tank? By bringing a tank, were you planning to fire all those people and Manila Pen to smithereens? Hahahaha…All I can say is that I pity the door of Manila Pen. As the APC battered its way through the door, I could not stop myself from saying Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! But who’s going to pay for the damages?

We (the common folks) suspect Trillanes might have support or else he wouldn’t have the nerve to do what he did that day. Either his support were blocked, or they were just waiting in the sidelines watching if he is going to be successful before coming in to help. Trillanes, Sir, be careful on whom to trust next time…

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